Itoya Art Profolio Multi-Ring Mounting Board Review


Itoya Art Profolio Multi-Ring Mounting Board Review:

In my last post, I reviewed the Itoya Art Profolio Multi-Ring Refillable Binder, and how I was using it to showcase some of my work.  Overall, I am very happy with the binder but with one exception.  I wanted something different than the supplied PolyGlass refill sheets.  This lead me to the Itoya Art Profolio Multi-Ring Mounting Boards. [click to continue…]


Itoya Art Profolio Multi-Ring Refillable Binder Review


Itoya Art Profolio Multi-Ring Refillable Binder Review:

Printing work is still one of the best ways to view and share what you’ve created.  In my opinion, nothing has the same impact as a large print.  I recently bought a fully equipped Macbook Pro with Retina Display, and a decent photographic print still gives me more of a “wow” factor.  It’s not just the visual effects that gives a print such an impact; it’s also the fact that unlike a digital file, a print is actually tangible.  To me, a print is sort of like a reward or the final culmination of all the work I had to do to get my photo to it’s final stage.  This includes going out there and finding a photograph worth printing and coming home to process it.  The best part is nowadays, you don’t always have to pay a huge sum to get a decent quality print, which should be even more incentive for people to show their work in print form.  For months, I’ve toyed with the idea of finding a new way to display my photographic work to people, and to just have some prints for my own personal collection.  That’s how I ended up finding the Itoya Art Profolio Multi-Ring Refillable Binder. [click to continue…]


Few Words on the Noctilux F1 And What’s Coming Soon


Few Words on the Noctilux F1 And What’s Coming Soon

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!  I know, there are a lack of posts here recently, so I wanted to give you a quick update as to what’s been going on.  I have a lot of stuff coming soon.  I’ve been working hard in the background.  I still have my Leica X review coming…sorry it’s so late!  There were a few other things that came up that occupied my time but I am actually almost done with it.

I started a new Instagram account where I post different photos than the ones I post here on my blog, and if you’ve seen a couple of the pics, then you’ll know that I’ve also been shooting with a Leica Noctilux F1.  I know it’s an older lens but I just really wanted to shoot with it, and thanks to Bob at the Leica Boutique in Bergen County Camera, I was able to borrow his demo.  I will definitely be writing up a review for it.  But don’t worry, for those who want to read reviews of more current lenses, I also have plans of writing up those and plans to add some non-related Leica stuff to my blog as well.

Leica Noctilux F1:

But I just wanted to talk about the Noctilux real quick because I’m quite excited about it.  I borrowed the Nocti a few years ago, and I didn’t really like it.  While the pictures from the Noctilux are truly unique, I thought it was huge on the M and I just didn’t want to carry it around.  One of the great things of the Leica M system is it’s compact nature and portability.  The lenses are optically excellent but they are also so compact.  There is no denying that the images from the Noctilux are downright cool but at the same time, it’s so large for an M body.

Well, this time around, my experience with the Noctilux is quite different.  I don’t exactly know what changed; maybe the rowing I did over the summer when I went fishing built up my arms muscles, who knows haha but the Noctilux doesn’t feel as big as it once did before on my M.

So, beside the fact that I’m actually more comfortable with this lens, what else makes me love the Noctilux so much?  For me, when I use a lens like this, it’s not about the perfection of the optics.  It’s the uniqueness that it brings to the photos, and this lens has gobs of character!  My favorite lens is still the 50 Lux ASPH.  The Lux offers everything I want in a lens: it’s compact, it’s fast, it’s has incredible character, and it’s optically excellent.  But I think one day, I will have to add a Noctilux to my arsenal of gear because it’s just incredible what it can do.  Last time I borrowed the Nocti, I didn’t click well with it but I’m really relating a lot better with it now.  It could also be because when I borrowed it the first time, I had just bought my M 240, and I was still getting the hang of it, who knows.  I should be posting some sample pics but I just wanted to post my thoughts real quick and give you all an update as to what’s been going on, and I haven’t finished post processing any of my photos.  I’ve just been out shooting a lot.  Sorry but I’ll post some photos soon.  As always, I appreciate you all for stopping by!


Billingham Stowaway Compact vs. Stowaway Pola Bag

Billingham-Stowaway Compact-vs-Stowaway Pola-1

Billingham Stowaway Compact vs. Stowaway Pola:

Ever since I wrote my Billingham Stowaway Compact review a couple of years ago, from time to time, I would get emails asking me how this bag compares to the Stowaway Pola.  Since I actually have both bags in my hands right now (I recently reviewed the Stowaway Pola), I thought it would be a great idea to write up a quick comparison between the two.  By the way, for more info on these two bags, you can refer back to my Stowaway Compact and Stowaway Pola reviews. [click to continue…]


Happy Holidays Everyone!


Happy Holidays!:

Happy holidays everyone!  Thanks for visiting and making 2014 a great one!