Why I Prefer to Shoot With Just One Focal Length

Why I Prefer to Shoot With Just One Focal Length:

Hey everyone, apologies for the lack of posts.  I hurt my back in August, and I was out of commission for the entire month.  I was getting better but then it got worse.  I decided to just completely rest it for the first half of September, and now it’s finally getting better.  Anyway, I have a couple of reviews coming up but I thought I’d start off with something a little less technical just to get back into the flow of things.  For nearly all my pics on my Instagram, I hashtag under my photos something related to a 50mm lens, and often times, I get asked if I truly use just the 50mm focal length for nearly my entire work.  The answer is yes. [click to continue…]


Fujifilm X-Series XF 50mm f1 R WR Lens Announced

Fujifilm X-Series XF 50mm f1 R WR Lens Announced:

Fuji has finally released its fastest X Series lens so far: the XF 50mm f1 R WR lens.  This is a 76mm equivalent lens making it perfect for street, event, and of course, portrait photographers.  You can bet the bokeh is going to be killer too.  For those interested, it is now available for pre-order, and you can find the link below:

XF 50mm f1 R WR lens at B&H Photo

Here are some of the features:

  • 76mm equivalent focal length.
  • One aspherical element limits distortion and spherical aberration.
  • Two extra-low dispersion elements reduce color fringing and chromatic aberrations.
  • Super EBC coating has to help reduce lens flare and ghosting.
  • Weather-resistant design prevents dust and moisture from getting into the lens.
  • Can be used in freezing temperatures as low as 14°F.
  • Rounded nine-blade diaphragm.
  • Weight is 845 g.

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Fujifilm X100V Portrait: OOC Jpeg vs. Final Black and White

Fujifilm X100V Portrait: OOC Jpeg vs. Final Black and White:

I mentioned this in an older post: I’ve been dealing with a pinched nerve in my back and shoulder area that has been causing me excruciating pain.  Simple tasks like even typing on my computer is quite painful.  It’s been a long month but it is finally getting better, so I can get back to posting more often here.  Right now, I thought I’d post some info about the picture above, since I received a few DMs (direct messages) on my Instagram about it.  The photo was taken with the Fujifilm X100V, and for those interested, you can read the review of the camera here. [click to continue…]


Option to Buy Some Leica M Lenses Made in Germany or Portugal

Option to Buy Some Leica M Lenses Made in Germany or Portugal:

For those wanting to save some money when buying new M lenses, Leica has a new option: There are select M lenses that are now being made in Portugal and Germany.  According to Leica, the lenses made in their Portugal factory offer the same stringent design, construction tolerances, and pristine quality as the ones made in Germany.  Here are the lenses being offered:

I think this is a good idea overall.  For some, this may be a better option than buying used gear.  You’ll save some money, and also get something that is brand spanking new with warranty.  It’s worth nothing that the lenses Leica has chosen so far are some of the more popular ones too.  Plus, It’s great that they added the 50mm f1.4 Lux ASPH Black Chrome Edition, and one of my favorite M lenses, the 28mm Summaron (For those interested in my review of it, you can read it here).



Fujifilm X100V Mirrorless Camera Review: Perfecting the X100 Series

Fujifilm X100V Mirrorless Camera Review:

The Fujifilm X100 Series has always been loved by so many with good reason.  It has always been steadily improved with each new successor but the overall feel, style, and functions have stayed true to the original design.  Currently, we have the new X100V, which I’m going to state right now, is probably my favorite new Fuji camera so far.  Here’s why. [click to continue…]