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best horror soundtracks on vinyl

By Eammon Jacobs, • Just as she struggles to decipher reality, we also struggle to understand what’s real thanks not only to Kon’s story, but to the score created by Ikumi. Like the soundtrack for The Witch, Ben Lovett’s score of Emma Tammi’s 2019 horror film The Wind features ear-drum-shattering violins that convey an anxiety-inducing tension found in a world where women are pushed to the side. We’re seeing vinyl releases for soundtracks like The Fog and Creepshow. The stunning artwork was created by Francesco Francavilla (Afterlife with Archie, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics). Perfect Blue. But besides that, the score is able to capture the strange dream-like quality of the film. And it features a soundtrack to match. In any format! Following last year’s Hereditary (which featured a similarly fantastic score from Colin Stetson), Midsommar is a folk horror tale where the absence of darkness is perhaps its most haunting element. Badalamenti is able to understand the strange language of Lynch and match it with an even stranger score, one that has earned him a special place in the hearts of hipsters everywhere. The music is a cacophony that confuses the viewer, putting them in a similar mental state to Mima. The best horror soundtracks are tense, anxiety-inducing, and, ultimately, a crucial part of the filmmaking. Death Waltz is the ultimate labour of love. He takes cues from Begos’ punk rock background, but creates something more menacing. Site Navigation - use tab or left/right arrows to navigate, use down arrows to open sub menus where available, press escape key to return to top level. It’s currently sold out on the Waxwork Records website, but if you see it available HOLY CRAP LET ME KNOW. Posted on. Accompanying the experience of the film is Sam Waymon’s score that weaves together different musical traditions, from blues and jazz to tribal chants, to create a tapestry of identities and feelings. It is a testament to the skills of musicians and how they are not just capable of performing complex concertos. Carpenter did not write the absolutely addicting Silver Shamrock commercial song (it was penned by Tommy Lee Wallace), but it is still included in the soundtrack. This installment does not include the iconic Michael Myers, which requires a new soundscape. Bliss, Joe Begos’ trippy, bloody vampire movie about the assholes of the art world, drips with atmosphere. One of the best things about being a horror fan right now is that we are finding ourselves in a resurgence of interest in soundtracks and soundtrack collecting that is kind of unbelievable. Remastered for vinyl from the original master tapes, Richard Band’s original white-and-green swirled score is – sadly – currently sold out. Krlic’s score enhances the dread in the daylight, with some of the best string arrangements and perhaps best compositions of the last decade. When she's not scouring the Internet for something weird to watch, she's annoying her cat, Zucchini. These are very cool! No plain run-of-the-mill vinyl record can compare with these beauties, and the artwork that accompanies them is simply stunning. ‘Mad Max’ Star Hugh Keays-Byrne Dead at 73. Satoshi Kon’s animated horror film Perfect Blue is about music, obsession, and identity. Charles Bernstein’s score for Wes Craven’s A Nightmare On Elm Street hits all of the 1980’s slasher beats, which is why it’s so perfect. Steve Moore’s score provides the foundation for that energy with electronic sounds that drone and scream with Dezzy’s moods. Poltergeist . Then, again on the piano, he portrays the melodrama seen in her friendship with Donna. This LP includes a bonus track of spooky sound effects, perfect to score your festive haunted house! A variety of folk songs, new … Choose between “Big Ben” (shown above) or “crystal skull” (crystal clear with blue smoke). While it may not be as complex as other scores on this list, that does not take away from the emotional power of Carpenter’s work. First release! 30. And I love that artwork by Marc Schoenbach of Sadist Art Designs! Top 10 Horror Movies with Great Soundtracks Halloween is right around the corner, so there’s no better time to marathon a few horror films, especially ones with soundtracks to put your home cinema system through its paces. Featuring artwork By Rhys Cooper and three variant vinyl colors, “Lot 249” Mummy Spice, “Cat From Hell” Blue and Black, and the pictured “Lover’s Vow” Gargoyle Green Swirl, this LP contains music that was not included in the original 1990 album (which is now out of print). Buy horror soundtrack and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Buy Music vinyl online with Free UK Delivery at - Classical, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Soundtracks & more. What better way to combine the artistry of a film score with the movie’s overall aesthetic than a colorful and meticulously designed LP? Tales from the Darkside via Waxwork Records. We kick off our countdown to the ultimate horror soundtrack with the music to the 1982 American horror film, Poltergeist (composed by Jerry Goldsmith). They can also play ‘ugly’ music fitting of a horror movie. By Team Zavvi, • He is not only a phenomenal director, but he is also a skilled composer, writing the scores for most of his films. Kelly