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best video camera under £500 uk

Having this for both videos and stills at this price point is unbelievable. Five-axis in-body image stabilization is very effective, while the OLED electronic viewfinder and 3-inch LCD touchscreen are both impressive for this price. Back in 2017, we called the Panasonic TZ100 “the perfect compact camera.” And, while several models have since arrived with superior specs, the TZ100 remains a fantastic option for those after an affordable compact travel camera. If you're looking for a tough, waterproof action sports camera without the heftier price tags of the GoPro Hero 8 Black, then the Hero 7 White is a great option. Fujifilm XF 16mm F2.8 R WR (£289) If you don’t already own a DX-format lens and you’d like a versatile standard zoom that’ll cover most bases for travelling and times when you only want to carry a single lens, this example that was introduced with the Nikon D90 in 2008 can now be picked up reasonably on the second-hand market. Here are the best cameras under $500: Canon Eos Rebel T6. It has picked up a reputation as one of the best examples of a kit zoom and unlike some kit lenses that are let down by poor build quality and mediocre sharpness, this example is quite the opposite. Available now on AT&T and Cricket, the K92 is a competitively priced 5G phone that features a 6.7-inch display with thin bezels and a hole-punch camera on the front. An affordable DIY film camera for analogue fans, Type: SLR | Sensor: N/A | Lens mount: N/A | Screen: N/A | Viewfinder: Twin-lens reflex viewfinder | Continuous shooting: N/A | Movies: N/A | User level: Beginner. Receive news and offers from our other brands? At just under £100, the Tello doesn’t include GPS or a fancy camera. Look closely and you’ll notice a little image smoothing, especially at long zoom lengths, but nothing that’s noticeable at normal sharing sizes. Look through the straightforward viewfinder, click the shutter button and in a jiffy you’ll find a credit card-sized print coming from the top of its retro shell. Its maximum aperture lets you dial in faster shutter speeds than a standard kit lens when you’re challenged in low-light situations, plus it creates a lovely shallow depth of field that helps pick out subjects from their surroundings. Nail the focus and you’ll be enthralled by its sharpness, which it backs up with good contrast. The main controls are clustered on the back for easy one-handed control, while function buttons offer the welcome option of customization – and the touchscreen is responsive, too. BA1 1UA. Canon Legria HF R86. Sure, you pay a little extra for the privilege, but if you need a little more growing space it makes sense to go for the D5600 so that it stays with you for years to come. The 8 Best Action Cameras of 2020. Still, it's quite easy to find a dual lens kit for the EOS 250D for well under the $1,000 mark. It has been superseded twice in four years, yet the X-T2 remains a tempting secondhand buy for anyone who’d like a highly-capable mirrorless camera that blends classic styling with an admirable performance. It slotted in between Nikon’s upper entry-level DSLR, the D5500 and the company’s full-frame DSLR, the D750. Here's why. SKU: 5015000. Successor to the RX100 VI, it shares the same 24-200mm f2.8-4.5 zoom as well as essentially the same body with a touch-screen that can angle up to face you and small but detailed viewfinder that pops up and pushes back down again in a convenient single action. Tokina has made it a practical size without being too bulky and it benefits from an internal focusing mechanism and one-touch focus clutch mechanism that enables photographers to switch between AF and MF by snapping the focus ring forward for AF and back for manual focusing. The camera looks better than the GF7 it replaces, with a … In this article, we set out to answer a simple question. Continuous shooting Up to 14fps with VPB-XT2 booster The D3400 is still around and remains an excellent first-time buy, but this newer model just has a slight edge. Receive latest product news and technique tips from Amateur Photographer. What, no Pentax? You also get a better grip and a slightly redesigned body that's a bit lighter too. Instead of spending that £500 on an entry-level camera, what could you get by buying second-hand? GoPro Hero 7 White. So, whether you want a mirrorless, DSLR, compact or instant camera, this buying guide will help you find the right model for you. Please refresh the page and try again. The Mini Trail cam has a 0.8 trigger speed and lets you control every setting on a 2″ LCD screen. That’s quite a bargain for a camera that cost £1,399 when it was launched in 2016. If you’re after your first DSLR, it’s a good option. Today, it continues to