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is okoume sustainable

A responsible, customer-oriented vision. 30 mai 2018 - Découvrez le tableau "Contreplaqué Okoumé TeboPly" de Groupe THEBAULT sur Pinterest. Additional Marine Plywood. By Upstyle Wood Guide, the sustainable design library for woodworking. It’s so similar to rosewood, in fact, that companies like Fender even started using it as a replacement for rosewood fretboards in their Mexican-made models. Gaboon Marine Ply is renowned for being one of the best marine plywood panels on the world market. Bois et Forêts des Tropiques, 336: 3-5. Huzhou Huayang Dressing Material Co.,Ltd- is a professional manufacturer of peeled Okoume veneers. Doi : 10.19182/bft2018.336.a31615 e trimestre – avril 2018 – p. 3-5 ÉDITORIAL . Bhubaneswar: The Facility has a processing capacity of 96000 cubic meters (CBM) of Okoume timber annually into Face Veneer, a natural hardwood timber of superior quality, harvested under the Sustainable Forest Management plan . Best Quality Okoume Face Veneer & Okoume Core Veneer From Gabon . In an ever more responsible world it is our duty to think of towns or cities in a sustainable way. Unlike rosewood, however, Pau Ferro has a tighter grain. Sustainable Forest Management Programme in African ACP Countries EC-FAO PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME (2000-2003) EC Tropical Forestry Budget Line Project B7-6201/98-08/VIII/FOR Project GCP/RAF/354/EC Expériences de la mise en œuvre des programmes forestiers nationaux au Gabon Accra, 27 April 2003. We have flexible policy in making special dimensions, which are not easily available in the market. 15_life-on-land-icon-text.svg. It is suitable for silencing boats compartmentalizations, and it is used where a good acoustic and thermal insulation combined with a system low specific weight are required. Okoume Mahogany Rotary cut : 4' x 8' Premium 2 sided Marine Grade: 1.5mm (1/16") Out of Stock - Call Us : Okoume 6-10 shts = 5% disc 11-20 shts = 10% disc 21 or more=15%disc Full units = contact us can be combined with other plywood species and thicknesses to get discount. 4 Bois et Forêts des Tropiques – ISSN: L-0006-579X Volume 336 – 2nd quarter - April 2018 - p. 1-2 CONTENTS enough to warrant regeneration cutting5. In the forest of the congo basin where the Okoume grows. Okoume Rotary Cut Veneer “Accurate Industries strives for sustainable green growth through clean and transparent business practices, We Manufacture Rotary Cut Veneer in a variety of thickness, lengths and widths with a range of qualities.” Also known as: Gaboon, Okume. Les points de vue exprimés sont ceux des auteurs et ne peuvent être attribués ni … Founded in 2016 in Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ), Nkok, Libreville, AFEEFA OVERSEAS SARL is know as one of the Leading wood veneer manufacturer from Gabon, Africa. Poplar Core BS1088 Marine Plywood. We are visiting different regions in India, holding meetings with plywood manufacturers and educating them on the need to use the same to maximize their profits. Its partnership with CGB in Gabon, a forestry concession under sustainable land management, involves 568,000 hectares of FSC ®-certified forests being sustainably managed. Aucoumea klaineana (angouma, gaboon, or okoumé) is a tree in the family Burseraceae, native to equatorial west Africa in Gabon, the Republic of the Congo, and Río Muni.It is a large hardwood tree growing to 30–40 m tall, rarely larger, with a trunk 1.0-2.5 m diameter above the often large basal buttresses. Service inclus dans toutes les offres Internet Orange Grand public. 100% poplar Panguaneta is an Italian company made in Italy deeply rooted in the land of its birth. At Accurate, we don’t just talk about sustainability, we live and breathe it. Okoume By locating a peeling factory in Gabon in 1999, the THEBAULT group made a major change in securing strategically necessary volumes of round wood for our business. At Greenply, we have introduced Okoume- a sustainable substitute for forest timber among industrial peers. Projected towards the future, competitive, sustainable. Gaboon/Okoume Lite Plywood. 410-244-0055. 10 sept. 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "okoumé" de PAULINE Gonieau sur Pinterest. Marine Meranti. Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss . Woodbois has adopted Sustainable Forest Management practices so that the use of our forest concessions can provide economic, environmental and social benefits to present and future generations. Match this publication to relevant SDG indicators: Thank you for helping us match this publication to the relevant indicators for this SDG. Okoume (Aucoumea klaineana, Burseraceae) is the most exploited timber tree species in Gabon (Central Africa), because of its great qualities for the production of veneer plywood. Is sustainable logging possible in Africa’s dense forest? Plywood for a sustainable city. However, it is still the safest and best choice for the tough conditions on the high seas. To understand how sustainable Plywood is you have to consider how it is made, its energy footprint, its durability and its toxicity and health implications. A sustainable wood, Pau Perro is increasing in popularity after the regulations restricted the use of some wood types – like rosewood and Bubinga. Commercial exploitation began as early as 1892, but only in 1913 was Okoumé, Gabon’s most valuable wood, introduced to the international market. Contact Now. With a vision to supply best quality Okoume Face Veneer all over the world, Gabon Timber Industry has invested heavily in a state of the art factory in Gabon. Description. Sustainable Forest Management . LEARN MORE. Gaboon Okoume 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 1.2mm: Adhesive: WBP Phenolic, WBP Melamine: Density: 500-700 KGS/M 3: MOQ: 50 Cubic Meters: Standard: EN324:1993, EN314:2006, BS1088:2003, BS1088:2018, AS/NZS 2272:2006: Marine Plywood Core . GABOKOUME - Support to the organization of producers of Moabi oil and Okoumé resin and their insertion into sustainable and equitable sectors, Nitidæ Forest covering 85% of Gabonese territory, NTFPs are a source of food products, pharmaceuticals, fishing equipment, construction and combustion materials but also income for rural forest populations. After Greta Thunberg made her sustainable trip across the Atlantic with the Malizia II racing yacht as an alternative to flying, the carbon hull of the yacht was much discussed all over the world because this material anything but sustainable. Lightweighted panel made of marine okoume plywood and a reassembled cork core. Panguaneta exotic plywood meets the programs for forest sustainable development. My sustainable surfboard project demonstrates that a wood surfboard can match the performance of modern foam shortboards while significantly reducing its comparative carbon footprint. The Future of Tomorrow. Sustainable forest management. Eucalyptus Core BS1088 Marine Plywood. Plywood is PEFC certified (PEFC/14-35-00003) This ensures consumers that the origin is made of sustainable products. 30 mai 2018 - Créer un site web avec Orange, c'est simple et rapide, avec ou sans assistant ! Joubert Plywood panels give towns the possibility of setting up exemplary projects, creating spaces for living, working, leisure, culture and welcome that are both healthier and more public-spirited. Features The evenness of its surfaces allows excellent finish. Botanical Name: Aucoumea klaineana. Our experts are here to help you! Precision equipment and experienced professionals ensure that each and every veneer manufactured meets the highest standard of quality. Panguaneta Okoume-Twin Eco Range. Outer faces with longitudinal grain. Density 600-650 KGS/M 3. Download datasheet. The products meet the demand of different markets globally. Okoume veneer; Sawn Timber; Sustainability; Gallery; Contact Us; About Accurate industries. A. klaineana, or okoume, is a large timber-producing tree native to the west coast of equatorial Africa.It can grow up to 60 m tall, and often has buttresses near the base of the tree that can grow up to 3 m. Its timber is considered one of the best for the manufacturing of plywood, particularly for marine uses, and okoume is a very popular timber for plywood kayaks. Hardwood veneers such as Bintangor, Sapele, Okoume, Pencil Cedar, Birch, Bleach Poplar, Engineered Poplar, Radiata Pine, Recon Veneers, Black Walnut, Red Oak, Burma Teak: Adhesive: Urea Formaldehyde Resin (UF) Melamine Urea Formaldehyde Resin (MUF) Phenol Formaldehyde Resin (PF) Formaldehyde Level: Class E1 (EN636, EN717-2) CARB Phase II (P2) Resistance To Water: MR (Moisture Resistant) … 1 a guide to lesser known tropical timber species july 2013 global forest &trade network Description; Certifications; Composition Plywood made of outer faces rotary cut exotic Okoume with poplar inner-layers. To generate an immediate quote including shipping please use our online shopping cart. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Contreplaqué, Panneau de contreplaqué, Pin maritime. Okoume plywood, a resource for the future; See all the news. Okoume Padouk Okan Predominant species. Spread in huge area in 6 acres land, AFFEFA OVERSEAS SARL is … Know About Us. Okoume Core BS 1088 Marine … This step forward contributed to achieve a greater control over the Okoumé supply chain for our factories and ensuring full traceability of our tropical wood resources. China 3.6mm Okoume Plywood for Buliding Material, Find details about China 3.6mm Okoume Plywood, Plywood from 3.6mm Okoume Plywood for Buliding Material - Linyi Jiate Import Okoume Marine Plywood Marine plywood is manufactured from durable face and core veneers, with few defects; so it performs longer in both humid and wet conditions and resists delaminating and fungal attack. The forests contain over 400 species of trees, with about 100 species suitable for industrial use. Wooden surfboards are typically heavier, bulkier, and lack the technology of lightweight foam equivalents. Our supply is guaranteed by our sustainable log import, which covers more than half from Congo to China. Will OKOUMÉ Be The Game Changer... person Ply Reporter access_time 6 Min Read chat_bubble_outline 4 comments After logging ban in Myanmar , Laos and restricted log felling min Malaysia, Indonesia and other tropical timber exporting countries, Okoumé is vital … Density 520-550 KGS/M 3. WOODBOIS LTD | Sustainability Report 2019 ABOUT US SUSTAINABILITY AT WOODBOIS GOVERNANCE IMPACT ECONOMIC GROWTH RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTION & TRADING SUSTAINABLE USE PEOPLE OF OUR FORESTS ANNEXES REFERENCES 8 FOREST OPERATIONS VENEER FACTORY Gabon SAWMILL Mozambique | Gabon TRADING Internally … We also share our R&D with them, thereby helping the industry to grow and sustain itself. The Joubert Group has, for a long time, being committed to conserving biodiversity and the wood of the future. Okoume is ideal for boat building, soffits, the transpiration industry, joinery work (interior & exterior), cladding, interior fittings and more. Gabon’s forests, which cover an estimated 77% of its land surface, have always supplied many of the necessities of life, especially fuel and shelter. Gaboon/Okoume BS1088 plywood is manufactured to a very high standard & supplied from a world leading quality plywood manufacturer based in Europe. The new round of transaction verification for okoume will cover FSC claims made between 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019. Our Plywoods are manufactured to a very high standard & supplied from a world leading quality plywood manufacturer based in Europe. The deadline for certificate holders to submit requested transaction verification data is 29 September 2020. This tree is also known from a long time by Gabonese for making torches and as a substitute for incense. 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