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pattern fabric names

It's also typically much thinner than a chevron design. 97 116 8. Moroccan lattice is often confused with quatrefoil, which is very similar but has four rounded sides. The cloth is designed and named to commemorate the soul of a warrior Queenmother of that name, who, though was defeated and executed in a battle with Nana Opoku Ware I, the King of the Asante kingdom (1731-1742), was viewed as a courageous woman. Herringbone is much like chevron but has breaks between the zigs and zags. It can … You can find quite a few variations such as awning stripes, which are broad stripes that are separated by thinner stripes, or barcode stripes, being stripes of varying widths. You'll find ikat fabrics in a wide range of shapes and color combinations. This country classic shows off white plus another color that's woven into a checkerboard pattern. Male Model. It's a checked pattern with somewhat abstract, irregular points on the corners of the squares. Looking somewhat like a fish's skeleton, herringbone is similar to chevron but differentiated by the breaks between the zigs and the zags. It's a bit formal but works well with many other patterns. Barbara Brackman, “Encyclopedia of Applique,” 1993, EPM Publications, Inc. Maggie Malone, "5,500 Quilt Block Designs", 2003, Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. 127 196 5. This pattern may be called ditzy or ditsy. The difference between gingham and checks is that with gingham, there are intermediate squares where white lightens the intensity of the contrasting color by half. You can find this classic design in just about any color combination from neutral to bright. Batik Patterns: A famous resist-dyeing pattern that uses natural designs and motifs for geometrical pattern designs. It is made of linen or cotton. 79 109 4. Patterns Inspired by Drawings by Artists of the Time. This refers to designs that are closely related to African culture. Brocade is often made of silk or satin, and frequently incorporates metallic threads or similar decorative touches. Harlequin can be very colorful, or a simple design of white plus another color. History. As with checked designs, one of the colors is usually white. It complements contemporary, global, boho, and eclectic styles. Whether you’re looking to transform a room with chic curtains or a trendy accent pillow, create an intricate quilt for a loved one, or sew a couture gown, we work hard to continuously expand our selection to be the one-stop-shop for all your fabric. Interlocking Pattern An arrangement in which motifs are linked or otherwise fit together so that one cannot be moved without affecting others. Try it in your contemporary or eclectic room. 42. Fabric trends 2020 –the colours, patterns and materials to use. As the name suggests, a basketweave pattern looks like the crisscross composition of a basket. This pattern has a fun and contemporary flair when used on accessories like throw pillows or upholstery to add pizzazz to your rooms. While there's a floral pattern suitable for every decorating style, floral designs are a hallmark of cottage decor. Brush up with these home decor swatches and corresponding pattern descriptions (scroll toward the bottom). Fabric Mart– Designer fabrics, clearance, huge selection (O) Fashion Fabrics Club– Warehouse, bridal, by the bolt (O) Organic Cotton Plus– Hemp, organic silk, cottons (duh) (O) La Mercerie– Interesting selection of knits, wovens and yarns (O) Boho Fabrics– Stretch, scuba, sales (O) Surge Fabric Shop– Scuba, ponte, quilted knit (O) This pattern is ancient and it is gathering a lot of popularity in the world of interior design. Flame stitch zig zags are usually thin, but can vary in height. Jersey. Jeans Fabric Blue. Basket Weave A pattern inspired by the appearance of a woven basket. Free Fabric Alphabet Pattern. Fabric Names in English. It is an interlocking pattern of squares or rectangles that are drawn from one continuous line. It works well in any room no matter what the style is and you can find almost any color combination that you can imagine. She's a self-taught decor expert who contributes to several publications. But there are hundreds of distinct patterns available and each are designated with labels (names) to aid in product description and selection. Chevron is a very popular choice in custom design. It works well in children’s rooms or a master bedroom, as it is very versatile and works with any other pattern. Japanese Background. A medallion is symmetrical; you can cut it through the center and have two matching halves. This fabric works well in your eclectic or contemporary room. These fabrics are rather formal and traditional in style, and usually fairly subdued in color. Jacobean pattern of purple and green. The check pattern in the picture is made up from paving stones and grass. This fabric pattern looks much like an onion or a diamond that is rounded on two sides. “A typically shuttle-woven fabric most commonly made with silver or gold