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A Roll of Fuji Pro 400H With My Hasselblad


A Roll of Fuji Pro 400H With My Hasseblad:

I had a roll of Fuji Pro 400H that was sitting in my Hasselblad for quite a long time.  I think it was sitting in my camera for at least a couple of months, and I actually forgot what was on it.  I’ve just been so busy lately that I never get a chance to devote much time to shooting with the 503CW.  With a camera like this, at least to me, it takes actual time and a bit of devotion to take a decent picture.  It’s not really a snapshot kind of camera.  Anyway, I decided to quickly finished the roll, so I could see what was on it.  Plus, this is the first time that I’ve ever used 400H, and I was eager to see the differences between this and Portra. [click to continue…]