Billingham Hadley One Camera Bag Review


Billingham Hadley One Camera Bag Review:

I consider the Billingham Hadley Pro a classic.  Even though the basic design has been around for what feels like forever, it’s still one of the most popular bags that Billingham produces.  It’s a great fit for a broad range of photographers.  It’s one of the most well-manufactured bags out there, it offers superior protection against the elements, and it’s extremely versatile in terms of what kind of a camera system it is able to fit.  But let’s say you need something a little larger but at the same time, you love the overall design of the Hadley Pro.  Maybe you want some space for a laptop.  It wouldn’t hurt if you could also fit a tablet as well.  Where do you turn to?  Well, that’s where the new Hadley One comes into play, and thanks to Billingham, I was able to get one in to review. [click to continue…]


Artisan & Artist ACAM-295 Camera Wrist Strap Review


Artisan & Artist ACAM-295 Camera Wrist Strap Review:

A wrist strap is definitely a great accessory for those who always have their camera in hand ready to shoot.  It’s definitely less cumbersome than wrapping a long neck strap around one’s wrist.  The good news is that there are plenty of them on the market these days.  There are also many different types of materials to choose from, such as, leather or even cords.  Cloth type versions are also available, such as, the Artisan & Artist ACAM-295, which I recently received in to review.  Here are my thoughts on this wrist strap. [click to continue…]


Mitakon 35mm f0.95 Speedmaster Mark II Fujifilm First Look


Mitakon 35mm f0.95 Speedmaster Mark II Fujifilm First Look:

Today’s going to be a quick post.  I just received this, so I haven’t really tried it yet but I’m super excited about it, and thought I’d post something real quick just to let all of you know what is coming up.  This is the Mitakon 35mm f0.95 Speedmaster Mark II for the Fujifilm X Series.  It’s been out for a while now but quite honestly, bokeh was getting a little old for me haha :).  But I’m back in the bokeh world, and with an aperture of f0.95, I’ll be getting some serious shallow depth of field.  With such a fast maximum aperture, you would think that this lens would be huge but it’s surprisingly very compact.  It’s around the size of my XF 35mm f1.4.  At $599, it’s also priced the same. [click to continue…]


Fujifilm X100F Mirrorless Camera Review


Fujifilm X100F Mirrorless Camera Review:

I owned the original Fuji X100, and it’s still an important camera to me because it basically started me on the X Series System.  It was a great little camera, if you think about it.  For all those rangefinder aficionados out there, here we were with a rangefinder-like camera that was roughly 1/7th the price of the Leica M9.  It even came with a 35mm equivalent, and it was autofocus.  To top it off, it had a hybrid viewfinder where you could switch from an optical to an EVF with a simple flip of a lever.  But while the concept was great, there were bugs that took away from the user experience.  Firmware updates did help but ultimately, while the X100 complimented my M9 quite well, I ended up trading it in when Fuji came out with the X-Pro1.  Through the years though, serious improvements have been made through each model iteration of the X100.  Now, we have the new Fuji X100F, and based on the specs alone, I knew I had to try it.  Is this the ultimate version of the X100?  Read further to find out. [click to continue…]


Fujifilm X-T20 Mirrorless Camera Review


Fujifilm X-T20 Mirrorless Camera Review:

I’m an owner, so obviously I’m a little biased :) but in my opinion, Fuji’s X-T2 is one of the nicest mirrorless cameras currently out on the market.  It’s such a capable camera but at the same time, it’s also compact enough where there’s almost no reason not to take it everywhere with you.  However, at $1,599, it’s not going to be for everyone, especially for those who may not be diehard photographers.  So, what does that leave us with?  Well, how about the new Fuji X-T20.  The X-T20 not only has many of the key features that make the X-T2 such a great camera like the same sensor, for instance, it even has a similar overall appearance.  The X-T20 is also more compact, and at $899, it’s priced significantly cheaper. [click to continue…]