thread, brocade … TOKU KRA TOMA. If these sound like terms from Scripture, you are correct, however they are also names for quilt patterns. I would highly recommend Sharon and Sunshine Drapery® and I plan to use them again in the future.”, “Linda, Sunshine Drapery® designer, always knows the right fabric and the right style. The result is a geometric design that looks somewhat stretched and blurred around the edges. Paisley Patterns: Paisley uses an oriental teardrop motif with vibrant colors all over the fabric.Paisley Patterns is an ornamental textile design which is often used for sarees, dresses, and others. It is distinguishable from its four sides in which two are rounded and the other two are pointed. We haven’t added project links for this option because the possibilities are really endless. See more ideas about fabric patterns, pattern, pattern names. Yesterday's chintz often featured large florals, but today, you can find many solid colors, especially deep jewel tones. Most of the time, it is black and white or a combination of neutral colors. Most often, the fabric's palette is limited to two colors. The irregular stripes combine easily with other patterns and give you a touch of the wild style for sexy fun in any design or style. An updated print from the classical lattice is the Moroccan lattice print. Floral designs are used most often in cottage décor, but depending on the style of the pattern, you can mix and match them any other pattern. As the name suggests, a basketweave pattern looks like the crisscross composition of a basket. Often, there's a small dot where the points of the diamonds meet. It works well in traditional rooms or to add a vintage touch to any décor. Apart from fabric, it’s also a super-common wood floor motif. Most of the time, one of the colors is white, but you can find checked fabrics in a wide range of color combinations. List of fabric weave patterns | type of fabric weave patterns | fabric weave pattern names. You can use a tartan fabric for warmth in the winter or any type of a traditional or formal space. Toile is a hallmark of French country style. A popular design from 18th-century France, toile (pronounced "twall") is a monochromatic design printed on white, and depicting scenes of country life, flowers or people engaged in everyday activities. … See more ideas about fabric names, fabric, textile pattern design. This pattern, aside from it being common in Scottish families, is basic in casual clothing. Acetate is popular upholstery fabric. This is a large print of elaborate round medallions. Used quite a bit for upholstery and drapes, as well as bedding and fabric accessories, brocade is a heavy material woven on a Jacquard loom. This ancient pattern has stood the test of time—you'll often find it used as a border around rugs, pillows, drapes or bedding. A alexander a striped silk material applebloom 14th century cloth resembling in colour, apple blossom appleblue see applebloom attaby 14th ... damask rich patterned heavy material of silk or linen which the pattern appears reversed on the back of the fabric. Flame stitch zig zags are usually thin, but can vary in height. Jul 25, 2016 Here are the most in-demand patterns across the U.S., according to spoonflower.com. *All fabrics start at $17/yard. It goes well with traditional and formal rooms, but it is often an addition to all types of décor. This pattern works well in a contemporary room in your home. An example of an easily identifiable pattern is a checkered pattern or striped pattern. You can find a large verity of color combinations and shapes. There's a definite retro appeal to flame stitch design—it was very popular in the 1970s. It can contain geometric shapes, flowers or any other type of small figures. See more ideas about Fabric names, Fabric, Textile pattern design. A wide variety of names fabric patterns options are available to you, such as make-to-order, in-stock items. Oct 25, 2020 - Explore Jennifer Blackman's board "fabric names and pattern", followed by 184 people on Pinterest. 1. My draperies were completed and installed before the promised time period by a meticulous installer who had an eye for detail. The HST pieces look like a formation of geese in the sky. The finished product is beautiful!”, “Working with my Sunshine decorator, Debra F was so helpful and easy. Checked designs are very versatile, but work especially well with country looks. HST are the building block of a ton of quilting blocks. TOKU KRA TOMA kente cloth pattern. Buckram Fabric: Buckram is a stiff fabric. Fabrics woven on the loom have a raised pattern that looks embroidered but is actually woven into the design. Check out our fabric name banner selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our wall hangings shops. Curtain Fabric. Tartans were designs that were traditionally woven in wool and used for the Scottish clans. A true brocade has a raised design that looks embroidered​ but is actually woven into the fabric. Paisley pattern The pattern was originally created in (and