Artisan & Artist Silk Green Wrist Strap Review For Leica

Artisan & Artist Silk Green Wrist Strap #14885 Review For Leica:

For those who prefer holding their camera in their hand instead of having it hang around their neck or shoulders, a decent wrist strap is a nice alternative to a traditional neck strap.  I for one almost never hang my camera around my neck when I’m out taking pictures.  I just find it’s easier for me to weave around a crowded street when the camera is in my hand.  Of course, it’s all about personal preference.  One of my favorite straps from Artisan & Artist has always been the ACAM-301 Silk Cord.  It’s light, strong, and very flexible allowing me to hang it around my neck when I need both hands free or wrap it very easily around my wrist.  But even with such a flexible strap, sometimes the length still makes it a bit cumbersome if all you really need or want is something that can be easily secured to your wrist, which is why the new Artisan & Artist Silk Green Wrist Strap is an excellent alternative.

Artisan & Artist Silk Green Wrist Strap Build Quality:

The Artisan & Artist Silk Green Wrist Strap 14885 for the Leica is beautifully made.  In fact, this is one of the nicest straps that I’ve seen in a while.  If you take a closer look, there’s plenty of attention to detail yet there’s also an understated beauty to it.  While there is a small leather band that says this strap is for the Leica, it can obviously be used on any camera that will accept the O ring, so long as you don’t mind the little leather band.  Like the other Artisan & Artist straps, all the materials used to make this wrist strap are of the highest quality.  The hand stitching is very neat, the pattern of the silk cord is uniform, and the leather bits around the strap are soft.  There is even a protective leather tab that protects your camera from any scratches that might be caused by the metal O ring.


↑ A close up view of the Artisan & Artist Silk Green Wrist Strap #14885.


↑ The Artisan & Artist Silk Green Wrist Strap has a leather band that says “…for Leica” but it can obviously be used for any other camera that accepts an O ring.


↑ A close up of the stitching and the silk cord.


↑ The O ring and the protective leather tab.

Unlike the ACAM-301 neck strap, which employs a round silk cord, the Silk Green Wrist Strap uses a new flat type similar to the new ACAM-310 neck strap.  The way Artisan & Artist plaited this strap versus the older round silk cord actually makes it softer and more comfortable.  However, the wrist strap is still one tough little cord.  It is extraordinarily strong and tear-resistant.  I have absolutely no fears of this wrist strap ever breaking apart over time and dropping my camera.  This strap is designed to be used and last a long time.  Like the ACAM-301, the Silk Green Wrist Strap still has the benefits of being very light and breathable.  It’s also extremely flexible, which I think is a particularly important characteristic for a wrist strap.


↑ The Artisan & Artist ACAM-301 Silk Cord vs. the Artisan & Artist Green Silk Wrist Strap: Here’s a close up of these silk cords to show you the differences in the cord designs.

All these qualities make the Artisan and Artist Silk Green Wrist Strap VERY comfortable to wear around one’s wrist.  In fact, this is the most comfortable wrist strap that I’ve used so far, and that’s taking into account many other manufacturers’ and even other Artisan & Artist’s types of wrist straps that I’ve used.  I absolutely love it.  It doesn’t have that clingy feeling that some other wrist straps have because of it’s flexibility.  You can use it all day long without any irritation because it’s light and breathable.  It’s not overly noticeable and doesn’t get in your way.  If you own the Artisan & Artist ACAM-301  or the new ACAM- 310 and are looking for a wrist strap with similar characteristics, then this is the one for you.

Artisan & Artist Silk Green Wrist Strap Downsides?:

The Artisan & Artist Silk Green Wrist Strap is near perfect to me and might even be exactly what a lot of people are looking for but there is one major catch: at $160, it’s very expensive.  In fact, as of now, you can actually find the Artisan & Artist ACAM-301 neck strap for less at some places than this wrist strap.  I realize that unlike the ACAM-301, this wrist strap is made out of the newer flat type silk cord and the ACAM-301 has been out for a while, so you can find it for a discounted price but you’re getting a lot more material from the neck strap.  Right now, I own this Silk Green Wrist Strap but I had a very generous friend who came from Hong Kong for a visit that surprised me with this as a birthday gift.  Is it worth the price?  Well, only you can answer that for yourself but I will tell you this: if you have it in your actual hands, I’m sure you would see that this is a really nice wrist strap.

Like the rest of the Artisan & Artist line, this wrist strap is a very high quality product.  There are a lot of other manufacturers these days that also make excellent straps but often times, I just really like what Artisan & Artist comes out with; as I said, not always but a lot of the times.  I like a good quality strap that also serves its purpose very well regardless of price.  For instance, one of my favorite straps ever is the stock Leica M strap that comes with my M, and that’s no where near the price of even the ACAM-301.


↑ Here’s what is included when you purchase the Silk Green Wrist strap.

While this wrist strap is expensive, there is no denying that the raw materials are excellent, and the construction is among the best out there.  For example, I’ve owned the ACAM-301 silk cord for a few years now, and other than it getting a little dirty from a lot of use, it has absolutely no issues.  It has not torn or frayed in any way.  It’s also very comfortable, breathable, and most importantly, flexible.  It has shown me that it’s a top quality product.  For me, while it was an expensive purchase, it was worth it in the end.  The Silk Green Wrist strap has all of these qualities and in some ways, I feel like it’s better constructed, which is a good thing.  I’m sure it will last just as long as my ACAM-301 as well.

Artisan & Artist Silk Green Wrist Strap 14885 Verdict:

If you’re in the market for a wrist strap, the Artisan & Artist Silk Green Wrist Strap should definitely be on your short list.  It’s a great looking cord that’s also extremely comfortable to use.  The silk cord is breathable, light, and very flexible making it a wrist strap that you should have no problems with using for extended periods.   To me, the only downside to this strap is the price.  However, for those who will end up purchasing the Silk Green Wrist Strap by Artisan & Artist, they will own an absolutely beautifully made and very comfortable strap that should last many years into the future.

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