Visiting The Amish With The Leica M9 And 35 Summicron ASPH

Here are some more photos from Pennsylvania.  The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania was a fun place to take photos but going to see the Amish community was cool too.  I stayed in Lancaster during my visit to PA because I wanted to see the big Amish community.  It was a great experience.  Coming from New York City, I don’t really see much farming up close.  Plus, it was the first time I rode in anything that was pulled by horses!  To get a tour of the Amish community, I stopped by Aaron and Jessica’s Buggy Ride.  They have rides for anyone interested that will take you into the heart of Amish farming.  For more info, please check out their site.

So what makes the 35 Summicron ASPH a good choice for this post?  Well, the beautiful open scenery, and the tight quarters in the barns screamed for a wide angle, and for me, the 35 Summicron ASPH was the perfect choice.  The 35 cron ASPH is a magnificent lens.  I actually prefer this lens over the Lux because it offers amazing image quality but it’s also very small.  Back in the day, people use to pick these summicrons because they followed the Leica design and purpose…small cameras that can pack a huge punch.  It seems that only recently people are going crazy for the faster lenses, and moving away from the original Leica goal.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the faster lenses, and the 50 Summilux ASPH is my favorite lens.  All I’m saying is that the 35 Summicron ASPH (or any 35 cron) is a small lens, that’s only a stop slower than the Lux, and is one of best lenses in the Leica catalogue.  Because of it’s size, it is a GREAT everyday lens.  When I’m carrying a Leica M around the street, I just don’t feel like having a big lens sticking out.  To me, it just feels weird when I’m carring an M around.

The 35 cron ASPH has all the hallmarks of a great lens.  It’s nice and contrasty, sharp, and in my opinion, I actually prefer the bokeh from this as opposed to the 35 Summicron version 4 (as some would refer to it as the bokeh king).  If I was only allowed to have one lens, I definitely would choose the 50 Summilux ASPH.  However, if I had to choose a lens based on convenience, quality, size, and versatility I would definitely pick a 35 cron.  Anyway, I will be reviewing both of these lenses at a later date so please stay tuned!  Right now, here are some photos from my buggy ride :).

↑Here we are going through some beautiful Amish farm land

↑I don’t really know anything about horses but I’m amazed that they didn’t get spooked by the cars passing by.

↑Here we are again right on the highway.

↑This is probably the closest that I have ever been to a real life cow :).

↑I think this was a mule…

↑Here’s a picture of a horse who was a bit shy.  I guess my Leica M9 and 35 Summicron Asph was not discreet enough ;).

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