Billingham Hadley One First Impressions


Billingham Hadley One First Impressions:

As I mentioned about a week ago in my first look post, Billingham was kind enough to send me a review sample of the new Hadley One.  So, I’ve had some time to try it out, and I thought I’d give all of you my first impressions of it. [click to continue…]


Fuji X100F: New York International Auto Show 2017


Fuji X100F: New York International Auto Show 2017:

Hey everyone.  So, I go to the New York International Auto Show almost every year because I do love cars but also because it’s kind of fun to just take pictures there.  This year, I brought along the Fuji X100F.  I know a lot of people use X100s for street, and documentary work but hey, I look at it this way: when I spend a lot of money on a camera, I want to use it for all types of photography, not just one particular subject like street, for instance. [click to continue…]


Reviews That Are Coming Soon


Reviews Coming Next:

Hey everyone!  I hope all of you enjoyed the weekend.  Today was actually in the 80s temp wise here in NYC.  It almost feels to me like we skipped Spring, and jumped straight into early Summer or something :).  The pic in this post was taken with the Fuji X-T20, and my XF 18-55mm lens.  It was taken in Dumbo, Brooklyn early in the morning.  As you can see, the days have been quite nice here.

This is just a quick note to let all of you know what’s coming next.  I’m almost finished writing up my X-T20 review, so it should be up this week.  I’m almost done with reviewing the X100F along with the two tele-conversion lenses as well.  I’m not sure if I will be writing up a separate review for each or maybe making the X100F review two parts…I’ll think about it some more.

Besides Fuji gear, there’s other stuff I have in the works like the Hadley One that Billingham was kind enough to send me to review.  I know I’ve been talking about reviewing the Leica SL gear…I apologize for the wait but I still have plans to write up those reviews.  I’m also seeing if I can get in a new M lens to review.  It’s been a busy few weeks for me but things should be clearing up soon :).  Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned!


Billingham Hadley One Camera Bag First Look!


Billingham Hadley One Camera Bag First Look!:

For those who frequent my site, you probably know I’m a huge fan of Billingham bags.  I absolutely love their bags, and I’ve been using them for many, MANY years.  So, when I received a message from Billingham asking me if I wanted to review the new Hadley One, considering I don’t even think the bag is sold in the US yet, and therefore, I probably wouldn’t be able to get my hands on one for a while, I jumped at the chance.  I actually received it today, and I just wanted to write up a quick post about it, and to show all of you some pictures of it.  Better pictures will follow but right now, I want to make my bus :).  I’ll write up a more detailed “first impressions” post soon, and of course, I’ll be writing up a full, hands on review as well. [click to continue…]


Fuji XF 50mm f2 R WR Lens Review


Fuji XF 50mm f2 R WR Lens Review:

Ultra fast glass is always great to have but it can bring its own baggage at times.  For one, it can often mean more complicated designs, and more hurt on the wallet.  It can also mean a larger lens overall.  Sometimes we don’t need the fastest version of a focal length.  Sometimes a smaller lens that still has a reasonably fast wide open aperture is more preferable, and of course, it definitely never hurts if we save a little money as well.  Fuji, being the good listeners that they are, have released some pretty awesome f2 versions of many of their most popular focal lengths.  I reviewed all of them so far, and they are some of my favorite Fuji lenses.  Now, they’ve added one more to the f2 range of lenses: the new XF 50mm f2 R WR lens.  With a wide open aperture of f2, it’s still plenty fast for most purposes, and while this short tele doesn’t give you quite the same focal length as the ultra fast XF 56mm f1.2, which I’m sure many will compare it to, the XF 50mm f2 is a lot more compact.  At $449, it is significantly cheaper than the XF 56mm f1.2 as well, so the question is, is it any good, and can it run in the same circle as the rest of the X Series lenses?  Read below, and find out! [click to continue…]