encourage people to buy it for the amazing value it offers in excellent secondhand condition. Canon Legria HF G60. The Panasonic HC-V180K Full HD Camcorder boasts dual zooming features for long shots that draw the scene towards you to find the perfect shot and clear footage as far as 200 feet away. The best Panasonic camcorder under $400-600, handy HD features, but you’ll need to shoot in manual (rather than full auto (iA)) if you’re expecting true color in low light conditions. Which is the best bridge camera to buy instead of bulky DSLRs and low-quality compact cameras? The ‘F’ variant also works with the optional Flash Accessory Kit, which adds a hot shoe adapter – one of many optional extras which can augment the DIY camera, including a close-up twin lens kit and film pack bundle. The body is waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without any housing, so you can recording your adventures – or misadventures as the case may be – pretty much anywhere too. The best camcorders in 2020. Print quality is naturally limited, but the idea here is to capture retro-style memories rather than crystal clear images. So it may be old, but most of the specification still looks surprisingly fresh today. A solid performer that ticks plenty of boxes without breaking the bank, the WX220 is well worth a look at current prices. Its easy-to-use menu system and on-screen user guide was a great help and the EOS 250D (confusingly also called the Rebel SL3 and EOS 200D Mark II) carries on that tradition. The maximum ISO has also doubled to 12,800 which, with a back-illuminated sensor, makes for better low-light images, including underwater shots. Equally, if you’re after a camera that’s enjoyable to use, reliable and easy to learn with, you’re likely to get great service out of a second-hand D7200. Whether you’re looking for a compact camera, an action camera, or even a mirrorless or DSLR camera, there’s lots of options out there, no matter your budget. Sony Cyber-shot WX220. Images are crisp and sharp with outstanding color reproduction, while noise control is likewise stellar, even as high as ISO 1600. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day. At current prices, there aren't many interchangeable lens cameras that offer a better range of features than the E-PL9. It’s a high-spec camera at a low-spec price, Type: Mirrorless | Sensor: APS-C CMOS, 24.3MP | Lens mount: Sony E-mount | Screen: 3.0-inch tilt-angle, 921K dots | Viewfinder: Yes, EVF | Continuous shooting speed: 11fps | Movies: 1080p | User level: Beginner/enthusiast. Whether you’d like to capture beautiful sprawling vistas or zoom in to get closer to distant details, the LUMIX TZ90 is the best compact camera available for under £300. Nikon D3500 Just be sure to check everything over as soon as you receive it. Fujifilm XF 50mm F2 R WR (£309) … Enter the D7200’s 1.3x crop mode and continuous shooting at 7fps is also possible. At a glance: But a risk it certainly is, and you’ll get peace of mind from buying from a reputable, specialist retailer. The 10x optical zoom will be versatile enough for most, while the option of shooting 4K footage makes simple vlogs an option as well. As well as offering dual card slots for backup purposes (the D7500 only has one) it supports older manual focus NIIKKOR AI (non-CPU) lenses and can be used with Nikon’s MB-D15 battery grip that’ll set you back an extra £60 in used condition. The X-T2’s exposure metering system rarely misjudges scenes and the detail the sensor resolves at high sensitivity settings remains impressive by today’s standards. The X-T2 focuses well on subjects approaching head-on at high speed Fujifilm X-T2, XF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR, 1/2700sec at f/5.6, ISO 400. So we’ve picked out a set of high-quality cameras that you can now buy used in excellent condition for around £500 (and a couple are considerably less). A benefit of the D7200’s body size compared to smaller mirrorless cameras is its large battery that’s rated at 1,110 shots – more than enough to last a day of casual shooting. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, 12. Affordable and indestructible, this compact offers great value, Type: Compact | Sensor: 1/2.3in BSI-CMOS, 16.4MP | Lens mount: N/A | Screen: 3-inch touchscreen, 920K dots | Viewfinder: N/A | Continuous shooting: 15fps | Movies: 4K/15p | User level: Beginner. The E-PL9's tried-and-tested 16.1MP Live MOS Micro Four Thirds sensor captures nicely rendered shots in most situations. It left us thoroughly impressed when we reviewed it last year and in our verdict we said ‘those who’d like to keep their setup as light and compact as possible when travelling or heading out with a camera and single lens will love its petite size’. Sony Cyber-shot … Especially if you’re