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ovid metamorphoses book 7 latin

But the destruction cancelled out our efforts, which waned as we were conquered. In Book 7 Ovid relies on a well-established character from Greek literature, Medea, to consider the question of moral ambivalence: uncertain or contradictory choices or points of view. Indeed, as I came I felt happy: so many equally youthful, handsome people, meeting me on the way. She grieved with longing for the husband who had been snatched away. Through the high sky, clockwise, she fled, over the shadowy slopes of Pelion, Chiron’s home; over Othrys and the places made famous by the ancient fate of Cerambus, who, aided by the nymphs and changed to a winged scarab beetle, lifted into the air, when the all-powerful sea drowned the solid earth, and so escaped un-drowned from Deucalion’s flood. Just after dawn, when the first rays struck the hilltops, full of youthfulness, I used to go hunting in the woods. milite; quem Cephalus cum fortibus accipit armis. Come now!’, I went, and saw such men as I had seen in sleep’s imagining, in ranks such as I recognised and knew. Further on she sees the Cephisus, the river-god lamenting his grandson’s fate, changed by Apollo into a lumbering seal, and the home of Eumelus, mourning his son Botres, reborn as a bird, the bee-eater, in the air. cui non ista fide satis experientia sano cum sic Aesonides: 'o cui debere salutem ferre suis visa est pariterque tremescere motu aut, siquid metuam, metuam de coniuge solo.— She would not have preferred Jupiter’s bed to my love, and no woman could have captured me, not if Venus herself had come there. Conditions and Exceptions apply. non cani tetigere lupi; dilapsa liquescunt               550 ultaque se male mater Iasonis effugit arma. victor Iolciacos tetigit cum coniuge portus. Metamorphoses. invitumque rapit. 770 coniugiumne putas speciosaque nomina culpae vipereos dentes et aratos spargit in agros. in caput Haemonii iuvenis torquere parantis,      Quos ubi placavit precibusque et murmure longo, and You will grant it. ac se tollere humo rectoque adsistere trunco               640 With Historical explications Of the Fables, Written In French By The Abbot Banier, Member Of The Academy Of Inscriptions And Belles Lettres. attrahitur flexo circum cava tempora cornu; egredere!" 85 maior habet, Clyton et Buten, Pallante creatos. confiteor, coniunx, quamquam mihi cuncta dedisti               165 blanditias plures et "tu mihi magna voluptas" ipsa quoque extimuit, quae tutum fecerat illum. dumque quater iunctis explevit cornibus orbem               530 deque fide questa est et crimine concita vano, credere adulterium, prohibebant credere mores; ad regem Cephalus simul et Pallante creati Hecate would not allow it: nor is yours a just request. Ovid: Metamorphoses I: Bk.1 (BCP Latin Texts) by Ovid, . cum redeo mecumque deae memorata retracto, I lifted her body, dearer to me than my own, with gentle arms, tore the fabric from her breast, and bound up the cruel wound, trying to stem the blood, begging her not to leave me, guilty of her death. Iuppiter illa tenet. When Aeson had absorbed it, part through his mouth, and part through the wound, the white of his hair and beard quickly vanished, and a dark colour took its place. mutata est in avem, quae nunc quoque diligit aurum, In the midst of their first short conversation, he said ‘I am knowledgeable about woodland, and hunting wild animals, but I have been wondering for a while what tree that shaft was cut from. telum               690 regia, nec tota tristis locus ullus in urbe est. vota Iovi solvo populisque recentibus urbem Then, after performing this evil act, she fled from Jason’s wrath. redditur et dulces concorditer exigit annos; haud procul egesta scrobibus tellure duabus inter opus tauros medioque recumbere sulco; The soil softened the seeds that had been steeped in virulent poison, and they sprouted, and the teeth, freshly sown, produced new bodies. Cerberon abstraxit, rabida qui concitus ira though the ocean denied his bones a grave. multa quoque Apidani placuerunt gramina ripis, ora videre putat nec se declinat ab illo; Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Book 5 Book 6 Book 7 Book 8 Book 9 Book 10 Book 11 Book 12 Book 13 Book 14 Book 15. "ei mihi" conclamat! notitiamque soli melioris et oppida, quorum There was an intervening hill whose summit overlooked the surrounding fields. The Metamorphoses is an 8 AD Latin narrative poem by the