Fleet Week Entering NY Harbor


Fleet Week Entering NY Harbor:

This is just a quick post.  I’ve been in lately trying to finish up a couple of reviews that will be coming up soon but I heard some of the U.S. battleships were entering NY Harbor this morning for Fleet Week, and since I actually live by the area where all major ships go through, I figured I would take a little break, get some fresh air, and see if there was anything cool to photograph.  I took my Fuji X-E2 because my longest lens for the Leica M is a 75mm, and I knew I would need something even longer.  I still own the XF 90mm Macro but I knew I would need something even longer than that, so I figured with the crop factor, my 75mm Summilux would be great to use on the X-E2 today. [click to continue…]


Sailor Strap The Lieutenant Review


Sailor Strap The Lieutenant Review:

People like to personalize their cameras and one great way of doing this is simply by swapping out the OEM camera strap for an aftermarket version.  Unfortunately, sometimes it can cost a lot to get a decent one.  Well, a new camera strap manufacturer has released straps that promise both handcrafted workmanship, and a distinct look that separates them from the crowd.  That is no small feat, especially since there is a lot of competition in the camera strap world these days but on top of this, this manufacturer is also selling these straps for a very reasonable price.  How reasonable?  Well, how’s $45 for the strap in this review sound to you?  Yes, $45.  This new company, located in Warsaw Poland, is called Sailor Strap, and they recently were kind enough to send me a sample of one of their products for me to review.  The one I chose is the Lieutenant strap. [click to continue…]

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Billingham F-Stop 1.4 Review


Billingham F-Stop 1.4 Review:

The Hadley Pro is one of Billingham’s most popular bags not only because it’s built well and offers excellent protection for photographic equipment, its size is also just about perfect for a broad range of gear.  It’s a great bag for a Leica M system, a mirrorless system, a DSLR system, and even medium format gear all while still being compact enough that it’s not a struggle to carry around all day.  But while the Hadley Pro is a very versatile bag, it’s still not for everyone.  The size of the bag and what it can carry does appeal to a broad audience but some may want something that is configured a little differently.  For those who want another bag with similar traits, Billingham has introduced an alternative: the Billingham F-Stop 1.4. [click to continue…]


Sensoji Temple Asakusa Tokyo Japan


Sensoji Temple Asakusa Tokyo Japan:

I’ve been busy working on a few upcoming reviews for all of you (and shooting with my Hasselblad 503CW since the weather has been so fantastic here lately) but I’ve also been spending some time going through all my photos from my trip to Japan.  So, while I’m finishing up some of those reviews, I thought I would share some photos from my visit to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo. [click to continue…]


Cherry Blossom Season: Kitanomaru Park Tokyo Japan


Cherry Blossom Season in Tokyo Japan:

I didn’t plan it but I was lucky enough to be in Japan during the peak of cherry blossom season.  So, I went to Kitanomaru Park in Chiyoda and what I thought was going to take one or two hours of my day, ended up being much longer.  I’m a flower lover; actually I love growing orchids.  My mom is into it, and being that I went to college in Upstate New York, there wasn’t much sign of life during the winter season :).  The sky is literally gray from October to April although the snowboarding/skiing is quite good.  The orchids added much needed life to my room.  But I’ve never really been to a place where they outright grow so many cherry blossom trees.  I heard about the cherry blossom trees in Washington DC in the spring time but never managed to get there during that season.  So, when I saw the cherry blossom trees in Tokyo, I was quite amazed. [click to continue…]