content to miss out on certain modern features, such as 4K video recording or super-high-resolution pixel counts - stuff you might not actually need - then you can pick lots of of new cheap cameras. It’s a compact lens that measures 64.5mm long, doesn’t add much weight (235g) to your setup and allows users to create flattering, defocused backgrounds at its maximum aperture, making it a good lens for portraits and other situations where you’d like to isolate your subject. But don’t worry, in this list all cameras are under $350 and can go down as far as $70! This does mean the E-PL9 lacks a built-in viewfinder, but those coming from a smartphone won't miss that, and it does otherwise combine good handling with a straightforward, beginner-friendly menu system. Sony FDR-AX700. Its metal shell is solid yet sufficiently small to slip into a pocket. The best entry-level DSLR out there is great value, Type: DSLR | Sensor: APS-C CMOS, 24.2MP | Lens mount: Nikon F | Screen: 3-inch, 921K dots | Viewfinder: Optical | Continuous shooting: 5fps | Movies: 1080p | User level: Beginner. Elsewhere, the D7200 is equipped with a Multi-Cam 3500DX II autofocus system that provides 51 available AF points, 15 of which are the more sensitive cross-type. (Much better than your smartphone) But wait, before we go into the best cheap video cameras for YouTube, you need to read this first: 3 Features You NEED in a YouTube Video Camera Well-priced yet built tough, the Fujifilm XP140 is one investment that should pay dividends for those with clumsy hands. Sony Alpha A6000. 1. You’ll find there is a healthy saving to be made choosing a secondhand example in excellent condition than buying it from new. The 121-point autofocus system is swift, too, even if tracking could be better. 5x optical zoom offers decent versatility for a rugged compact, while the 3-inch touchscreen makes controlling the camera straightforward. One of our favorite features of all Panasonic cameras is the 4K Video and 4K Photo Modes. Despite its plastic lens mount being more susceptible to wear and tear and it not being supplied with a hood, it’s a likeable prime that’ll fit the smallest of spaces in your bag. The Nikon D3400 was a hugely successful and popular DSLR, and it retained plenty of appeal once the D3500 was introduced, as it managed to offer much the same thing for less money. While it still has its dedicated followers, the brand’s popularity has dwindled and the supply of decent used digital kit is drying up. 5. It more than makes up for that limited resolution in other ways, too. A sample image of Chiddingstone Castle taken in the D7200’s standard picture style Nikon D7200, Nikkor AF-S 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR, 1/800sec at f/5.6, ISO 100. LG. Sensitivity ISO 200-12,800; ISO 100-51,200 (extended) Set aside those ergonomic niggles and it’s an almost perfect affordable option – and an ideal smartphone upgrade. The X-T2’s 24.3-million-pixel X-Trans CMOS III sensor partners with Fujifilm’s X-Processor Pro to deliver an ISO range of 200-12,800 (expandable to ISO 100-51,200). The 8 Best Viewfinder Cameras of 2020. Nikon D3500. We’ve chosen a great camera from each brand for £500 or so, and four lenses to go with it. It’s nothing special, but … Thankfully, though, it’s possible to save a significant amount of money by buying used kit. * Viewfinder Optical, 100% coverage, 0.63x equivalent magnification. Despite being five years old, the D7200 still produces lovely images and users will find they’re able to shoot up to ISO 6400 for less-critical purposes. Second-hand SLR film cameras are an accessible and affordable way to get into analogue photography – but if you really want to understand what goes on inside a camera, you’ll need to build one. Users will find they can confidently push to ISO 3200 and ISO 6400 in low light without fear of noise severely degrading image quality. Not new, but still a very capable compact all-rounder, Type: Compact | Sensor: CMOS, 18.2MP | Lens mount: N/A | Screen: 2.7-inch, 460K dots | Viewfinder: N/A | Continuous shooting: 10fps | Movies: 1080/60p | User level: Beginner. Advanced features include a clever tilt screen mechanism that lets you shoot from low and high angles in both landscape and portrait orientations, dual card slots and a hybrid autofocus system that can keep apace with speedy subjects when tracking and provides wide coverage across the frame. There's no longer a one-size-fit-all SSD. Fujifilm users who’d like a wide-angle prime for their camera have a couple of options – there’s the sublime XF16mm F1.4 R WR and this more affordable and compact alternative. Yalding Not only does the FZ1000 from Panasonic come with all the crucial features you need in a birding camera, but it also comes at a reasonable price for any