Fuji X-T2 12,800 High ISO Example


Fuji X-T2 12,800 High ISO Example:

Right now, I’m reviewing all my Fuji X-T2 photos to see which ones I am using for my review (which I’m writing right now), and I just wanted to post a quick example of a photo taken at 12,800 ISO with the XF 18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS lens.  I know there are cameras out there that are designed specifically for shooting at high ISO but with that said, I personally think this is pretty impressive.  The noise is really well controlled, and color desaturation is kept at a minimum.  This is a raw file but I didn’t have much time to do much work to it.  Even without that much work, I think it’s perfectly useable.  I am extremely happy with results like this. [click to continue…]


Examples From The Sigma SD Quattro With Crops


Examples From The Sigma SD Quattro With Crops:

Hey everyone.  I’ve been super busy, and I’m currently working on my reviews.  The Fuji X-T2 review will be up first but in the meantime, I just wanted to share a couple of photos with all of you real quick.  These were taken with the Sigma SD Quattro, which I’m also reviewing.  I only have the 30mm f1.4 lens because I’m reviewing the SD Quattro kit as a whole.  At $999, the price is very competitive with other mirrorless cameras in its class. [click to continue…]


First Impressions: Sigma SD Quattro and 30mm f1.4 Art Kit


First Impressions: Sigma SD Quattro and 30mm f1.4 Art Kit:

It took a while but I was finally able to get a Sigma SD Quattro and 30mm f1.4 Art kit in for review.  I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this camera because it will be my first Sigma camera that I’m reviewing, and there are quite a few quirks that I think make this camera particularly special.  I’ve been using the SD Quattro for a while now, and let’s just say, it’s definitely surprising to me in many ways. [click to continue…]


Fujifilm GXF 50S Digital Medium Format Camera Announced!


Fujifilm GXF 50S Digital Medium Format Camera Announced!:

All of you probably already know but news like this is definitely deserving of a blog post, so the digital medium format Fuji GXF 50S mirrorless camera has been announced!  For those wondering, yes, I want one :).  In fact, I contacted my camera dealer Bergen County Camera, and already told Bob to get me one when it comes out!

Obviously, I’ve heard the rumors over the months like all of you, and I thought long and hard about it.  I had the Hasselblad X1D on pre-order but for my purposes, I think the Fuji GXF will fit me better, although from the pics, it does look bigger (at least thicker), which doesn’t appeal to me too much.  I handled the Hasselblad, and it is perfect ergonomically.  But I love the fact that the GXF’s lenses have aperture rings.  Plus, I love the analog dials on the GXF.  The initial lens lineup also looks good.  I can guarantee that I’ll be buying the GF 63mm F2.8 R WR,  and GF 110mm F2 R LM WR.  Also, I love the fact that Fuji are coming out with the GF 23mm F4 R LM WR!  I love using 18mm lenses!

Here are some of the specs to the Fuji GXF 50S:

  • 51.4 MP medium format sensor measuring 43.8 x32.9mm.
  • “X-Processor Pro” imaging processor
  • detachable viewfinder.
  • Weather and dust resistant; will operate in temps as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit \ -10 degrees Celsius.
  • 1/4000s shutter speed.

Initial line up will be:

  • GF 63mm F2.8 R WR (50mm equivalent).
  • GF 32-64mm F4 R LM WR (25-51mm equivalent).
  • GF 120mm F4 Macro R LM OIS WR 95mm equivalent).
  • GF 110mm F2 R LM WR (87mm equivalent).
  • GF 23mm F4 R LM WR (18mm equivalent).
  • GF 45mm F2.8 R WR (35mm equivalent).

So, how about all of you?  Anyone interested in purchasing the GXF 50S?


Fuji X-T2 First Impressions and Images!


Fuji X-T2 First Impressions and Images!:

So, I’ve had the Fuji X-T2 since it was released last week, and I’m still super excited about it.  I’ve waited a long time for the X-T2, and it wasn’t an easy wait considering how much I enjoyed my time with the X-Pro2 when I was reviewing it.  The significant improvements found in the X-Pro2 made the camera so much more user friendly than its predecessor that I was so tempted to buy one.  But I pretty much went through every single X Series camera starting with the X100, and discovered over time that the X-T body fits me best.  I love the shape, the dials, and the awesome EVF.  So, I decided to wait (rather impatiently), and I’m glad I did because the X-T2 has proven to be better than I ever expected! [click to continue…]