Fuji X-Pro1 High ISO Test And Capability

Fuji X-Pro1 High ISO Test:

I had a few requests to see more of the high ISO capability of the Fuji X-Pro1, so here are a few shots taken from 100 to 25600 ISO.  If you want to see my other short post about high ISO from the X-Pro1 please go HERE.  You can also read my review of the Fuji X-Pro1 as well.  As you all know, the Fuji X100 was a killer when it came to high ISO shots. The X-Pro1 not only ads more megapixels, it’s also a high ISO king as well.

Fuji X-Pro1 High ISO examples:

Here are the two picture examples shot at 200 ISO.  Below the photos are 100% crops at different ISO’s ranging from 100 to 25600 ISO.  All were shot with the wonderful XF 35 F1.4 R lens at F5.6.

100 ISO:

200 ISO:

250 ISO:

320 ISO:

400 ISO:

500 ISO:

640 ISO:

800 ISO:

1000 ISO:

1250 ISO:

1600 ISO:

2000 ISO:

2500 ISO:

3200 ISO:

4000 ISO:

5000 ISO:

6400 ISO:

12800 ISO:

25600 ISO:

As you can see, high ISO is pretty great on the X-Pro1.  There might be better out there but I personally could not ask for more.  I love the results, and I personally feel that you can use the full range of ISO on this camera very liberally.  I will be doing a real world high ISO test of the Fuji X-Pro1 soon so stay tuned.  I just haven’t had the chance to fully test this camera out at night yet.  Also, if you would like to see something in particular concerning high ISO on the X-Pro1, feel free to leave a comment.  I will be posting a comparison test with the X-Pro1 at a later date so come back soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

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