Fujifilm X-T200 Camera And XC 35mm f2 Lens Announced

Fujifilm X-T200 Camera And XC 35mm f2 Lens Announced:

The new Fujifilm X-T200 mirrorless camera, and XC 35mm f2 have been announced, and are available for pre-ordering.  Here are some of the features of the X-T200 and XC 35mm f2: [click to continue…]


Weekly Portrait Post: Leica SL2 and a Walk Around Chinatown

Weekly Portrait Post: Leica SL2 and a Walk Around Chinatown:

I just realized this is my first weekly portrait post of 2020 :).  Anyway, I had a bigger set of photos I was going to post instead but I’m posting this set instead, which is smaller because I just thought it was interesting.  I was out with Stephanie in Chinatown shooting, and we came across this area outdoors where there were these small patches of bright light coming through.  It wasn’t even a cloudy day, which was the weird thing, and it was a wide enough street where plenty of light was able to normally get through. [click to continue…]


Fujifilm X-Pro3 Mirrorless Camera First Impressions

Fujifilm X-Pro3 Mirrorless Camera First Impressions:

I know it’s been a while since I wrote about Fujifilm but I hope all of you Fuji fans will be around this month, and next because I have a couple of Fuji products that I’m currently reviewing.  One of them is XF 16-80mm lens, and the other is the new Fuji X-Pro3, which I will talk about extensively for the next few weeks.  Right now, I’m going to get started with my first impressions of it.

(On a side note, I hurt my back moving furniture around, so I just stayed around my area to shoot as opposed to going all over the city.  My back is much better but it still hurts quite a bit sometimes when I’m walking or in general, moving a lot.  Even sitting in this chair typing hurts a bit haha.  So, not many pics in this first impressions but I promise a lot in the review though 🙂 ). [click to continue…]


Billingham 207 Camera Bag First Impressions

Billingham 207 Camera Bag First Impressions:

For the past year and a half or so, my go-to bag has been the Billingham 307 (full review here).  It’s the main bag I take with me to every shoot.  It holds quite a lot of gear, and like the rest of the Billingham 7 series, it’s unique in the way that it opens up like one of those doctor’s bags from older times.  It has what Billingham calls the PressTop easy access system.  Anyway, the 307 is a pretty big bag. Currently, I have my entire SL2 kit stored in it.  So, for those who may want all the features of the 307 but maybe in a smaller version, there is the Billingham 207.  I’ve always been curious about the 207, and thanks to Billingham, I’m able to get one in to review.  Here’s my first impressions of it. [click to continue…]


Nikon Z50 Mirrorless Camera Review

Nikon Z50 Mirrorless Camera Review:

Nikon showed everyone last year they were serious about mirrorless when they released the two full frame Z6 and Z7 bodies.  This year, they release another Z series camera: the Z50.  Unlike the previous Z cameras, the Z50 is smaller, and a lot cheaper.  It also isn’t full frame.  Instead, it has an APS-C sensor, which means its primary competition are cameras like the Fuji X-T30.  Let’s take a closer look by starting off with the overall build and ergonomics.

(On a side note, I just wanted to mention that this review ended up a little shorter than I wanted it to be  because I had hurt my back.  For instance, I would’ve liked better high ISO shots.  It’s still over 3,000 words though, and my back is much better now 🙂 ). [click to continue…]