gets its name from) Paisley, Scotland. Asymmetrical pattern: As the name suggests, this type of pattern uses asymmetrical designs to form symmetry. ... these are beginner block patterns that showcase 2 or more fabrics. It has a Middle Eastern vibe but has been used widely throughout the world for centuries. Damask is generally single color or tone-on-tone but occasionally is more colorful. A type of fabric that is defined by the process of weaving (by using the jacquard attachment on the loom) that creates it. It gives the furniture a luxurious feel. Generally, houndstooth is black and white or another combination of neutral colors. We showcase the 2020 fabric collections, which celebrate raw materials, organic textures, natural scenes and crafts such as mark making and weaving. This fabric is also woven on a Jacquard loom, as the brocade and damask types are. Some types of jacquard fabrics have specific names, such as damask and brocade. It is also known … The price, of course, tends to be higher because you are getting much more fabric than with a traditional pre-cut. If you're imaginative, the design looks like a dog's teeth. All patterns PDF patterns Printed patterns Books Tops Bottoms Dresses & jumpsuits Jackets & coats Accessories Instructions Using the patterns Basic instructions Video tutorials Fabric info Pattern alterations Vocabulary It is close to a cheetah print, which is made up of small black dots, but this print has open irregular circles that are found on a leopard’s luxurious coat. The design can literally be woven with ribbon, or merely printed on the fabric, but the overall effect is symmetrical and somewhat like a checkerboard. Jun 30, 2020 - Explore Aasma Muke's board "Fabric names", followed by 890 people on Pinterest. This trendy style works well in any contemporary room. The colors are typically somewhat subdued, and the fabric is often used in traditional decorating schemes. Want to use the same letter shape that I did? Jacquard (pronounced "ja-kard") is an umbrella term for fabrics woven on a Jacquard loom, which was invented by Joseph Jacquard and first used in 1801. Some fragments have also survived from the thirteenth century Benin City in Nigeria. It has a pattern of zigzag stripes usually in two alternating colors. The Fold Line indicates which edge of the pattern piece is aligned with the fabric fold – you should place the solid line running underneath the arrow onto the fold. Damask fabrics feature patterns of flowers, fruit and other designs and are usually monochromatic. Jacopo Bellini and Pisanello, for instance, designed various motifs that may have inspired fabric designs, such as the one depicted below from Pisanello’s Codex Vallardi, which is very similar to the griccia motif seen above. All of the types of fabric patterns may still be a bit confusing, even after an explanation. Contemporary damasks are medium weight in a variety of designs. The stylized design shows off three or four petals with a band near the bottom. Damask designs are popular today in wallpaper, table linens, and upholstery. Stripes are about the most basic fabric pattern in the world. Literally means Toku’s soul cloth. “I want to thank Diane O. who gave her expert advice for our draperies in our family room. Patterns are usually made of paper, and are sometimes made of sturdier materials like paperboard or cardboard if they need to be more robust to withstand repeated use. Pronounced "ee-caught," this material is not so much a pattern as a method of dying and weaving fabric. Try leopard print anywhere you'd like to add a sexy edge. The 50 Most Popular Fabric Patterns Across the U.S. Required fields are marked *. It is most often much thinner than chevron designs and works well in contemporary rooms. You may think of tartan as a Scottish kilt pattern. For example: If you are looking for a specific fabric, include a written description, the manufacturer, name of the collection (if known), pattern number, color name and number, and number of yards you need. Below is an exhaustive dictionary of pattern types used in fabric, textile, and clothing design. The pattern often incorporates florals or foliage designs in addition to the geometric shapes. This guide to fabric pattern names will help you find the upholstery that you’ve been longing for! Madras- Madras is a pattern that originated in a city in East India, formerly named Madras.This summer fabric style is distinguished by a pattern of colorful checks and stripes. This fabric lends itself to upholstery and drapes, along with accessories. Oriental Patterns: This pattern uses intricate motifs from India and most Arab countries to create a medallion shaped design throughout the fabric. Plaids differ because they do not duplicate the pattern in both directions. Damask designs are popular today in wallpaper, table linens, and upholstery. You can also find it with diamond or oval shapes, though they are not as popular. Brocade. Ditzy fabrics are usually quite colorful, and they work well with any casual decorating style. 