McNeely is a tea drinking, craft making, machete wielding screen junkie with a mostly healthy obsession with horror, 90s action films, and spooky home decor. Troll features the complete soundtrack pressed on Limited edition 180g yellow colored vinyl. Candyman is an urban horror story that roils and builds. Check out our horror soundtracks selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our recorded audio shops. Navigate to the page search keywords input, Display the next step by step overlay image, Display the previous step by step overlay image, Zavvi’s Best Movies Of The Decade: Avengers: Endgame, Zavvi’s Most Anticipated Horror Movies Of 2020, Zavvi’s Best Movies Of The Decade: Inside Out, Why Now Is The Right Time For A Tron: Legacy Sequel, Why We’re Looking Forward To Star Trek: Picard, Sleepy Hollow: Celebrating 20 Years Of Tim…, Star Wars Announces New Series Of Novels And Comics. While the film is about a dream-invading serial killer, it still has a vague ethereal haze around it as teenagers drift in and out of sleep, existing in a strange liminal space as they try to fight their heavy eyelids. Angelo Badalementi is an icon known for his work with David Lynch on Twin Peaks. The preponderance of reissue labels like Waxwork and Death Waltz, dedicated to unearthing old scores and rendering them in beautifully designed vinyl editions, proves that soundtracks – … Think Jóhann Jóhannsson’s score for Mandy but on designer drugs from Los Angeles. The RSD debacle was inexcusable. With 12 bonus tracks and full package artwork by Francesco Francavilla, this remastered score is modeled after a silver bullet with blood red vinyl with a silver smoky haze center. Featuring all 84 musical cues from the film, the LP is offered in two variants; blue moonlight or (as pictured) Vampire blue, yellow, and black cloak swirl. emixed and remastered from the original analog master session tapes. It’s full of twanging synths and the occasional drum machine to truly capture the spirit of the time. It looks like haunted hardwood and I love it. Release Notes: The 2014 pressing of this release was the first time the soundtrack was pressed on vinyl and it received some much-needed love. The design is a perfect fit for the movie – bleak, dark and atmospheric. Masahiro Ikumi translates that confusing state into a soundtrack full of conflicting sounds and creepy humming that is reminiscent of Mima’s own past music career. If you dare… The horror business is a broad and polytheistic church: a rowdy congregation of … For all things pop culture and the latest news, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Do you have a stunning collection of your own? Get to know these 100 chilling horror soundtracks, ranked in order of greatness. If it’s overly dramatic or too subtle, you miss the opportunity to create that emotional connection with the viewer. The Howling via Waxwork Records. In the second installment of the franchise, composer Christopher Young takes his score from the original film and pushes it to an even grander scale in Hellbound: Hellraiser II. Share with us in the comments! You can find her getting day drunk and making festive housewares at The Creepy Crafter on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @kellsmcnells, 16 Horror Soundtracks With Stunning Vinyl Record Designs. A horror film is nothing without great musical accompaniment, so join us as we reveal the 30 Best Horror Soundtracks Of All Time. Horror movie soundtracks – or any soundtrack for that matter – can make or break a film. His music strikes a balance between horror and crime thriller, keeping up a strong pace that builds and builds to the film’s climax. You can also check out a specially-made mix to get you in a suitably spooky mood for the event, below. • Again, Badalamenti uses elements of jazz music to create a score that hits the several genres Lynch is working within: melodrama, tragedy, and horror. With each track you can envision the scene it accompanies, while giving yourself over to the music. With artwork by Sam Turner, the heavy-meal horror soundtrack is splattered across two records – one black with heavy silver, and one white with black. Oops! Support your local bookshop at Check out the fleshy, clotted red on that album. By Scott J. Davis, • While protagonist Dezzy lurks at dive bars and house parties, there’s a pulsating dark energy that surrounds the film. Thankfully, this is a popular trend with a TON of titles available (trust me – it was really hard to keep this list down to a reasonable number), so if you’re smitten, there’s no better time to start your collection. So it comes as no surprise that he scored Lynch’s feature film prequel to the television series, Fire Walk With Me. Satan Meets and Falls in Love with 2020... Clive Barker Reclaims Rights to His ‘Hellraiser’ Property. Released in 1986 and directed by Ted Nicolaou, TerrorVision follows an alien creature sent to Earth, which ends up inside a household where … From slashers to splatters, Spencer Hickman of Death Waltz Records runs down his top 10 horror soundtracks on vinyl. So why would you want to listen to that by itself on vinyl? By Tony Quant, • It sounds strange, but by just listening to a horror movies score, you can fully appreciate the craft of building fear with music. The 30 Best Horror Movie Soundtracks of All Time Posted on October 30, 2015 July 15, 2017 by Daniel Paschall The genre of horror cinema has always been one—more than almost any other genre—to evoke illicit responses out of the moviegoer whether they wanted it or not. Satoshi Kon’s animated horror film Perfect Blue is about music, obsession, and identity. Hou Then, he moves to the piano to portray the tragedy of Laura Palmer. WRWTFWW records is releasing the soundtracks from Empire Pictures cult classics Ghoulies, Troll and TerrorVision on limited edition vinyl this month and we’re giving away a copy of the soundtrack from the sci-fi horror classic TerrorVision! 