I have affiliate relationships with with certain retailers, and as a result, I get a small commission every time someone either makes a purchase at an affiliate site after clicking on one of the links that are found throughout my reviews and posts or clicks on a banner, and then makes a qualifying purchase.  It’s important to note that the commission I receive does not increase the price of the product that the person purchases in any way but it does help with costs for this site’s continued growth.  For instance, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Some of these affiliate relationships, and manufacturers also provide me with loaner gear for the purpose of writing reviews.  Let’s face it, I can not buy all this gear to review ;).  I don’t think anyone can haha.  Sometimes, I do get to keep things but most of it is loaned.  Bottom line is whether it’s loaned or given, companies I deal with understand that I will not promise a favorable review.  In other words, everything on this site is based on my opinions even if they differ from someone else or from the manufacturer.  I value my readers, and I appreciate the time they spend on my site.  I’ll always let them know how I truly feel about something.

Of course, a guest post is different; that’s based purely on the guest poster’s opinion.  With a guest post, I will not edit it in any way unless the guest poster requests it.  Usually the editing is only to fix grammatical mistakes, which again, is only done so, if the original author of the guest post requests it.