177 311 9. It's a fun pattern for a contemporary, glam, eclectic, or Parisian room. Jun 23, 2018 - Explore Namabiri Bunmi's board "fabric pattern names" on Pinterest. "Geometric" is a catch-all term for any design that incorporates geometric shapes, such as circles, squares, triangles, or ovals. It creates an expensive looking touch to any room. Medieval fabric names. The pattern may be scenes of country life, people engaged in everyday activities or county life. This material is super trendy and is comprised of the dying and weaving of the fabric. Plaids that do not exactly duplicate the pattern on both the horizontal and vertical axis are not tartans, they're just regular plaids. There are many variations, including awning stripes, which are broad stripes sometimes separated by thinner bands, and barcode stripes, which are stripes of varying widths. Many times, there is a tiny dot where the diamond’s points meet. Woods to illustrate his original classification of 46 types of two-color symmetries of repeating patterns, as appeared in his 1936 work "The geometrical basis of pattern design. You can add a touch of leopard in any room of your home. This is a great choice for any type of casual decorating and it mixes well with other designs. There are many lattice designs in the decorating world, but one that is especially in vogue is the Moroccan lattice. In the simplest weaving arrangement, alternate warp yarns are over or under the shuttle as it moves in one direction and the warp yarn positions are reversed for the return stroke of the shuttle. They are made of wool or fine animal hair in a weft-faced plain weave pattern. It's a great pattern for contemporary rooms. It's sometimes confused with cheetah print, which is made up of black dots, rather than the open, irregular circles found on a leopard's coat. The most popular animal print is the zebra print. Paisley originated as a Persian design and it was hugely popular in Europe in the 1600’s. Tartan or the Scottish plaid is the plaid pattern best characterized by horizontal and vertical lines intersecting each other that together form different sizes of squares or checks all throughout the fabric. Or, they might layer a toss layout over a plaid for a more interesting and complex look. A harlequin pattern is basically a checked pattern, but with diamonds instead of squares. View Gallery 50 Photos Spoonflower. There is one and 3/4 yards. Mock Up Linen Paper. Sunshine services residential and commercial clients for window coverings and more with complimentary appointments. Fleur-de-Lis. Chintz is an age-old fabric that’s been glazed to give it a high shine. It has a sexy touch that many like in the bedroom. Nov 13, 2019 - Explore Somraj's board "Fabric names" on Pinterest. The often elaborate designs of chinoiserie (pronounced "sheen-whaz-a-ree") are western takes on daily life in long-ago China. This fabric pattern is basically the same as a checked pattern, except it is made with diamonds instead of squares. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly ikat or houndstooth are, you’re not alone. It's a very formal, traditional design, but is often combined with other elements, making it a nice accent to just about any style of decor. It has a raised pattern and looks embroidered. CALL   (314) 569-2980. This pattern was quite popular in the 1970’s as a closely spaced series of jagged lines that look like flames. You can also choose from woven, knitted names fabric patterns, as well as from home textile, bag, and bedding names fabric patterns, and whether names fabric patterns is 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or polyester / cotton. It's a fun pattern for a contemporary room, and a must-have if you love all things retro. Most pattern designers use combinations of two or more of the repeat types shown above to create single designs. This fabric is the western versions of historical Chinese designs. Spanish for "land of flowers," it's no coincidence that Florida's top pick, "Grandfathers_Sunflowers_Blue" fabric (by ingetamminga), features this striking floral pattern. Most of the time, the palette is formed with only two colors. Banner Abstract. Also, Gary P was our installer, who was very professional and knew exactly what he was doing. An overall pattern is a type of pattern layout with motifs that are close and evenly distributed, typically covering the entire fabric with little background visible. This type of patter is versatile and most often used in contemporary spaces. It takes its name from a town in Scotland. Greek key design—sometimes called Greek fret—is an interlocking pattern of squares or rectangles, typically drawn from a continuous line. 3 Exciting Points To Consider When Choosing New Atrium Windows and Window Treatments, Drapes vs Curtains: Find Out How Much Is Their Difference, Vertical Shades: Your Solution for Large Windows and Sliding Glass Doors, Half Window Treatments Styles and Tips – Know What Suit You Best, Large Window Treatments 101: Learn How to Tame the Beast, How to Use Draperies, Blinds and Window Treatments to Give Your Home a Unique Design. A Dress making knit fabric that is made of wool, cotton and synthetic fibers. Oct 25, 2020 - Explore Jennifer Blackman's board "fabric names and pattern", followed by 184 people on Pinterest. What they all share in common is a global vibe that looks great in contemporary design schemes. 