Note from Admin: Hey everyone!  Here’s the third guest post by Justin Watkins.  His previous parts, one and two, are of his visits to Spain and the Maldives.  This one is about his visit to Dubai.  I hope you all enjoy!

Last Stop in Dubai:

 As some of you may know from my last two guest posts (part one and two), I went with my wife on a recent vacation that included stops in Spain, the Maldives, and Dubai.  This last guest post are my pictures from my last stop, Dubai.

Gear wise, I brought along an OM-D E-M1, an E-M5, the Panasonic 25mm F1.4, the Oly 12mm F2.0, and the kit lens that came from the E-M5.  I’ve been a real fan of the Olympus system since my purchase of the E-M5.  I did previously own a Leica X1 but the autofocus system was getting old for me.  It was dreadfully slow for my needs even though the image quality was excellent.  Also, when I bought my X1, I didn’t really need interchangeable lenses.  But as my photography progressed, I felt limited by the fixed lens, 23mm Elmarit.  I still miss my X1′s image quality but I’m perfectly happy with what the Oly system delivers. [click to continue…]


Fuji X-T1 Review:

In just a couple of years, the X Series system has grown from the X100, a camera with a fixed 23mm lens, to a formidable, and well established compact mirrorless system consisting of multiple bodies and excellent lenses to match.  Throughout this development, Fuji has always stayed true to its roots by placing emphasis on great image quality, traditional analog controls, and retro designs. Fuji’s latest release, the X-T1, follows in this tradition but has also included a list of worthwhile upgrades that makes this camera the most mature and user friendly X Series model to date.  On top of that, while the X-T1 still has that retro look, it has broken away from the rangefinder styled form of past X Series models, and embraced the form of a retro DSLR. [click to continue…]


Fuji X-T1 Review Sneak Peak: Woman Walking by WTC

Hey everyone!  I spent the weekend finishing up my Fuji X-T1 review, and now, I’m just adding the final touches it.  Sorry my review is late!  It will be posted sometime tomorrow though.  For now, I thought I would post a photo from the X-T1, which I shot on a walk to WTC (World Trade Center).  I used one of my favorite lenses, the Zeiss 12mm Touit.

If you’re a frequent visitor of my blog, you’ve probably seen me used this lens a lot.  It’s a workhorse, I get consistent results from it, and it’s actually my most used lens on the Fuji system even though it’s an 18mm equivalent.  Surprising but true.  I love, LOVE this lens.  As for the woman in the photo, she was nice, and laugh afterwards because I had to get really low to the ground to get this shot :) .

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!


Fuji X-T1 Review Coming Soon:

I have to say, I had a great week.  A family friend from Hong Kong came to New York for a visit, and talk about a person who has been bitten by the photo bug lol.  He brought along his OM-D E-M5, a GH3 with an IR conversion done to it, and an A7R.  My brother in-law stopped by as well, and when we laid out all of our gear on the table, there were two OM-D’s, one GH3, an A7R, my M 240, the Fuji X-T1 I was testing, and a whole bunch of lenses.  In some ways, it felt like we were at a classic car show event :) .

My friend took photos of everything, and it turns out he does the same thing in Hong Kong.  It wasn’t just inspiring to see a person that loves photography so much, it was also extremely contagious.  I’ve lived in New York all of my life, so there are definitely days when I feel like I’m shooting the same old thing.  Sometimes I lose a little inspiration but hanging out with him completely rejuvenated me photographically.  It also made me realize how much I enjoy shooting with someone who loves photography as much as I do.

I think when Finding Range gets bigger, I’m going to try holding a few photowalks around NYC (free, of course) because it was really fun to go out with someone like my friend who has such a passion for photography.  I’m usually either shooting alone or with a bunch of my friends who aren’t necessarily that into photography, although I still love them ;) .  Thanks to this blog, I’ve met some really cool people all around the world who I keep in contact with on a regular basis.  It would definitely be cool to go out and take pics together.

Anyway, as I said before, I’ve been shooting with the new Fuji X-T1, and while I did encounter a couple of issues with it, overall, saying that I had an enjoyable experience with it is an understatement.  I’m working on my review this weekend, so expect it to come out very soon.  I hope all of you are doing well out there and shooting, especially since the weather seems to be getting better…at least in NYC.  Take care!


Leica Handgrip M Review For The M Typ 240:

For the most part, Leica digital M cameras look and feel like their film siblings.   It’s one of the main selling points of a camera like the Leica M Typ 240, and personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  However, everyone’s hands are different, so some will find that they need more adequate support when handling the M 240, especially when using heavy lenses like the Noctilux or even something like an R lens.  Several third party manufacturers have released handgrips, and “thumb grips” to help individuals achieve better support, and stabilization when holding their M cameras but so has Leica. In fact, Leica has introduced two types of grips: one with integrated electronic functions, and the one that I’m going to talk about here, the Leica handgrip M, which has only one purpose: to make the camera more comfortable to hold. [click to continue…]