Floating Ice in New York City Harbors

Ice in New York City Harbors:

We’ve been getting some really cold days here in New York City.  Some days have been in the teens and even the low single digits at night.  Factoring in the wind, it often feels like it’s in the negatives.  I was driving home and I saw some ice on the water, which I thought was really neat since I don’t actually remember a time when I ever saw ice floating around the harbors in New York City.  I wasn’t out for long but here are a few photos I managed to take with my Leica M Typ 240.


↑ If you look closely, all that white in the water is actually ice.


↑ Quite amazed these birds can not only survive in this weather but actually float right on top of the water.

I am a little disappointed because last Sunday, the weather was warmer and it melt most of the ice in the water.  I wish I had a chance to go out and take some pics by the water before Sunday because there were sheets of thick ice floating around the waters of New York City.  I thought I was in Alaska or something :).  This is frozen salt water too, which takes really cold weather to freeze!  Do I enjoy this weather?  Maybe at first but not anymore.  But I think it’s kind of cool to see things like this, which is definitely out of the norm here.



It looks like we are going to enter March with this kind of weather but at least I will be going to Japan soon.  The weather should be much warmer there, and I will be taking plenty of pictures, and of course, posting a lot here.  As many of you know, Japan has a lot of camera museums and shops, so I definitely plan to check those out.  I don’t think I have anything I want to buy (although I have been considering purchasing an older medium format film camera) but I would love to see some of the camera gear specifically for the Japanese market.  They even have a Fuji museum, which I want to go to.

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  • Hello Patrick,

    Freezing cold is definitely fun at first but get worst as things goes on.haha…but looking at this series of photo remind me of my time in Europe, miss those time. By the Way, Welcome to Asia. i think you would love the weather now :)…And do drop by Penang,Malaysia if you have the chance.

    • Patrick

      Hi Meng,

      Yes, it does get worst and fast! With in 5 minutes, I was ready to go inside. My hands were freezing. Thanks for the welcome btw :). I would love to go to Penang. It’s definitely a place that I hope to visit one day and we should definitely meet up if I do. You can show me great places to photograph. You should come to NYC. There’s a lot to see here :).

      Best regards,


  • Jed Orme

    Hello Patrick,

    Those are indeed very chilly looking scenes & you are to be commended for just going out to get them in the unreal conditions that have existed where you are. I won’t say anything about the weather here in the CA desert, but it certainly doesn’t resemble anything like yours! But then again, you are not over 100 degrees almost all summer long. But what was the lens used for these photos with your M240? Was it the 18mm or 21mm?

    Good luck on your Japan trip & I envy you this opportunity to get to the Fuji Museum, as well as all the other good reasons to be there. Hopefully you might find it worth an article with photos on your blog – I know at least I would love to experience even a vicarious visit there. Cheers,


    • Patrick

      Hi Jed,

      Sorry for the late reply! It’s been a very busy month for me. If we get more winters like this, I might really consider moving to California, although weather over 100 degrees isn’t exactly pleasant either :). As for the lenses used, they were the 75mm Summilux, the 50mm Summicron, and the 35mm Summicron ASPH.

      Thanks for the well wishes for my Japan trip! The Fuji museum will be great but I heard from my dad who visited the museum a few years ago that they won’t let you take photos inside. I heard they were pretty strict about that…But I’ll probably write about the museum along with many other places I plan to visit. It’s always great to see you around here,

      Take care,


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