Fuji GFX 50S And Other New Fuji Gear Announced!


Fuji GFX 50S And Other New Fuji Gear Announced!:

Wow!  First it was the Leica 50mm Summilux-SL (for those waiting, I’m still planning on posting a big review for it), the the new M10, and now the new medium format Fuji GFX!  These couple of months have definitely been exciting :).  Yes, the GFX is officially announced, and here are some specs:

  • 51.4MP 43.8 x 32.9mm CMOS Sensor
  • X-Processor Pro Image Processor
  • Removable 3.69m-Dot OLED EVF
  • 3.2″ 2.36m-Dot Tilting Touchscreen LCD

The GFX along with three lenses are already up for pre-order.  Those lenses are the GF 63mm f/2.8 R, GF 32-64mm f/4 R LM WR, and GF 120mm f/4 Macro R LM OIS WR:

Fuji GFX 50S and lenses B&H Photo/Adorama

To top that off, Fuji have not forgotten its APS-C users.  The new XF 50mm f/2 R WR lens, X-T20, and X100F have also been announced!  I will definitely be getting these in for review, and I can’t wait to try them.  Pre-ordering is also available:

Fujifilm XF 50mm f/2 R WR Lens (Black) B&H Photo/Adorama

Fujifilm XF 50mm f/2 R WR Lens (Silver) B&H Photo/Adorama

Fuji X-T20 B&H Photo/Adorama

Fuji X-T20 B&H Photo/Adorama

All New Fuji X100F Gear B&H Photo/Adorama


Canon EOS M5 Mirrorless Camera Review


Canon EOS M5 Mirrorless Camera Review:

We all know Canon as a producer of some of the most popular DSLRs currently out.  But personally, I’ve felt they’ve had some catching up to do when it comes to mirrorless.  Companies like Fuji, Sony, and Olympus, just to name a few, have dominated the mirrorless market with some superb entries.  I currently own a Fuji X-T2, and I’ve also been an X Series user since the original X100.  I can tell you that they have definitely come a long way since that first X100.  Quite frankly, the EOS M series never really appealed to me much but now, Canon has released the new EOS M5.  From the specs alone, this definitely seems to be a viable competitor to what’s currently out on the market, so I got my hands on one to see how it actually performs in practice.  Here’s what I think of it. [click to continue…]


Leica M10 Available for Pre-Order


Leica M10 Available for Pre-Order:

So, I’m sure most of you already heard about the new Leica M10 :).  It’s definitely exciting, and I actually love the fact that it is staying so pure and true to rangefinder photography.  It’s an M that is reduced to its essentials.  It’s even thinner than its digital predecessors.  In my opinion, this is how an M should be like.  24 MP is perfectly fine.  All they really needed to do was work on the electronics, which they did.  They also streamlined the functions, and controls of the M.  If I was in the market for a new M, I would jump on the M10 in a heartbeat!  Here are some key points:

  • Slim like an analog M.
  • New 24MP CMOS sensor with extended ISO range: 100-50,000 ISO.
  • Maestro II processor.
  • Improved viewfinder: field of view enlarged by 30%, magnification factor of 0.73, eye relief distance increased.
  • 2 gb buffer and 5 fps.
  • Simplified design: ISO dial on top, only three buttons on back.
  • Weather resistant against light showers and dust.
  • First M-Camera with an integrated WLAN module.
  • Focus peaking
  • Lower price of $6,595

Pre-ordering is already available here:

Leica M10 at B&H Photo silver or black

Leica M10 at Adorama silver or black

What do all of you long time Leica users think?  Do you like the new M10?  Feel free to let me know in the comments section.


Think Tank CF/SD And Battery Wallet Review


Think Tank CF/SD And Battery Wallet Review:

Sometimes when I go out to take pictures, all I want to do is bring just one camera and a lens mounted to it.  Nothing else.  But we’re not in the film days anymore, which means we rely on batteries to get through the day.  We also have memory cards that are pretty tiny, and can often get lost pretty easily.  So, I did a little research to see if I could find some sort of a case for both these items, so I wouldn’t need to take a bag with me on days when I just want to concentrate on the essentials, and I ended up coming across the Think Tank CF/SD And Battery Wallet.  This wallet is what I’ll be talking about today. [click to continue…]


Featured Deals on Fuji X-T2 And Fuji X-Pro2!


Featured Deals on Fuji X-T2 And Fuji X-Pro2!:

There are two great deals going on if you’re planning on buying an X-T2 or X-Pro2.  If you get the X-T2 with the VPB-XT2 Vertical Booster Grip, and the X-Pro2 with the XF 23mm f2, you can get a nice discount:

$230 off Fuji X-T2 with the Vertical Booster Grip at B&H Photo/Adorama

$250 off Fuji X-Pro2 with an XF 23mm f2 at B&H Photo/Adorama

Man, I should’ve waited to buy my X-T2 because I also bought the vertical grip :).  Oh well, I did get some good use out of it over the past few months.  Fuji is also making the X-Pro2 more and more desirable to me.  Btw, if any of you want to see my reviews of the products above, check out the links below:

X-T2 Review, X-Pro2 Review, Vertical Booster Grip Review, and XF 23mm f2 Review