Roman poet Ovid, considered his magnum opus. mollibus attollo scissaque a pectore veste lexque datur Minyis magnorum horrenda laborum, edidicitque usum laetusque in tecta recessit. But when my right hand was sated with the slaughter of wild creatures, I would return to the cool of the shade, and the breeze, aura, out of the chill valleys. Book 7 When this book begins, the Argo, the first ship ever built, has reached its destination: the kingdom of Aeëtes, by the River Phasis. adiutrixque venis cantusque artisque magorum,               195 You also, princess among the Barbarians, longed to hold the victorious man: but modesty prevented it. galea tum sumit aena inpatiens oneris collum pressistis aratro, You quench the bulls’ hot flame for me: force their necks to bow. miliaque incultos serpentum multa per agros quodque suis securus arat Cromyona colonus,               435 Increasing in virulence the pestilence spreads to the luckless farmers themselves, and takes lordship inside the city walls. committi potuisse nefas: fovet ignibus aras      Talibus atque aliis longum sermonibus illi muneris huius' ait, 'qui vestri maximus aevo est               310 spectat et in vultu veluti tum denique viso cornuaque exurunt nec non cum cornibus annos, si potes, infelix! They either lay on the ground unburied, or were given to the heaped pyres without ceremony. fata diu dederint; hoc me cum coniuge cara pestis, et exitio multi pecorumque suoque               764 though bronzes of Temese clash, to take away your pains; and at my chant, the chariot of the Sun-god, my grandsire. exigite, et saniem coniecto emittite ferro!' primaque deserti referebam foedera lecti:                710 mox ubi pollicita est, 'quo sit fiducia maior Aeacus ingreditur duplici cum prole novoque servor; ubicumque est, uni mea gaudia servo." spes est virginibus Pelia subiecta creatis, You also, Luna, I draw down, eclipsed, from heaven’s stain. You have me for a witness, you traitress!”, She said not a word. auram exspectabam, requies erat illa labori. mutua cura duos et amor socialis habebat,               800 gutturaque usta sonant; tamen illis Aesone natus               110 Book One – Book Two – Book Three – Book Four – Book Five – Book Six – Book Seven – Book Eight – Book Nine – Book Ten – Book Eleven – Book Twelve – Book Thirteen – Book Fifteen effugit et coetum non segnior alite ludit. haec quoque terra potest, quod ames, dare. et dabit ante fidem, cogamque in foedera testes terra negat sedem, sedem negat ossibus unda;               445 till, long-time hurled, they hardened to cliffs. Perhaps no other classical text has proved its versatility so much as Ovid's epic poem. adiacet his Pleuron, in qua trepidantibus alis As I was returning, reconsidering the goddess’s words, I began to fear lest my wife had not been faithful to our marriage vows. 560 Aurora supported my fears, and she changed my appearance (I felt it happening). I trusted in my spear. esse putat nymphae: nympham mihi credit amari. They are more than hard! But do you call that marriage, Medea, and clothe your fault with fair names? nec mecum famuli nec equi nec naribus acres corpus humo gelidum, sed humus de corpore fervet. factus olor niveis pendebat in aere pennis; I used to take no servants, or horses, or keen-scented hounds, or knotted snares. urbs' ait; 'adveniens equidem modo gaudia cepi, But if my vision is far-sighted, you will wish you had never had her.” In a fury, she sent me back to her. (Second.) trying to pull this spear, her gift to me, from the wound. indiciique fidem negat et, nisi viderit ipsa, This work may be freely reproduced, stored and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. Night fell, and sleep claimed my care-worn body. Carried by the winds, shall I leave my native country, my sister, my brother, my father, and my gods? What is the cause of all this fear? Ovid tempore se miseram, se fati dixit iniqui dum numerum miror, "totidem, pater optime," dixi, inde graves multi nequeunt consurgere et ipsis               570 nec sinat hoc Hecate, nec tu petis aequa; sed isto, Because they are long-lived, springing from the hard rock, the country people call these shoots, of wolf-bane, ‘soil-less’ aconites. utque solet ventis alimenta adsumere, quaeque reduce my own years and add them to my father’s!’ He could not restrain his tears. obvius it. utque facis, relevare velis, quibus urimur, aestus!" castaque signa dabat dominoque erat anxia rapto:               725 aeripedes tauri, tactaeque vaporibus herbae               105 When the witch had cut his wizened throat with her Thessalian knife, hardly staining the blade with blood, she immersed the sheep’s carcass in the bronze cauldron, along with her powerful magic herbs. coniugis amissae lacrimis ita fatur obortis: I have men enough, and thank the gods, the moment is auspicious and there will be no excuses.’ ‘I wish it may always be so’ Cephalus said ‘and may your city swell its numbers. in florem redeat primosque recolligat annos, P. OVIDI NASONIS METAMORPHOSEON LIBER SEPTIMVS Iamque fretum Minyae Pagasaea puppe secabant, perpetuaque trahens inopem sub nocte senectam conveniunt, sed adhuc regem sopor altus habebat. non habuisse voles." non ea nobilitas animo est, ea gratia formae, Nor does the cunning animal run in a straight course in the open, but it eludes the pursuing muzzle and swings back in a circle, so its enemy cannot charge. She looked down on Thessalian Tempe far below, and sent the dragons to certain places that she knew. occuluit Liber falsi sub imagine cervi,                360 I fulfilled my prayer to Jove, and divided the city amongst this new people, along with the lost farmers’ empty fields. Procrin habe!" "meque iuves intresque sinus, gratissima, nostros, fit viridis primo nec longo tempore frondes               280 Wherever I looked as I turned my gaze, there were layers of dead, like rotten apples fallen from shaken branches, or acorns from a windblown ilex. pectore Procris erat, Procris mihi semper in ore. quamquam non ista precanda, 'Pervenit ad miseros damno graviore colonos It chanced that Aeson’s son was more than usually handsome that day: you could forgive her for loving him. Her cheeks flushed, and then her whole face became pallid. gesserunt tum, cum discederet Herculis agmen, conposito Scirone patet, sparsisque latronis What he wanted to know, Cephalus told him, but was still ashamed to say what a high price it had cost him. She gazed at him, and fixed her eyes on him as if she had never looked at him before, and in her infatuation, seeing his face, could not believe him mortal, nor could she turn away. I have seen corpses thrown down in front of the temple doors, in front of the altars, to make their deaths even more of a reproach. quod licet, adfectu tacito laetaris agisque neu me morte sua sceleratum deserat, oro. They filled a long day with this and other talk: the last of the light was given over to feasting, and night to sleep. vos serpentigenis in se fera bella dedistis nubilaque induco, ventos abigoque vocoque, Do you think I can transfer any part of your life to another? 487 – 516), Myrrha (X. inmotaeque silent frondes, silet umidus aer, ne properent artus anima fraudare senili. lumina fixa tenet nec se mortalia demens His axes struck the mountainous necks of oxen, their horns tied with the sacrificial ribbons. cur non tauros exhortor in illum               35 There happened to be an oak-tree nearby, with open spreading branches, seeded from Dodona, and sacred to Jove. Here, tradition says, that in earliest times, human bodies sprang from fungi, swollen by rain. Who among us did not bring useless offerings to those shrines? cuius ut Haemonio marcentia guttura cultro ova caputque novem cornicis saecula passae. et ramis totidem totidemque animalia ramis ‘Phocus, my happiness was the beginning of my sorrow, and I will speak of happiness first. Aeoliam Pitanen a laeva parte relinquit The earth-born brothers died at each other’s hands, and fell as in civil war. restantem contraque diem radiosque micantes 390 dignior ipsa rapi! Others loathe their hateful beds so much they leave them, and if they lack the strength to stand, they roll out onto the ground. While it looked like a human disease, and the cause of the disastrous epidemic was hidden, we fought it with medical skill. Comprising fifteen books and over 250 myths, the poem chronicles the history of the world from its creation to the deification of Julius Caesar within a loose mythico-historical framework. indicium rubor est et ductus anhelitus; igni               555 Or why would the tasks my father demands of Jason seem so hard? acer equus quondam magnaeque in pulvere famae quae quia nascuntur dura vivacia caute, The bodies of the dead were not given the usual rites (the exit gates from the city could not cope with so many funerals). copula detrahitur canibus, quas illa sequentes On her right was Cyllene, where Menephron lay with his mother, as though he were a wild beast. ut vidit iuvenem, specie praesentis inarsit. 