Photo of the Day: This Time a Photo From the Olympus OM-D

Olympus OM-D 25 Summilux ASPH

Photo of the Day: This Time a Photo From the Olympus OM-D:

Happy Friday everyone!  I was going to do a comparison post today between the Fuji XF 18-55mm and the XF 18mm but I think I will hold off until this weekend because I’m a bit under the weather, and it is absolutely freezing out right now.  I will also be doing comparison tests between the zoom, and the other fixed focal lengths as well.  For now, check out this photo from my brother in-law, Justin Watkins.  He used an Olympus OM-D with a Panasonic 25mm Summilux ASPH, which is great because it’s something different than the usual Fuji around here :).  Nothing wrong with Fuji stuff, I just like this site to be about a variety of photographic equipment, and subjects.

The OM-D was set to 400 ISO, and this was shot at 1/40s wide open.  It’s Friday, and I wanted a fun photo so I thought this would be perfect.  The subject as you can see is my brother in-law’s golden retriever, Kopi.  She is a real character as you all can see :).  I hope you all enjoy it.  Stay tuned for the comparison tests coming soon, and I will also be reviewing a new strap sometime next week.  It would also be great if I can do some sort of comparison test between the X-E1 and the OM-D…hmm…let me see if I can work something out with my brother in-law.  He has the 25 Summilux ASPH, and I have the XF 35mm.  Both are 50mm equivalents, and both have a wide open aperture of F1.4.  It would be a nice comparison.  He has the kit zoom too, and so do I for the X-E1.  That’ll be a nice comparison as well.  Anyway, we will see how that goes.  Take care everyone!


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  • Karl

    Looking forward to the OMD-X-E1 comparison especially with those two 50mm equivalent lens.

    • Patrick

      Hi Karl,

      Thanks for your comment! Yeah, that would be kind of cool. I just have to see if my brother in-law is willing to part with his OM-D for a few days :). Take care!

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