Dust Spots Found on an Apple Iphone 5 Sensor?

Dust in Apple Iphone 5 Sensor?:

This is not a traditional camera/photo related post but this does have to do with photography.  Plus, this is a blog so it’s pretty much what I feel like talking about at this moment :).  My brother in-law bought the new Iphone 5 when it first came out, and has loved it ever since.  Like most people he uses the camera on it all the time for facebook, twitter, etc.  The other day, he took a few photos with the Iphone 5 that completely surprised him.  He said that there were dust spots, and they must be located on the sensor.  I was like, “Dust spots on a camera phone sensor?”  I’ve never seen dust spots on a camera phone let alone a Iphone 5 that has been recently released.

He sent me the photos, and I hate to say it but they sure look like dust spots on the sensor to me.  What do any of you think?  Any of you Iphone 5 users experience this?  Feel free to comment below.  I don’t think there’s anything to worry about because Apple has very good customer service, and will probably just give him a new one.  It just sucks because there’s still a bit of a wait for new Iphones so he will probably have to wait a bit before he gets a replacement.  I hope this is not a sign of poor quality control.  If so, who knows if the same issue will show up on his replacement.  Either way, I’m most likely going to purchase my first Iphone after my contract is over :).  However, I’m definitely not going to purchase one of these unlocked ones…jeez, have you seen the prices???  I can buy a Leica 50 Summarit!  Take care everyone, and thanks for stopping by!


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  • I have the same issue on my iPhone 5 delivered mod November. Even more … I have 4 or 5 🙁

    • Patrick

      Wow, I’m sorry to hear that Markus. I actually never heard of this issue before in terms of a cell phone camera. Did you bring it to Apple? My brother in-law did it, and they gave him a new one!

  • Jared

    Just noticed it on my iPhone 5 also. I was taking some photos of my walls to show to a contractor and I have the exact same blemishes on my photos. Thankfully in NYC there are Apple Stores a plenty.

    • Patrick

      Wow, I was actually going to buy an Iphone this month. But good news is that my brother in-law’s replacement shows no signs of dust on the sensor

  • Doh! I better check mine.

    • Patrick

      Yeah, it makes me a bit hesitant to buy mine this month lol.

      • Actually I shoot with Hipstmatic app with the iPhone5. It put all sorts of crap and blob in the photo anyway so I guess dust is a real filter for my photos haha!

      • Patrick

        Lol, actually the biggest reason for why I want an Iphone is because I want to use some of those photo apps. They’re so cool!

  • The spots are getting worse… now I have some 10 spots. I will go to the Apple Store by end of this week.

    • Patrick

      Wow, I definitely feel for you. You definitely should go to the Apple store. If it helps, my brother in-law so far does not have this issue with his new one.

      • … took some time due to holidays. But today I got my phone changed in the Geneva Apple Store. They said, normally this is not under guarantee, but they do an exception 😉 (thank you sooo much!)

      • Patrick

        Hey Markus,

        Sorry for the slow response, I actually got sick. No need for thanks, I’m just glad they changed it for you! I hope this new one works out better for you!

  • Justtryin

    This morning discovered three spots on my latest photos – iPhone 5. Crap!

    • Patrick

      Oh man, sorry to hear that! Bring it to Apple, and they should replace it. My brother in-law did it.

  • Nina

    I had a couple on my phone just weeks after it came in the mail. Now there are lots of spots! I took it in to Apple and they told me that it is a care issue and they will not fix or replace the phone. I’ve had previous iPhone versions and it was never an issue. I’m really disappointed that they won’t replace the phone.

    • Patrick

      Hi Nina,

      Thanks for your comment! That’s ridiculous of them. It’s not a care issue. My advice is to maybe try another Apple store. Also, when did you buy it? Depending on when you purchased it, you might be able to use their phone service, which is actually pretty decent. We live here in New York but my brother in-law replaced his in Texas with no problems. I’m not suggesting you go to another state but if you have a few stores near you, go try them out. I’ve had excellent service from most Apple stores but there was one that made me want to stop buying Apple products. They made me jump through hoops just to get something done, and it only took like 5 minutes at another.

      • Nina

        Thank you! I bought it in October. There’s another Apple store that’s not too far away so I’ll try that one.

      • Patrick

        Yeah you should, good luck! That shouldn’t happen to any phone, especially one that’s only a few months old.

      • Nina

        Thanks for the advice! It’s good to know it wasn’t my fault. I called Apple today and they said it needs to be replaced with a new phone. I’m going back to the same store, but the Apple rep already noted on my account that they are to replace the phone.

      • Patrick

        Good for you! I’m also glad Apple did the right thing. Let me know how it goes!

      • Nina

        I did get a replacement, but the employee at the Apple Store refused to use the case number I was provided with on the phone. She told me that Apple Care had no authority in the store and they made their own decisions. I had two appointments since my husband’s iPhone 5 has the same spots on the camera. She replaced mine for a secondary problem but would not replace his. The experience has made me want to stop buying Apple products too. Hopefully the other store in the area is different!

      • Patrick

        That’s terrible of them. How does Apple Care have no authority in an Apple Store? I use to call Apple when I had a problem with my computer, and they were able to send me to a store to get it fixed. I don’t blame you at all for not wanting to buy another Apple product. They should know that it’s a problem since it’s pretty easily googled. Have you called Apple to tell them about your situation? Maybe you can have it replaced directly by mail. If you end up going to another store, please let me know if you were able to change it. Good luck!

  • I have a big sensor spot on iPhone5 as well (covers 1/20th of the image). I’ve had the thing for 3-4 months now, never had any dust in the iPhone 4 after 2 years of use.

    • Patrick

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear it. Yeah, I know, it’s crazy. None of the past Iphones had this problem. Did you go to Apple?


  • Brenda

    I know this is an old post, but looking at your photo I’m inclined to say that’s not sensor dust. Sensor dust generally manifests itself as tiny dark gray or black spots in an image when magnified to 200% or more. It’s highly unlikely they would show up this way on your photo.

    Both of these spots are almost certainly lens dust. Whether it’s the forward or backward lens is hard to say (assuming that iPhones have a dual lens system to begin with).

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