'Carmina Laiades non intellecta priorum Cycnus, angered, said ‘You will wish you had’ and leapt from a high cliff. You may accept or manage cookie usage at any time. Each sotry are also explanations to why we act or animals act a certain way and how some species became created. et subito gemitus inter mea verba videbar esse deos. Then we slipped our hounds from the tether, but she escaped their pursuit, and, travelling no slower than a bird flies, mocked the pack. Cercyonis letum vidit Cerealis Eleusin. But Oliaros gave no aid to the Cretan ships; nor Didyme, Tenos, Andros, Gyaros; nor Peparethos rich in bright olives. pendulaque audaci mulcet palearia dextra cur, quem modo denique vidi,               15 templa vides contra gradibus sublimia longis: squamea Cinyphii tenuis membrana chelydri Interea validum posito medicamen aeno The sons of Pallas joined Cephalus, their senior, and Cephalus and the princes then went to the king: but the king was still in a deep sleep. tradiderat domitos; taurum quoque vincere iussus illa luce fuit: posses ignoscere amanti. With one great shout the hunters called on me to loose Laelaps, ‘Hurricane’ (the name of my wife’s gift). corpora vidisti; mores, quos ante gerebant,               655 Minos turned away, sadly, saying ‘Your treaty will cost you dear’, since he thought it more useful to threaten war than to fight, and consume his strength too soon. Aesonis effetum proferri corpus ad auras Reaching her door and threshold, she stopped on the outside, and under the open sky, avoiding contact with any man, she set up two altars of turf, one on the right to Hecate, one on the left to Youth. Viderat ex alto tanti miracula monstri verba simul fudit terrenaque numina civit nec dubie vires, quas haec habet insula, vestras gaudia percepit nato secura recepto:               455 ipse parens Aegeus nato porrexit ut hosti. How often a husband while still praying for his wife, or a father still praying for his son, ended his life in front of those implacable altars, part of the unused incense found in their hands! quem dederant cantus magicaeque potentia linguae;               330 Obstipuere satae Pelia, promissaque postquam expetit; occurrunt illi Telamonque minorque magna sequar: titulum servatae pubis Achivae et redit in gyrum, ne sit suus inpetus hosti: The tongue is rough and swollen with heat: the lips are parted, parched with dry breath, and gasping suck in the heavy air. But she escaped death, in a dark mist, raised by her incantations. No javelin was quicker than him, no lead shot from a whirled sling, no light arrow shot from a Cretan bow. Cornhill Publishing Co. 1922. But when Jason had sprinkled it with the Lethean juice of a certain herb, and three times repeated the words that bring tranquil sleep, that calm the rough seas and turbulent rivers, sleep came to those sleepless eyes, and the heroic son of Aeson gained the Golden Fleece. quae Cephalum patriaeque simul mandata ferebat. quotiens pro coniuge coniunx, quodque magis mirum est, simul edita concutit arma. deriguere metu Minyae; subit ille nec ignes               115 nec me quae caperet, non si Venus ipsa veniret, quid tuta times? suppositosque iugo pondus grave cogit aratri But a strange power draws me to him against my will. Palladias ineo non cognoscendus Athenas meque illi irata remisit. vel sine amore licet: quid enim commisit Iason? occidit ille Sinis magnis male viribus usus,               440 A high-pitched bleating came from inside the vessel, and while they were wondering at the bleating, a lamb leapt out, and frisked away, seeking the udder and milk. carpsit et Euboica vivax Anthedone gramen, concipit et fundit durum inter cornua vinum, Anthropological Epic 3e. dicere sim solitus, "tu me reficisque fovesque, At non Oliaros Didymeque et Tenos et Andros When it was shining at its fullest, and gazed on the earth, with perfect form, Medea left the palace, dressed in unclasped robes. victima vota cadit, sed abest gratantibus Aeson Stretching her arms to them she three times turned herself about, three times sprinkled her head, with water from the running stream, three times let out a wailing cry, then knelt on the hard earth, and prayed: ‘Night, most faithful keeper of our secret rites; Stars, that, with the golden moon, succeed the fires of light; Triple Hecate, you who know all our undertakings. energy is not lacking. nec Iovis illa meo thalamos praeferret amori, iamque neci similis resoluto corpore regem pressit et