New Zeiss Lenses Coming Out For The Fuji X-Pro1?

Wow, New Zeiss Lenses For The Fuji X-Pro1!:

I am so psyched for the new year to begin now, specifically spring/summer.  I was waiting around for my girlfriend to get out of an orientation for a new job, and started looking up some stuff on the internet concerning the new Fuji X-E1, which I really want to get my hands on.  I ended up running into some news from Zeiss that they will be producing some new autofocus lenses for the Fuji X-bayonet!  Third party lenses from a respected lens manufacturer, such as, Zeiss for my X-Pro1?.  How cool is that?

Three prime lenses are initially going to be released: a 12mm F2.8, a 32mm F1.8, and a 50mm F2.8 macro.  The new lenses will come with manual aperture settings, and they will all cost around a 1,000 euros.  Using my unit converter on my Mac, that’s roughly $1,300.  Fuji will be releasing their XF 14mm F2.8 R lens (21mm equivalent) but I think I might hold out to see what the Zeiss 12mm F2.8 is going to be like first.  Nothing against the Fuji lens but I always wanted something wide like an equivalent 18mm lens, and that’s what the Zeiss 12mm translates too.  I had a 21mm for my Leica but I always wished I had something a bit wider.  Also, it’s a Zeiss lens specifically designed for  my Fuji X-Pro1!  It’s gotta be pretty awesome :).  Right now, I have lens lust, and I can’t help but dream of my ultimate X-Pro1 system: the XF 35mm F1.4 R lens, the new Zeiss 12mm F2.8, and the soon to be released XF 56mm F1.4 (approximately 84mm).  I think that kit would make a great wedding outfit.

This is really awesome, and I am totally psyched about this!  The Fuji X-mount is really turning into a respected system.  You have great lenses from Fuji, and now you also have potentially great lenses from Zeiss!  Even SLR Magic is going to build some new lenses for the X-mount.  By having third party manufacturers building lenses for Fuji’s X-mount, it further solidifies the X-mount platform, and it definitely makes me feel a bit more secure in spending good money on it, especially in this day and age where things often get replaced so fast.  You can really build a very versatile system with either the X-Pro1 or the X-E1.  Makes me wonder if I should cancel my pre-order on my Leica M, and invest the money further into the Fuji X-mount system lol.  I can definitely afford more lenses ;).

What do any of you who own an X-Pro1 think?  Would any of you buy a new Zeiss lens for your X-Pro1?  How about the expected price?  Feel free to comment :).  Take care, everyone!

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  • I have also canceled my hold for the Fuji 14 mm. I am eagerly awaiting the Zeiss 12 mm when it comes out later in the year. I love Zeiss glass on my Nikon so I’m very much looking forward to it on my Fuji X-Pro 1

    • Patrick

      Hi Chris,

      Nice to hear from you. I know, I feel the same way. The XF lenses are great but I am really curious as to what the Zeiss lenses will bring to the table for Fuji. The 12mm should be an awesome lens! Thanks for your comment. Take care!

  • Andy

    I was thinking about the 14mm and the 56mm Fuji lenses when they came out but have to say that I think the 12mm from Zeiss will take the place of the 14mm. Great to see the lens options quickly expanding from Fuji’s great start with that 35mm 1.4!

    • Patrick

      Hi Andy,

      Thanks for your comment! I totally agree. I definitely want the XF 56mm but was definitely thinking about the 14mm until now. I think the 12mm Zeiss will make a great addition to the X-mount outfit. I was even thinking about the Zeiss 32mm but I already have the wonderful XF 35mm so I’ll have to wait and see. Yeah, it is great to see the lens options quickly expanding. I think Samyung has produced a wide angle for the X-mount as well. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the X-mount! Take care!

  • The Zeiss entry into the x mount market certainly raises the bar and adds credibility to the new system. I’m looking forward to the Fuji 14mm lens. I found that the Leica 21mm on my M6 was an ideal lens for me. That’s not to say there wouldn’t be room in my camera bag for the Zeiss 12mm lens also. At these wide focal lengths, a few millimeters difference can mean a very large percentage of the overall field of view.

    As for Leica, I loved using my M6. But Leica has placed themselves in the boutique market. Leica is an awesome product just as is a Lamborghini or Maserati, but when you’re driving around New York City ……

    • Patrick

      Hi Gene,

      I appreciate you leaving a comment! I use to have a Leica 21mm with my M6 but IDK, I always wished that I could go a bit wider. I tried out the 16-18-21 Tri Elmar, and I loved it but it’s incredibly expensive for a wide angle, which I will only use for a handful of times. You’re completely right about how a few millimeters can make a large difference when dealing with wide angles. That’s why I still think that even if Zeiss comes out with the 12mm, the Fuji XF 14mm will still be a great option.

      As for Leica, I really am in love with their cameras. But I also agree with you to a certain extent that in many ways, they have placed themselves in the boutique market. I was so sure that I was going to buy an M10 after my M9 but honestly, at one point, I was questioning it. Being a crazy Leicaphile that I am, trust me, that just doesn’t happen to me. But I did end up pre-ordering the new Leica M because I think Leica gets it a little now…the new M is not as expensive as I thought that it would be. I was actually scared that it would cost somewhere in the five figure range, and I thought that that would be completely outrageous. Even the new Leica S is cheaper than the older one, which to me, is a good sign.

      Thanks again for your comment. Take care!

  • Ian Docherty

    I own an X100 and an M9 with 35mm and 50mm Zeiss lenses.

    I am seriously considering trading the M9 and lenses in against an XE-1 and Fuji 35mm lens to start with and maybe other lenses in the future.

    • Patrick

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your comment! I love my X-Pro1 to death but I have to say that I still prefer using the M9 more, and I still prefer the image quality from my M9 over my X-Pro1. I love the M9 so much, I even ended up pre-ordering the new Leica M already. But again, the X-Pro1 is an amazing camera, and the X-E1 will probably be fantastic as well considering they both employ the same sensor. Since X100 still seems to be getting good prices on the used market, I am most likely going to sell it to fund my purchase of an X-E1 very soon.

      If you decide to purchase the X-E1 with the Fuji XF 35mm, you will definitely be in store for some fantastic image quality! In my opinion, that camera body and lens combo is a match made in heaven. I’d be interested to see what you decide so please keep me updated on what you end up doing :). Thanks for stopping by!

  • I actually cancelled my M preordered this week, after reading deep in all of the available reviews of this camera and having owned a M8 years ago, which was a complete mess. I do believe that the M is a similar mess although highly improved RF and sensor but all the LV etc is just crap. And this as I do own a dozen of great M lenses.

    Instead I had a look at the XPro1 and fell immediately in love with it (OVF as well as EVF). So I ordered it with the 18-55 and 35 and will also wait for the Zeiss lenses to come up especially the 2.8/12.


    • Patrick

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your comment! Wow, I guess you’ll hate my M review, which is coming up in a few days lol :). The X-Pro1 is a great camera, which I still own. I think you’ll be very pleased with both of those lenses. I sold both my XF 60mm and XF 18mm, and that’s what I’m left with. The Zeiss 12mm I think is also going to be a great lens.

      I can completely understand your feelings with the M8. I had a couple of issues with my M9. But this new M is actually built completely different than both the M8 and M9. I heard about the new features, and I didn’t know what to really expect but what I got has surpassed my expectations. I personally enjoy it a whole lot more than my M9. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new X-Pro1! Btw, great photos! I love your pictures from Hawaii! Take care!


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