About Me:


About me:

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Patrick Leong, the photographer and blogger of Finding Range.  My love for photography began when I was fortunate enough to receive an old Leica M3 that was passed down by a family member at the age of 12.  Since then, I’ve been primarily a Leica M user (Fuji now too), and an overall big fan of rangefinder cameras.

But if you’re not a rangefinder or even a Leica fan, it’s no big deal!  Everyone should feel welcomed here!  My blog is about pretty much anything that concerns photography not just Leica and Fuji content.  You can expect an assortment of gear reviews, photographs from my adventures here in New York City and beyond to interesting guest posts about a variety of subjects and gear by fellow readers of this blog.

While this blog was originally started as an outlet from my daily grind, I consider myself fortunate that it now has become a “job”, although I definitely enjoy working on it way too much to ever really see it as one :).

This blog is mainly funded through advertising and affliliates like Amazon, which pay a very small percentage every time someone buys something through a link on your website.  However, it’s just like going to Amazon’s own website; they will not charge anything extra to the customer, and I will not recommend anything that I don’t like.

What else?  If you have any questions, things that you would like to share with me or even just want to have nice chat about photography, please do not hesitate to contact me!  Thanks to this blog, I’ve met a lot of interesting people from all over the world, and there’s always room for more!

Guest Posts Welcomed:

Anyone who would like to write a guest article is certainly welcomed!  It can be pretty much about anything that concerns photography like a review, a recent photographic trip or simply to share some photos with us here.  You’ll always retain all the credit for your work, and it’s a great way to promote any blog, Flickr page or website that you may have.  Let me know through my “Contact Me” page!

Photos For Sale:

I get emails asking me if my photos are for sale and the answer is, yes.  I sell prints to individuals and if you represent a firm or run a website, I also sell my jpegs.  Contact me and we can work something out!  I will be adding a section on my website shortly where anyone can purchase prints conveniently.

Reviewing Your Product:

I’m always eager to try new photographic gear, so if you represent a manufacturer or a camera store and would like me to review something, feel free to contact me!


This is a friendly photographic blog, so feel free to read whatever interests you, and if you like, engage in the comments section.  If commenting is not your thing but you still have questions or comments, please feel free to send me a message through my “Contact Me” page!  I’m friendly and I’m always interested in having a good conversation about photography and some of the cool gear that’s out these days!  Thanks for visiting!