Leica M Typ 240 in Stock at Bergen County Camera!


Leica M Typ 240 in Stock at Bergen County Camera!:

If anyone is interested, Bergen County Camera has ONE Leica M Typ 240 in stock.  The Leica M in stock is a silver one, and if that’s the color you’ve been looking for or you have no preference, you can call Bob at (201)-664-4113.

I don’t get anything from BCC for posting this but they’ve done right by me so many times that I always like mentioning them.  My family and I have been shopping at BCC for 30 years because they really do offer one of a kind, old school service, which is a rarity, especially these days. They are more interested in establishing a long term relationship with their customers rather than just trying to sell you something that you don’t need.

Again, you can call Bob at (201)-664-4113 if you want the Leica M.  They also have a lot of Leica stuff in stock (they’ve been a Leica dealer for many years, and recently opened a Leica Boutique), so if you’re looking for a lens (at the time I bought my 18mm Super Elmar, they had so many different lenses in stock) or some accessories, they might have it in stock.  If you’re still not sure whether or not you want a new M 240, you can check out my Leica M Typ 240 review, which I continuously add to as time goes by.  A camera like this is not for everyone but for me, it’s a dream come true.  To me, it’s the best M camera that I’ve ever used.

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