level of hobbyist.. You get remote shooting with Wi-Fi, allowing you to leave the camera set on a tripod while you control it from a distance. England and Wales company registration number 2008885., TILT Digital Agency WordPress Designers and Developers in Kent, Why this landscape pro now only buys used gear, Best second-hand cameras under £500 (part 2), WordPress Designers and Developers in Kent. The good news is, we’ve tested out all of the best cheap cameras in order to rank them in the list below. Now, the D3500 has dropped enough in price to make it the clear best buy. We round-up the best budget smartphones for photography - The best budget camera phones with a good camera, under £300 sim-free. Autofocus 325-point or 91-point hybrid AF The biggest reason that this makes my best camera for under $500 requirements though, is the full frame sensor. That’s where Lomography’s Konstruktor kit comes in. Despite its diminutive proportions, the WX220 still packs a 10x optical zoom – nowhere near the longest, but impressive in such a small model, and longer than most smartphones. It was awarded AP’s recommended award when we reviewed it in 2017. Whereas the D7100 had a measly buffer performance, the D7200’s is much improved, capable of recording 18 14-bit lossless compressed raw files and over 100 JPEGs at its maximum 6fps burst rate. Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. Bath It’s not quite as wide as Nikon’s AF-P 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6 G, but is robustly made for a lens for one that features a predominantly plastic construction. Best DSLR camera 2020: 12 great cameras to suit all budgets ... View at This guide will tell you about TOP-5 best outdoor wireless security cameras and their differences. Although no longer the latest model, the X-T2 is still considered a premium camera and is one that boasts a robust, hardwearing build quality and weather sealing. Nikon D3500. There’s a fantastic range of cameras that are available for all kinds of budgets. Sharmishta Sarkar A great interchangeable lens camera for compact prices, Sensor size: Micro Four Thirds | Resolution: 16.1MP | Viewfinder: N/A | Monitor: 3.0-inch tilting touchscreen, 1,040K dots | Autofocus: 121-point AF, 1 cross-type | Maximum continuous shooting rate: 8.6fps | Movies: 4K/30p | User level: Beginner. Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / EOS 200D Mark II / EOS 250D, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Forgoing almost all the controls you’d expect on a modern compact camera, the Mini 9 instead makes fun its focus. Shipped as a self-assembly set with stickers for customization, the Konstruktor becomes a fully functioning 35mm SLR film camera with a 50mm focal length. Viewfinder 2.36m-dot electronic, 0.77x equivalent magnification. The D7200 is built around a 24.2MP CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4 image processor. Don’t let the price fool you. A fine all-rounder, it offers a great blend of performance, zoom range and decent image quality. We’d highly recommend it to amateurs and enthusiasts working to a £500 budget who’d like to strike a fine balance between appealing aesthetics and practical performance. The menu system is convoluted and there are relatively few buttons on its compact body. 4K footage is limited at 15fps, but 1080/60p video is smooth, while the option to shoot 720p slow-mo at 100fps is neat. It does exhibit vignetting, distortion and chromatic aberration, but this can be corrected during post-processing. They're a solid choice for photographers who want a … Review10Best looks at the best camcorders in the UK and selects the one by Actitop as the best camcorder.In a camcorder buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different camcorders and see a recommendation on which camcorder to buy in the UK in 2020. Nikon D5300. 3. Best Buy customers often prefer the following products when searching for Video Cameras Under $500. Choose this model and it … This includes a 24MP APS-C sensor, a fast hybrid 179-point autofocus system and continuous shooting at 11 frames per second (fps). See all prices (9 found) 447 Amazon customer reviews ... which means this is still very much a camera … In this buying guide, you’ll find our selection of the latest entry-level and budget models, plus a range of older models that offer good value too. The A6000 costs the same as other entry-level DSLR and mirrorless cameras, but it’s an advanced and powerful camera that has only dropped to this price through being on the market since 2014. * £479 This is in addition to well laid out buttons across the body and knurled metal dials on the top plate that offer direct control of ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation. A lightweight and talented mirrorless