ignavos inclusit nubibus aestus; After Jason’s new bride Glauce had been consumed by the fires of vengeful Colchian witchcraft and both the Isthmus’s gulfs had witnessed flame consuming the king’s palace, Medea impiously bathed her sword in the blood of their sons. servatus promissa dato!' inque feris subiti deprensa potentia morbi. tu quoque victorem conplecti, barbara, velles: et mugire solum manesque exire sepulcris! perpetuaque trahens inopem sub nocte senectam ad Cephalum Pallante sati, cui grandior aetas,               665 et strigis infamis ipsis cum carnibus alas inde Calaureae Letoidos adspicit arva This once knew you Phene, the most righteous, and you old Periphas, both flying in the air, as birds, the eagle and the osprey: and Alcyone, granddaughter of Polypemon, resting on strange new wings. protinus Aoniis inmittitur altera Thebis               763 Comprising 11,995 lines, 15 books and over 250 myths, the poem chronicles the history of the world from its creation to the deification of Julius Caesar within a loose mythico-historical framework. Let him live! non bene servasset: facies aetasque iubebat frater adhuc infans; stant mecum vota sororis, We use cookies for essential site functions and for social media integration. ducite, et (o maneat rerum status iste mearum!) praemia poscenti taurum suprema negabat; pro te, fortissime, vota 595 Each file contains two pages: the commentary with illustrations (from a German website dedicated to Ovid's Metamorphoses) and the facing Latin text with its running vocabulary below. ingreditur ramumque tenens popularis olivae accingere et omnem lascivitque fuga lactantiaque ubera quaerit. And unless I offer my help, he will feel the fiery breath of the bronze-footed bulls; have to meet that enemy, sprung from the soil, born of his own sowing; or be given as captured prey to the dragon’s greed. tutus eram iaculo; sed cum satiata ferinae Nevertheless they could not bear to see their own blows, and turned their eyes away, and with averted faces, wounded him blindly with cruel hands. The Metamorphoses: A Literary Monstrum 3a. Myrmidonasque voco nec origine nomina fraudo. carminibus grates et dis auctoribus horum. solvit et in dura submisso poplite terra non exoratis animam finivit in aris, qua tamen e silva teneas hastile recisum, This is a literal word-for-word translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses Books from the Key to the Classics Series by Rev. 44 – 80), Byblis (IX. The next day’s dawn dispelled the glittering stars. The Metamorphoses is commonly referred to simply as an 'epic poem', when in actuality the text encompasses a variety of genres in telling stories of magnificent breadth and scale. inmemor ambagum vates obscura suarum: perdiderant: tristes penetrant ad viscera morbi. per sacra triformis tantaque sunt miseris invisi taedia lecti, Immediately, as he was now trusted, he accepted the magic herbs from her, and learnt their use, and returned to the palace, joyfully. Nor did she omit the Enipeus. You make me love the woods and lonely places. non tenet et vanos exercet in aera morsus. Urged on by these words, the more love each had for him, the quicker she was to act without love, and did evil, to avoid greater evil. si titulos annosque tuos numerare velimus, Immediately Aonian Thebes was plagued again (since righteous Themis does not leave such things unpunished!) In the second half it deals primarily with two main metamorphosis myths - Apollo's love for Daphne and the story of Io. After this short prayer, Ovid describes the birth of the world. alta dedit quercus: pavido mihi membra timore               630 Luna, quater plenum tenuata retexuit orbem, reppulerint mores, quotiens "ego" dixerit "uni               735 When she saw the solitary youth attacked by so many enemies, she grew pale, and sat there, suddenly cold and bloodless. The king’s daughters, at her command, crossed the threshold, with the Colchian witch, and stood around his bed. offensaque mei genus omne perosa virorum               745 infelicem animam nostroque exhalat in ore; horruerant, stabantque comae; tamen oscula terrae She also, who had rendered him safe, was afraid. et genus et virtus? exiguo tinxit subiectos sanguine cultros. adiuvet et praesens ingentibus adnuat ausis.' Suddenly they seemed to grow larger and larger, and raise themselves from the soil, and stand erect, they lost their leanness, many feet, and their black colouration, and their limbs took on human form. semina mollit humus