Leica 50mm Summarit-M f2.4 Lens Review


Leica 50mm Summarit-M f2.4 Lens Review:

I love 50mm lenses, and it’s probably because I started photography at a really young age with an old Leica M3 and a 50mm Summicron (read my About Me page for more details).  Even to this day, every time I get into a new system let’s say, I still have to have a 50mm lens.  I prefer it much more than what most people consider their normal focal length, the 35mm.  So, when Leica released the new 50mm Summarit-M, I knew I had to try it.  Here’s what I think of it. [click to continue…]


Billingham Hadley Digital Review: A Bare Essentials Hadley


Billingham Hadley Digital Review:

The Hadley line by Billingham is arguably their most versatile series of bags because there’s just about a bag for every purpose.  For instance, if you have a lot to carry, something like the Hadley Large Pro may fit the bill.  For something lighter, you can choose the Hadley Small.  It’s compact size can surprisingly fit a lot.  However, if you want something that can carry a kit that concentrates more on the essentials, and is easy to carry around all day, the Billingham Hadley Digital may be the one for you. [click to continue…]


Leica 50mm Summarit-M f2.4 Lens First Impressions


Leica 50mm Summarit-M f2.4 Lens First Impressions:

I have some reviews coming this week, so I’ve been really busy but I just wanted to post something up real quick, and let you all know what I’ve been up to.  I haven’t done anything Leica in quite a while, so I thought it would be great getting back to reviewing some of their gear.  One lens that I’ve had my eye on for a while now is the 50mm Summarit-M f2.4.  Personally, the 50mm is my favorite focal length, so of course, I’ve always wanted to give the 50mm Summarit a try.  Second, I love fast glass like everyone else but sometimes I’d rather have something compact and easy to use. [click to continue…]


Film Friday: Some Fuji 400H with my Leica M6


Film Friday: Some Fuji 400H with my Leica M6:

I’m so glad it’s finally Friday :).  It’s been a long week, and I am definitely looking forward to the weekend.  I haven’t used my Leica M6 TTL Millennium in quite a long time, and I’ve been meaning to use it more again, so I put in a roll of Fuji Pro 400H to give it test run.  Truthfully, I blew through this roll pretty fast, which I should never do considering the price of film and development :).  But I’ve been busy reviewing a lot of digital gear, so when I finally had the time to shoot film, I wanted to at least finish a roll, so I could develop it.  I’ve been eager to start this Film Friday idea, and I knew if I didn’t send a roll quickly, it would get pushed aside for something else. [click to continue…]


Panasonic Leica DG 15mm Summilux f1.7 ASPH Review


Panasonic Leica DG 15mm Summilux f1.7 ASPH Review:

Lenses like a 28mm or 35mm are considered standard lenses by many nowadays because they are so versatile.  So naturally, it made sense for Panasonic to come out with something decent in this range to go with their micro four thirds cameras: the lens that they came out with is the Panasonic Lumix 15mm Summilux f1.7, which joins other Leica branded lenses like the awesome 42.5mm Nocticron (which I reviewed), and 25mm Summilux.  The 15mm Summilux is a 30mm equivalent, which means it fits nicely between a 28mm and 35mm.  With a wide open aperture of f1.7, it is also mighty fast but one question remains: I’ve shot with both the 42.5mm Nocticron and the 25mm Summilux, and they are definitely impressive.  Will this little 15mm be as impressive?  Here’s what I’ve found. [click to continue…]