20 of the best horror movie soundtracks in history from 'Psycho', to 'Halloween', to 'It Follows', including composers such as James Horner and Danny Elfman A Serbian Film, One of The Most Controversial... Fifth ‘Predator’ Film Could Be Set In ... ‘Mad Max’ Star Hugh Keays-Byrne Dead at ... Satan Meets and Falls in Love with 2020 in Hilarious Ad From Ryan Reynolds, Joe Bob Briggs Hosts a Two Night ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Family Reunion Screening Event, ‘Van Helsing’ Film Being Produced by James Wan and Directed by ‘Overlord’ Director, Godzilla Vs. Kong is Sadly Going to Head Straight to HBO Max, A Serbian Film, One of The Most Controversial Films Ever, Is Getting a 4K Uncut Release, ‘Visage’ Is a Pure Unfiltered Nightmare and is Easily The Scariest Thing I have Played, Fifth ‘Predator’ Film Could Be Set In The Past and Have Connections to Character from Predator 1987. Their pieces give the film an added layer of drama and fear as violins are played like horrifying instruments from hell, creating an insect-like cacophony. If you want a further trip down memory lane, dig back into the archives and find the must-own classics of the Cyberpunk manual Akira Symphonic Suite, or the Twin Peaks: Fire … Bill Gunn’s vampire film Ganja And Hess is a beautiful fever dream about African American identity, religion, and sex. Featuring live music from BAIRIE, Aul Boy, Waldorf and Cannon and Ryan Vail, the evening finishes with a rooftop Horror Soundtrack Vinyl Party with DJ Dano, aka Daniel McGarrigle. It would be a crime if it wasn’t. With 12 bonus tracks and full package artwork by Francesco Francavilla, this remastered score is modeled after a silver bullet with blood red vinyl with a … This is just an updated video on my ever growing horror soundtrack collection. So if you’re looking for horror soundtracks to add to your collection, and to better appreciate the composers working in the genre, check out these ten vinyl scores, which are all available on Zavvi. Bliss, Joe Begos’ trippy, bloody vampire movie about the assholes of the art world, drips with atmosphere. Best Horror Movie Soundtracks: 20 Essential Spine-Chilling Film Scores 20: Vertigo (Bernard Herrmann, 1958) The red vinyl with black smoke design features music that was remixed and remastered from the original analog master session tapes. Waxwork Records is proud to present The Haunting of Bly Manor Original Netflix Horror Series Music by The Newton Brothers as a deluxe double LP. Both include a 11″ x 22″ poster and incredible artwork by Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative. From slashers to splatters, Spencer Hickman of Death Waltz Records runs down his top 10 horror soundtracks on vinyl. You can feel the fear, anxiety, and even get a slight adrenaline rush from just experiencing your favorite horror film’s score. And take a moment to appreciate that incredible artwork by Candice Tripp! Young deftly maneuvers through the film’s emotional arcs with his musicians, which calls for several relistens as the listener discovers something new each time they visit the score. By James Luxford, • Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to go sob into printouts of my bank statement. This LP features artwork by Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative. Unusual Rock/Electro Film Soundtracks (since 1990) by OEST-MAG His music flows through the scenery, and your ears, like the chilling wind through the prairie grass. This includes his 1980 killer ghost story, The Fog. Here, McGarrigle counts down his Top 10 horror flick theme tunes. The 10 best 80s movie soundtracks By Sian Llewellyn ( Classic Rock ) 19 August 2020 The 80s was the decade of brat packers, teen movies, and big films about fast cars and fighter pilots – all of which had killer soundtracks. Bernstein balances the fear of sleep with the desire for it through the score, delicately creating quiet moments that are quickly interrupted as the beat speeds up and the synth feels like it’s buzzing. However, what makes Lovett’s score different is his use of wind-chimes that portray a rather disarming feeling of peace that is abruptly shattered by loud clashes of cymbals or the banging of drums. These Guys Saw What Happened to Monolith When... Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 12-1-20. Please note: In order to keep Hive up to date and provide users with the best features, we are no longer able to fully support Internet Explorer. The song, String Quartet, is particularly disconcerting as the musicians pluck strings seemingly at random to create the most uncomfortable part of the score. Ever! This complete, remastered and expanded soundtrack is covered with blue and pink slime splatter, but you can also choose an all-pink slime variant. Hellraiser 30th Anniversary Edition via Sound Stage Direct. By Max Borg, • For the vinyl itself, you can choose between Candy Cane Swirl or the above Dark Elf design. Clive Barker’s kinky and violent Hellraiser is a horror classic that portrays the intersection of horror and sexuality perfectly. This LP comes with the music from both House and House 2. The 2014 release was pressed in Black with an obi strip, Bee Striped, Silver Mirror, and Translucent Yellow. I'm super happy to FINALLY get this on vinyl. For Halloween III, Carpenter leaned into a score that layered more synth and keyboard to create an air of mystery around the film: what really is the Silver Shamrock? 10 Of The Best Horror Soundtracks To Own On Vinyl Bliss. From the moment a young Spencer Hickman took his dad’s video card to rent Zombie Flesh Eaters and made his girlfriend watch it with him while he prepared them both beans on toast, it was clear he was to become an authority on … Yes, there is another John Carpenter score on this list because he’s just that good! ... Top 10 Most Collected Horror Soundtracks by lupadupa. For the vinyl itself, you can choose between Candy Cane Swirl or the above Dark Elf design. His use of the saxophone makes parts of the film feel seedy, grimy, and clandestine. It is all about big, delightful melodrama, while also creating fear with a full string and brass section, as well as choir performances. Contributing Writer / Mondo is proud to present Tangerine Dream's essential synth soundtrack to Michael Mann's 1980 masterpiece THIEF. It passes by in a strange haze as the titular couple fall in love while experiencing blood lust. The score feels like it’s creeping around your head, circling like a hungry predator, ready to pounce on you at any minute. That said, I'm a little disappointed in the sound quality. By Sarah Buddery, • Online shopping for CDs & Vinyl from a great selection of Movie Soundtracks, Television Soundtracks, Video Game Soundtracks & more at everyday low prices. By Emily Murray. The expansive album features 180 gram "Lady in the Lake" colored vinyl (Rust and Deep Blue swirl), old style tip-on gatefold jackets with satin coating, 12"x12" printed inserts, and production stills. 35 Greatest Horror Soundtracks: Modern Masters, Gatekeepers Choose Composers, reissue-labels and synth-savvy musicians pick best in fright This list features a mix of horror classics and recent releases, showcasing the range of horror scores and the feelings each are able to evoke through the power of music. You can get the deluxe “trapped in the ice” edition (see above) which includes a booklet featuring exclusive interview with director John Carpenter, or a stark white “snow edition”. Of all the modern horror movies, The Strangers makes the best use of sound, and that element carries over to its soundtrack. We’ve talked about horror vinyl before, but the list I’ve put together for you today has me reeling with want. If you want a dedicated "Now Spinning" on any of these titles let me know in the comments! Mary Beth McAndrews is a freelance writer with an obsession with horror movies, vampires, and Final Girls. Using synths and a keyboard, he is able to tell the story of angry ghosts, their invasion of a small coastal town, and the utter terror that ensues. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items A staff writer for, she has also contributed to Grim Magazine, Modern Horrors, CGMagazine, Salem Horror Fest, 1428 Elm, and Netflix Life. Tammi’s slow burn horror is a heart-breaking and terrifying look at the role women were forced to play as men forged new paths on the frontier, and Lovett captures that energy in the score. We cannot search for an empty value, please enter a search term. Explore our catalogue and pick up the highly sought-after Call Me By Your Name Soundtrack on peach themed, coloured and scented vinyl, or rewind to your favourite Netflix fix and check the synth-horror shock of Stranger Things 2. this is the best movie soundtrack EVER !! Most horror fans are familiar with the iconic song Tubular Bells that served as the theme song for Willam Friedkin’s horror classic The Exorcist. John Carpenter is a legend in more ways than one. And with artwork by Canadian-horror-illustration guru, Ghoulish Gary Pullin! The Fog. Personally, I dig the “Big Ben”. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Pulsing with neon energy, Tangerine Dream's score for Michael Mann's debut film was markedly bold and unique for the crime genre at the time, which is what makes it so iconic and influential to this day. This one is Halloween III: Season of the Witch, the third movie in the Halloween franchise. Popstar Mima has given up a career in music to become an actress, but begins questioning her decision as she fades away from the spotlight. With a clear and black smoke “Pazuzu” design, this score was remastered directly from the original master tapes. This is not just a horror movie, but a piece of cinema about trying to understand who you are, not just in this moment, but in the grand scheme of the universe. While Mike Oldfield wrote that song, the rest of the score was done by the National Philharmonic Orchestra. A horror movie’s music can truly make or break it, with the sonic landscape setting the tone for each scene and moment. These 20, scores, then, are the best horror movie soundtracks of all time.

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