Portraits with the Olympus Pen-F and Nocticron


Portraits with the Olympus Pen-F and Nocticron:

It’s been a very busy month for me, so I haven’t had as much time as I would like to post more consistently.  But my schedule is clearing up, and I did finish up with the Olympus Pen-F, so I’ll be posting my review up soon.  One lens I found myself using a lot with this camera was the Panasonic Nocticron 42.5mm f1.2 ASPH.  The Nocticron has been out for a while but when I borrowed the Pen-F to review, I knew I had to give the Nocticron a try.  It’s expensive, and it’s a pretty big lens if you consider it is designed to be mounted on a micro four thirds camera but the performance is exemplary. I’ll be writing up a review for it as well.  But while I’m working on those reviews, I thought I’d post a few images with the Pen-F and the Nocticron. [click to continue…]


Billingham Alice L2 Camera Bag Review


Billingham Alice L2 Camera Bag Review:

With the popularity of mirrorless cameras increasing, the need for a bag that can comfortably fit a light kit is in higher demand.  Luckily, Billingham, a manufacturer who’ve been making camera bags for quite a long time, have several models to choose from that fits this criteria.  They have bags, such as, the Hadley Small, and the M Combination bag.  Both bags are very popular but they may not be perfect for everyone.  That’s why there is also another option:  The Billingham Alice L2.  The Alice L2 is a classic and has been in the Billingham catalogue for quite some time.  It offers many of the same features as the other two bags that I’ve just mentioned but it also has it’s own unique traits, which I will talk more about in this review. [click to continue…]


$755 Off Leica 75mm Summarit-M f2.5 and 12% Savings


$755 Off Leica 75mm Summarit-M f2.5 and 12% Savings:

I’ve been busy writing up a review all day but this is a great deal that I felt I had to post up.  If any of you are interested in purchasing the Leica 75mm Summarit-M f2.5, there is an instant savings of $755 at B&H Photo until April 30th.  The link is below:

$755 off 75mm Summarit-M f2.5 at B&H Photo

This is the older model as the new one is the current f2.4 version.  Still, it is a fantastic lens, especially for $1,195!  It’s very easy to focus, compact, and it is insanely sharp!  This is such a great deal that it’s making me question whether or not I should buy one right now.  Of course, Leica is also having their current 12% instant rebate on 29 lenses, so if you’re looking for something else, this is a great time to buy it.  The link to that page is here:

12% instant savings on Leica lenses

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New York Auto Show 2016 Pt. 2: More From The Pen-F


New York Auto Show 2016 Pt. 2: More From The Pen-F

I’ve had such a busy month, so apologies for not having anything new up in the past few days.  I will actually have a lot of stuff coming here soon though.  For one, I’ve also been using the Olympus Pen-F a lot, and once I’m done with it, I’ll posting a review of it.  I probably should’ve posted it a little earlier but I really wanted to get the most out of it, so I’ve been playing around with a lot of different lenses, and as some of you know, there are so many great ones to choose from.  For example, for the pictures here from the New York Auto Show, I used only the Olympus M. Zuiko 12-40mm F2.8 Pro.  If you want to see part one of these pictures, it’s here. [click to continue…]


Classic Cases Leica M Typ 240 Case Review


Classic Cases Leica M Typ 240 Case Review:

There are plenty of accessories for Leica cameras, and a popular one is the good old fashioned leather half case.  A half case is not only visually appealing to many, it also serves as protection for a pricey investment like a Leica.  Manufacturers like Artisan & Artist, Gariz, and Luigi, just to name a few, all make half cases.  Another manufacturer that produces half cases is Classic Cases from England.  Paul Glendell, who is an award-winning photographer himself, is the person behind this company, and he designs many different cases for several Leica models.  The one in this review is the leather half case designed for the M Typ 240. [click to continue…]