24 20 2. Generally, fabrics take the name of the fiber used to manufacture it such as fabrics made out of 100% Cashmere Fibers is named as Cashmere Fabric. Leopard print is, of course, modeled on the gorgeous coat of the ​wildcat. Fabric letters name banner, girl's room name banner - PINK - PURPLE COLOR pattern, Baby Girl Name Wall Art LittleFairyCottage. Damask is usually a single color or in two tones, but can be found in more colorful patterns. Tartan. It appears as a trellis but is in a grid design that is formed by lines that intersect. The colors are generally quite bright and they work well with any type of casual room. Unlike chevron, flame stitch's zigs and zags are usually thin and can vary in height. This fabric is associated with traditional decorating styles. It can be made of many colors or a simple two color design. Tartan … The flying geese pattern gets its name from the design itself. It is a black and white color scheme that works as a neutral in one color. It uses vibrant colors for the designs. It includes stripes of different widths mixed in different colors that are duplicated in both the horizontal and vertical directions. List of fabric weave patterns | type of fabric weave patterns | fabric weave pattern names. Types of Fabric A to Z: What You Are Wearing, 22 Beautiful Ways to Decorate With Patterns, How to Care for Damask Linens and Clothes, How to Care for Brocade Fabric Clothes and Accessories, A Guide to Bed Sheets, Bedding Weaves, and Fabrics, Decorating Tips for a Warm, Inviting English Country Style Home, Beautiful Neutral Bedroom Ideas and Photos, 49 Decorating Ideas for Farmhouse-Style Bedrooms. It looks like a basket that is cross woven. Click to view and browse our selection of ALL designer fabric, or select any of the brand names below to search by label. Some patterns are easily recognizable, such as stripes or floral patterns, but others can be confusing such as ditzy or fleur-de-lis. The most popular themes include florals, fishermen, birds, boats and children. If a pattern comes in one size only, usually the cutting line is a solid line and the seam lines (where you would sew on the fabric) are dotted or dashed. Spoonflower 11 of 50 Feb 23, 2020 - Explore Sai Saavreen's board "fabrics" on Pinterest. The Moroccan trellis is distinguished by its four sides: Two are rounded and two are pointed. Some of them are very well known—like stripes—while others are more obscure, such as fleur-de-lis or ditzy. African Patterns. Our highly experienced design team can help you to mix and match patterns in any setting. Trellis patterns of all types are popular on any interior decorating scheme. It is used most often in Middle Eastern décor, but is also used throughout the entire world for centuries. Provide as much detailed information as you possibly can. The teardrop-shaped, intricately designed pattern now has a retro feel, as it was the height of fashion during the 1970s, but it adds a touch of interest and color to any contemporary style. This pattern is a symbol of the French monarchy and it represents a lily. 183 181 18. Most often, you'll find this pattern used in a neutral palette. By Kayla Nicole Isaacs. This pattern is a symbol of the French monarchy and it represents a lily. If a pattern comes in multiple sizes, the cutting line uses a different design or style for each size (so a size 8 might be solid while a size 10 is dashes and a size 12 is dots, for instance). In the simplest weaving arrangement, alternate warp yarns are over or under the shuttle as it moves in one direction and the warp yarn positions are reversed for the return stroke of the shuttle. Use chintz in a traditional room, or to add a fun touch of vintage style to any decorating theme. It does appear much like the teeth of a dog. Geometric patterns are very versatile, but look especially striking in contemporary spaces, or with mid-century modern or other retro styles. Michelle Ullman has written hundreds of articles on home decor since 2011. Download the printout here, and happy shopping! Paisley is a teardrop shape with intricate designs and now has a retro feel after it was most popular in the 1970’s. Southernsisterstudio. 32. Colors and fabrics range widely, as do the designs. It is most often found in a neutral palette. Celebrate the fabric of America. She made the process fun and stress free. See more ideas about Fabric names, Fabric, Textile pattern design. It’s fun fabric pattern for a contemporary room or any place you wish to go retro. Use it in a child's bedroom or in your own; it's extremely versatile and works well with most other patterns. The pattern is formed with stripes of different widths and colors duplicated on both the vertical and horizontal axis. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. The pattern is a closely spaced series of flame-like, jagged lines. Whether you love the classic, tailored feel of Ralph Lauren materials or the beautiful, bright designs of Lelievre Paris, Fabric Guru is the place to order designer fabrics wholesale. Many times, it is made with luxurious silk and has a sheen to it. A pattern design created by tie-dyeing either warp or weft threads prior to weaving the fabric, or a design simulating such a technique. At Fabric.com, we know one size does not fit all. (Redirected from List of fabric names For the definition of 'textiles', see textile . such as Organza fabrics were often … Originated: Scotland. DAMASK – formal satin base Jacquard fabric with reversible pattern, historically a large floral or Renaissance pattern. Trellis patterns of all types make great accent elements like cozy throws or curtains. This weave can be made on a loom with only two harnesses. Fabrics in this list include fabrics that are woven, braided or knitted from textile fibres Buffalo Check A check pattern with stripes of equal… 37 37 0. The design might be symmetrical and regular, or quite abstract. Are you obsessed with fabric pattern names and designs, or do you feel lost among gingham, houndstooth, and paisley? This pattern is as its name implies. Chevron is a pattern of zigzagging stripes, typically in two alternating colors. The design can be regular and symmetrical or completely abstract. While gingham is very common in country decor, it's a good choice for any casual decorating style and mixes well with many other designs. Depending on the style of the floral pattern, you can mix-and-match florals with just about any other pattern. Basketweave is a great pattern for any contemporary style. Children’s rooms often involve animal prints including the zebra patterns for a whimsical vibe. Your email address will not be published. Checked designs work well with the country design. This fabric works well for glam, eclectic, Parisian or contemporary rooms. Like all lattice or trellis, patterns, it is a grid-like design formed by interlocking lines. Damask fabrics feature patterns of flowers, fruit and other designs and are usually monochromatic. Art Nouveau pattern is made from dynamic and flowing curves, which bring depth to the fabric. When I moved into my second home and my condo, I of course turned to Linda and Sunshine Drapery®. The vanilla of the decorating world, stripes are about as basic as you can get. It looks like a geometric shape that has been stretched and blurred around the edges. Floral patterns are available in a huge assortment with tiny to huge flowers, casual to formal, realistic to abstract and colorful to monochrome colors. This versatile design works in any style room and can be found in just about any color combination. Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.com. It looks like a basket that is cross woven. Also spelled ditsy, this is any cheerful pattern with small elements scattered across the fabric. I put them in a FREE downloadable file for you, just enter your email address in the box below: ... For instance, my daughter, and many of my great nieces, would not be able to spell their names with only 26 letters. 9 Types of checkered shirt patterns for formal and casual wear! As a fabric design, it adds a sexy touch to any room—even more so in the bedroom. You can find the trellis pattern with interlocking lines that look like a fence or a trellis for plants to climb. It is a decorative fabric with an intricately woven pattern. The stripes of a madras check or plaid consist of different colored … This is the Acanthus Tapestry Fabric from Morris and Co. You can find basketweave fabric in color combinations from neutral colors to bright colors. Tartan, also known as the Scottish plaid, or the ‘sett.’ If you ask anyone what their image of plaid is, … 41. Part IV - Counterchange symmetry in plane patterns" (Journal of the Textile Institute, Transactions, v. … You will also find velvet, flannel, vinyl fabric, faux leather to faux fur, Naugahyde, tapestry and damask fabrics in a wide variety of patterns and designs. Chintz It seems to go in and out of style, and was quite popular in the 80’s, though some find it to be a classic fabric. You can use them anywhere your pattern calls for standard yardage cut at … From shop Southernsisterstudio. In reality, there are five basic types of fabric or cloth: silk, cotton, linen, wool, and worsted. It adds a touch of color and interest in contemporary style rooms. The leopard print is based on the beautiful coat of the wild cat. Most of the time, one of the colors is white. You can combine a striped design with just about any other pattern without fear of clashing. Find your upholstery fabric or drapery fabric by type in this listing that includes silk and satin, toile, linen, chenille, wool and terry cloth fabrics among others.

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