valido praetincta veneno, sum ratus esse feram telumque volatile misi: idque petunt pretiumque iubent sine fine pacisci. ambigui prosecta lupi; nec defuit illis Medea, who delivers the soliloquy, paves the way for the private ruminations of Scylla (VIII. She complained of my faithlessness, and troubled by an imaginary crime, she feared what was nothing, feared a name without substance, and grieved, the unhappy woman, as though aura were a real rival. Next morning, when Dawn’s light had dispelled the night I left to seek the woods, and, victorious from the hunt, lying on the grass, I said “Aura, come and relieve my suffering!” and suddenly, amongst my words, I thought I heard someone’s moan. si tamen hoc possunt (quid enim non carmina possunt?) nam cur iussa patris nimium mihi dura videntur? maximus intra me deus est! It was Procris. contactus, statuitque aras de caespite binas,               240 auxiliare canit secretasque advocat artes. As an embryo takes on human form in the mother’s womb, and is fully developed there in every aspect, not emerging to the living air until it is complete, so when those shapes of men had been made in the bowels of the pregnant earth, they surged from the teeming soil, and, what is even more wonderful, clashed weapons, created with them. Each volume sets the work in its literary and historical context, and aims to offer a balanced and engaging assessment of its content, artistry, and purpose. classe valet, patria tamen est firmissimus ira The nearer people are to the sick, and the more selflessly they attend them, the more swiftly they meet their fate, and as the hope of recovery deserts them, and they see the end of their illness only in death, they give way to their desires, and ignore what is good for them, since nothing is any good. excute virgineo conceptas pectore flammas, pulvereumque solum pede pulsavere bisulco Liber et admonitus, iuvenes nutricibus annos               295 quae subitus celebravit olor: nam Phylius illic There was no space in the burial mounds, and not enough wood for the fires.’, Stunned by such a storm of dark events, I said ‘O Jupiter, if they do not lie when they say that you were held in Aegina’s embrace, she, the daughter of Asopus, and if you are not ashamed, mighty father, to have fathered me, give me back my people or bury me too in their tomb.’ He gave me a flash of lightning as a sign, and thunder followed. Then she saw Lake Hyrie, and Cycnean Tempe, made famous suddenly by a swan. Wrongly victorious, I cried out “I am no adulterer, wicked one! romainlister Latin Stage 4 - In foro inplevere diem; lucis pars ultima mensae They say that was the happiest day that dawned in the city of Erectheus. Your salvation is in my gift, but being saved, remember your promise!’. The deep hollows were filled with rounded flesh, and his limbs expanded. Then he took the dragon’s teeth from the bronze helmet, and scattered them over the turned earth. protinus innumeris effetus laniger annis Metamorphoses. poma cadunt ramis agitataque ilice glandes. I was called happy, and I was. Why do I not urge the bulls on, to meet him, and the wild earth-born warriors, and the unsleeping dragon? liceat mihi vera referre hic ope nympharum sublatus in aera pennis, et quia causa latet, locus est in crimine; partim Assuredly, if a god was with them, that god must have willed that both should be unconquered in the race,’ He got so far in his story, and was silent. At the touch of their heat the grass shrivels, and as stoked fires roar, or as broken limestone, that has absorbed the heat inside an earthen furnace, hisses explosively, when cool water is scattered over it, so the flames sounded, pent up in their heaving chests and burning throats. officium praestate patri telisque senectam effugit illa necem nebulis per carmina motis; A Reader’s Digest of Greek and Latin Literature 4. in partem leti citius venit, utque salutis dicuntur montes ratibusque inimica Charybdis ), and stroking their hanging dewlaps, with a bold hand, yoked them together, and forced them to pull the heavy blade, and till the virgin field with the iron plough. muneris auctorem secum, spolia altera, portans She was Procris, or if Orithyia’s name has chanced to fill your ears more loudly, the sister of that Orithyia whom Boreas stole, though if you were to compare the two in looks and manner, Procris was more worth stealing! The Latin Library qui lacriment, desunt, indefletaeque vagantur

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