performer, Type: Mirrorless | Sensor: APS-C CMOS, 24.5MP | Lens mount: Fujifilm X-mount | Screen: 3.5-inch, 2,760K-dot vari-angle touchscreen | Viewfinder: N/A | Continuous shooting: 6fps | Movies: 4K/30p | User level: Beginner/intermediate. Model: 1066C001. But for fans of building and tinkering, it’s a unique way to understand the internal mechanics of an SLR camera. Canon EOS Rebel SL7 More than a beefed-up bargain camera, the XP140 can also capture great images. All of that, in a retro-style magnesium alloy shell that’s satisfying to hold and still feels premium. Type: DSLR | Sensor: APS-C CMOS | Megapixels: 24. Best bridge cameras in 2020: 1. Canon EOS 2000D. Other features include a 1/8000sec maximum shutter speed, fixed 3.2in, 1.23m-dot rear screen, 2,016-pixel RGB metering sensor that’s used for subject tracking in AF-C mode, and Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC. What’s more, it’s become an affordable gateway to Fujifilm’s fine selection of X-mount lenses. The Best Bridge Cameras for 2020 Bridge cameras are styled like SLRs, but feature fixed, long zoom lenses. Kelsey Media Ltd At the time of its release the X-T2 changed people’s perception of speed associated with mirrorless cameras. Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 / FZ2500. When the original EOS 200D / Rebel SL2 launched, it became an instant hit with anyone looking to enter the world of photography. Nikon AF-S 40mm f/2.8 G (£179) So you’ve worked out that you have a budget of up to £500 to spend on your next camera, but you’re not entirely sure what makes the best buy. An older travel zoom compact that’s still got serious skills, Type: Compact | Sensor: 1-inch CMOS, 20.1MP | Lens mount: N/A | Screen: 3-inch, 1,040K-dot touchscreen | Viewfinder: 0.2-inch, 1,160K-dot EVF | Continuous shooting: 9.9fps | Movies: 4K/30p | User level: Beginner. It keeps the same stabilized 16.4MP sensor as the XP140 but adds improved scene- and eye-detection smarts, which help to deliver sharp portrait pictures. If you happen to own an ageing entry-level DSLR and a selection of DX-format lenses, it makes a sensible upgrade. It's expensive, but it's virtually in a league of its own. 4. Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO (£349) Mark Wilson, Pair this prime with an APS-C DSLR camera like the D7200 and you’ve got a fabulous combination that provides a 75mm effective field of view that’s well suited to capturing flattering portraits and attractive reportage-style images. It was the first model in the series with a built-in electronic viewfinder – a huge boon for shooting in sunny conditions – and it has a large 1-inch sensor, which produces excellent image quality. But don’t worry - you’ll still get a fantastic camera for your money. All 51 points can focus down to -3EV and the AF array covers a large portion of the frame. Energy Comparison (UK) Wheels. Want the best cheap camera you can buy in 2020? Regardless of how much you’ve got to spend, there’s something here that should help you take your photography up a notch. Paired with the 18.2MP CMOS sensor and optical image stabilization, it delivers bright images with great colors and good detail. This is less than half of what it cost to buy from new and represents good value for anyone who’d like to own a versatile DSLR. A great all-round compact camera with a large sensor, Type: Compact | Sensor: 1-inch, 20.1MP | Lens: 24-70mm, f/1.8-2.8 | Monitor: 3-inch, 1,300K dots | Viewfinder: EVF | Continuous shooting: 10fps | Movies: 1080p UHD | User level: Beginner/intermediate. Max recording resolution: 3,840 x 2,160px | Image sensor: Exmor R CMOS ... 2. If you choose to buy an excellent secondhand example with clean and clear optics and no marks or scratches it’s possible to save yourself around £110 buying it from new. Type: DSLR | Megapixels: 24.1MP |... 3. ... you can find solid mirrorless models for under $500, including a kit lens. If it’s easy instant snaps you’re after, Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 9 remains a firm favorite, despite the arrival of the very similar Instax Mini 11. So what do you get for your money? A flip-out LCD and Dual Pixel CMOS AF make this a great buy On the other hand, if you have a bit less to spend, you may want to take a look at our Best Cameras Under £250 article. There’s something here to match every budget and requirement. If you have a bit more to spend, you might want to check out our Best Cameras Under £1000 article. 3. If you’re in the market for the best camera bargains, there’s lots of options for you. The autofocus response is fairly hasty when shooting via the viewfinder, but ttthe same can’t be said in Live View, which it’s noticeably slower. Bridge cameras are universal camera bodies with DSLR manual controls and a huge built-in zoom lens that takes amazing wide-angle to telephoto images. 