Poladroid Prints: Great Application Producing Polaroid-Like Prints


Hey everyone, I love running into free applications that are actually cool to use (who doesn’t?).  I don’t even remember how I came across Poladroid.  I was just surfing the web one night, and I came across Poladroid by accident.  For those who don’t know, Poladroid is a free application for Windows or Mac, which can easily convert any photo into old school Polaroid looking prints.

How realistic is Poladroid?:

What appeals to me about Poladroid is that the creator really spent the time trying to make it as realistic as possible.  For instance, when you open the application, a little Polaroid camera pops up.  As soon as you drag a picture into it, the application makes that chazzzzzzzzhhhhhh noise that old Polaroids make after you take a picture.  When the picture is processing, you can see the photo slowly change over time!  Furthermore, you can only produce ten pictures per session just like a cartridge of Polaroid film.

Not only is Poladroid realistic, the images that are produced look realistic.  Images produced are random offering vignetting, dust, fingerprints, and different color tones.  Vignetting, dust, and fingerprints on your photos can be adjusted.

↑ Check out the randomized fingerprints, dust, and color tones.

You can even blur the photos if you want, which actually looks pretty realistic.

↑ I shot this with my Leica M9, and I used the blur effect.


If interested, anyone can get this application from the official Poladroid website here.  Here are some photos I shot with my Leica M9.  A couple were shot with the Leica D-Lux 4.  Hope you all enjoy.

↑ A Black and white image can look so retro with Poladroid.

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