More Reviews And Posts Coming Soon

More Reviews And Posts Coming Soon:

Hey everyone.  Apologies for the posts slowing down a bit.  I pinched a nerve in my back and shoulder area two weeks ago, and the pain has been excruciating.  It has been steadily getting better, which is good but it’s been taking its sweet old time.  It has been making daily tasks extremely difficult, such as, sitting and typing (It took forever to write up that Fuji X-T4 review).  I’ve pinched a nerve before, and usually, I’m much better after a week.  Anyway, a few reviews are coming soon.  Next up is probably going to be my Voigtlander 35mm f1.2 review.  I also have the Fuji X100V, and the Peak Design Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod in the mix too.

If you’ve read my first impressions of the Voigtlander 35mm f1.2, you’ve already seen the picture above.  It was one of the first shots I took with the lens, and man, the bokeh is pretty awesome coming from it at f1.2.  All photos have been shot with my SL2, and I have finished my testing it.  I am currently in the writing/typing process.  For now, you can check out my first impressions of it here.  Thanks for stopping by!

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