4. Launched in 2017 but still a current model in its range, the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III remains a very capable mirrorless all-rounder camera that offers superb value for anyone looking for a small but capable DSLR alternative to grow their photography skills or take traveling. Nikon's newest DSLR is cheap, easy to use and very good The Best Digital Cameras for 2020 ... CONS Lower-pixel cameras are better for video. Sony FDR-AX43. On the face of it, the 16MP resolution looks dated alongside the higher megapixel counts of more recent APS-C rivals, but the Mark III can still deliver excellent results, with decent detail and good noise control. Even though I used an SLR camera when I was much younger, technology has changed ever since and so I’m not familiar with all the features of modern DSLR photography. That said, with so many needs to factor in, that camera might not be the best one for you. Image stabilization would’ve been a welcome addition and some might want a viewfinder, but with 4K video in the mix, the X-A7 stands out as an ideal traveling companion. 2. In the hand, a shallow grip means the X-A7 isn’t especially comfortable to hold for long periods and the position of the joystick makes it tricky to reach with your thumb. The front element is recessed quite deep inside the lens making it a little harder to clean, so you may also want to buy a protective skylight filter with a 58mm thread. With 4K video on-board as well, there are plenty of reasons to consider this mirrorless classic. * Sensitivity ISO 100-25,600; ISO 100- 102,400 (extended) The camera can use SD cards up to 32 GB but the SD cards aren’t included in the package. Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Camera. 1. Not only is it smaller than the stellar XF 56mm f1.2 R lens, it’s around half the weight and can save you around £400. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The Google Pixel 4A could be the best Android phone on the scene for anyone after an excellent camera and a true, unadulterated Google experience at under £350. 15 Best Bridge Cameras in 2020. This series has now reached its seventh generation, but it's the RX100 Mark III that currently offers the best value for those looking to upgrade from their smartphone. If you’re looking to upgrade to a more advanced model that’s aimed squarely at enthusiasts, you can probably double that. 29 Sep 2020 9:35AM by ePHOTOzine | Huawei Honor 9X in Camera Phones 4. Visit our corporate site. The XC 35mm f/2 is currently the cheapest lens you can buy for Fujifilm X-mount cameras. 01959 541444 The aim was to choose an older model from each of the major camera brands that would once have been close to the top of the range, with a correspondingly high build quality, feature set and performance. A mid-range marvel that still has lots to offer, Sensor: APS-C CMOS | Megapixels: 24.2MP | Lens mount: Nikon DX | Screen: 3.2-inch articulating touchscreen, 1,040,000 dots | Continuous shooting speed: 5fps | Max video resolution: 1080p | User level: Beginner/enthusiast. If you go back a generation or two, to cameras introduced four or more years ago, it turns out that you can indeed get enthusiast-level features and build for the price of a new entry-level camera. Still, the latter is still the case on many new Sony cameras and the A6000’s high-end features ensure that it's a camera that will grow with you. While you won't be shooting in 4K and it lacks GoPro's Linear Mode, it offers the pretty much the same image quality as its more expensive counterparts for far less. Tamron’s 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 Di II VC HLD (£279 in good used condition) is another alternative if you’d like your lens to be weather resistant and offer optical image stabilisation.Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8 G (£109) Then again, the trade-off is a shell that’s compact, lightweight and stylish, in an old-school sort of way. Kent ME18 6AL Though it wasn’t a radical upgrade on its predecessor, it became popular with enthusiasts who wanted a reliable workhorse that could compete against other impressive APS-C DSLRs, such as the Canon EOS 7D Mark II. GoPro quality without the hefty price tag, Type: Action | Sensor: 4:3 10MP | Water-proofing: 10m | Screen: 2-inch 320 x 480 | Viewfinder: No | Continuous shooting speed: 15fps | Movies: 1080p | User level: Beginner/enthusiast. Attach the VPB-XT2 grip (£79 in used condition) and it’s possible to increase the burst speed from 8fps to 11fps using the mechanical shutter, or 14fps by employing the electronic shutter, which also lets you increase the fastest shutter speed from 1/8000sec to 1/32,000sec.

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