Disney World: Photos From The Fuji X-Pro1 And XF 18-55mm Zoom Part 2


Disney World: Photos From The Fuji X-Pro1 And XF 18-55mm Zoom Part 2:

Hi Everyone.  Here is part 2 of the Disney photos shot with the X-Pro1, and XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 R lens.  You can also check out part one if you haven’t yet.  Just to recap, my dad borrowed my X-Pro1, and most of my lenses to use on a trip to Disney with my mom but funny thing is he ended up really only using the zoom.  There are some shots taken at a whopping 6400 ISO.  My dad was concentrating more on enjoying himself rather than photographing, so the X-Pro1 was essentially set to auto.

In general not much editing was done to these photos.  I did some real basic postprocessing in Adobe Camera Raw.  For me, a good camera is one that can take some really nice photos without too much postprocessing.  This is why I love the M9, and why I also love what the Fuji can do.  But I also understand when there are times that you want to postprocess a photo to death because I’ve had those times :).

Anyway, here are the photos.  I hope you all enjoy them!  I have a few things lined up after this so stay tuned.  Take care everyone!


↑ I absolutely love the Fuji blues.  Colors always just pop with the Fuji, and as you can see, the zoom is pretty three-dimensional.  


↑ Giraffes!


↑ This is one of my favorite shots in this post.  This was shot at 3200 ISO


↑ The new zoom is also great with people.  I definitely need to start shooting some portraits myself with the new zoom.


↑ Here’s another shot of the same musical group.


↑ I don’t know, for some reason I thought this was a neat and funny photo :).


↑ Here is a shot taken at 6400 ISO.


 ↑ This was the first photo of this post.  Love those Fuji blues.

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  • hi,I am wondering is all this photo straight out of camera??
    the colour are impressive

    • Patrick

      Hi Meng,

      Thanks for your comment! No, these are Raw files processed in Adobe Camera Raw. But only simple adjustments were done. Also, the out of camera jpegs from the Fuji are pretty impressive as well (some people actually prefer the jpegs) but it’s a habit of mind to process the Raw files. Any other questions, please feel free to ask. Take care!

      • Hi Patrick,
        owh,okok…ya, i do like the jpeg out from the fuji x series as i myself is using fuji x10.i do post process my photo but if the picture above are SOOC,it will be really impressive because they are gorgeous,haha. I am actually thinking about getting XE-1 so making some survey here,is the same confusion everyone have,omd or XE-1,haha 🙂
        anyway it would be great if you would check out my blog too.
        great day ahead

      • Patrick

        Hi Meng,

        Lol, thanks. I use the Raw files, and process them with CS6. Some say Capture One is better but I’m use to using CS6, and the files are fine by me. I tried the beta version of Capture One, and idk, it’s just I like using CS6…it goes with my workflow.

        Well, if you’re deciding between those two cameras, I’m hoping to do a comparison test between the two soon. I’m trying to convince my brother in-law to lend me his OM-D for a bit :). He has the kit lens, and the Panasonic 25 Summilux so I think it would be a great comparison with the Fuji kit lens, and the XF 35mm.

        In terms of image quality, I really believe the Fuji wins hands down. But there are some things the OM-D is just better at. For instance, the video capability is pretty incredible. Plus, you have such a huge choice of lenses but in a way, Fuji does with the adapters too.

        You’re blog is awesome! Thanks for sharing it! I really like the “Snow Hiking”, the “Color of the Shadow”, and the photo taken in Innssbruck Austria. The colors are fantastic in that photo. Your banner is nice too!

      • hi,
        ICIC,the combination of lens is exactly what i have in mind,haha.
        as far as i see from internet,i believe the image should be better but not huge different,i am considering on the praticality wise as there are all sort of complain about the X system auto focus,(i personally use x10 so i do experiance abit too,haha,,but i still love the little X10 which i purchase despite hearing he orb issue,haha)of course another thing will be the pricing,haha…i know every system is not perfect but at least for people like me with limited funding,hope it will be the best investment,haha….
        Anyway i tried the xe1 for 10min in the airport and that time i do notice using evf is really a little bit weird,haha,anyway i used LCD most of the time in x10 unless under the sun.
        Thanks for viewing and the compliment,do visit again and comment is most welcome 🙂

      • Patrick

        Hi Meng,

        The OM-D is a great camera. The Fuji does have slower autofocus but the image quality on the Fuji is awesome. The internet photos do not do it justice. The OM-D has some fantastic image quality as well but in my opinion, I just don’t think it has the same richness and depth as the Fuji. This is also probably due to the fact that the sensor is bigger on the Fuji as well. When I was considering the X-E1, I have to admit; I was thinking about the OM-D because both are priced pretty much the same. But in the end, I chose the X-E1 because the files from the X-Pro1 are sometimes mind blowing :).

        Do you have a camera store near you that will let you play with the stuff? I understand that stuff like this is an investment because whatever you choose, you’re going to be buying lenses and accessories for it in the future. The good news is that there is no wrong choice because both cameras are great, which means it basically comes down to preference. Whatever you choose, no matter what, you’ll still have an awesome camera :).

        I know the EVF is weird at first but trust me, you’ll get use to it. If you end up using the LCD a lot, the one on the OM-D is awesome.

        For me, choosing beween the OM-D, and the X-E1 is hard but it comes down to this: You’ll get more electronic gizmos from the OM-D. You’ll get better video, better LCD screen, faster autofocus, etc. but the Fuji gives you that wonderful image quality that’s hard to beat. Plus, it operates more like a rangefinder, and it places more emphasis on manual controls. It’s a more hands on camera that relies less on electronics, and more on what the photographer chooses. In other words, it’s a camera that relies heavily on the photographer’s involvement, which is a great thing because you end up participating more in the creative process. It reminds many of how cameras use to be, which is why so many enjoy it.

        I hope this helps :).


  • Dane Sigua

    Wow! I was there too 12/21 to 12/26 and went to all the parks with the Xpro1/35mm. I have very similar photos, I blame the tram/ride hehe.

    • Patrick

      Haha, you were? My parents went right after New Years. It’s the happiest place in the world right :)? I wish I went.

      • Its a pretty cool place last time we were there in 2005. Now I guess because of the holidays it was packed! It was so hard to frame photos because people are everywhere!

      • Patrick

        I know, it can be so packed in Disney. I love Disney, and to me, it’s still my favorite theme park lol:).

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