Billingham AVEA 3 And AVEA 5 Review

Billingham AVEA 3 And AVEA 5 Review:

Bags like the Billingham Hadley Pro are great for daily photo walks.  However, sometimes no matter how much we want to keep things as light as possible, we all need just a little bit more room.  Upgrading to a larger bag isn’t always the best option because something like the Billingham 207, while a superb bag, may have too much room.  No one wants to carry something larger and heavier if there is really no need for all that extra space.  Plus, it can be expensive.  Well, Billingham have a great solution for those wanting just a little bit more room from their smaller shoulder bags: they have the AVEA 3 and AVEA 5 pouches.

Billingham AVEA 3 And AVEA 5 Build Quality:

Let’s first talk about the cost: each pouch is cost around $75, and that may sound kind of expensive for pouches but here the thing: these pouches are built to the same exact standards as Billingham’s bags, which means they will last probably forever.  Furthermore, unlike some manufacturers out there, Billingham bags and accessories are classic and timeless in design, which means not much is going to change if anything at all.  You won’t have to play that game of constantly upgrading every few years just so you don’t have something that looks dated.


↑ The Billingham AVEA 5 (left) and the AVEA 3 (right).

Like their bags, these pouches come in several different colors, so can find one that matches your existing bag perfectly.  They fit the Hadley Digital, Hadley Pro, the fStop series, and L2 bags.  You could even mount them on your belt.  They also come in either the traditional canvas or their synthetic material, Fibrenyte.  The canvas is slightly softer but the Fibrenyte is lighter, and a bit more wear resistant.  Personally, I like both materials, and I don’t really have a preference.  I make my choice based on color.

Whether you choose the canvas or the Fibrenyte, both materials are very tough and waterproof.  I’ve had my original Hadley for over two decades, and trust me when I say that I am not at all gentle with my bags.  It’s been through bumps, scrapes, drops, freezing temps, extreme heat, snow, sleet, and rain but my gear has always stayed safe in my Hadley.  I’ve even had puddles form on top of it from sudden tropical rain storms yet my gear always stayed dry.  My dear old Hadley has taken so much abuse over the years but it’s just as tough as it was the first day that I bought it.  The color has faded, and there is some patina but it’s been such a dependable bag that I’ve actually grown a sentimental attachment to it; even if I was offered a new one, I wouldn’t trade it in.


↑ As you can see, the AVEA pouches come with quality materials inside and out.  Notice how thick the leather strap is in this photo.  It’s built to last.

The canvas and Fibrenyte are not the only similarities these pouches have with the bags; the pouches also have fine leather trim with beautiful stitching.  They are extremely well-padded, so you shouldn’t have any issue putting your more expensive accessories in them.  Each pouch has a leather strap with a press stud, so it’s easy to open and close the flap.  You can do it with one hand.  What I particularly like is the draw string top that maximizes protection against the elements.  The draw string enclosure is great because it allows the AVEA pouches to be more flexible, and adaptive to whatever gear you have to get the best closure.  On the back of each pouch, there are two leather straps with press studs, which are used to attach the pouches to your chosen bag or belt.  All you have to do is pass the two leather tabs through the shoulder sling’s leather reinforcement patch on the side of your bag or your belt, and then secure them with the press studs.  It’s as simple as that.  The press studs are heavy duty, so the pouches will not come off accidentally.


↑ The pouches are fully padded inside.


↑ Here’s another view of inside, so you can see the padding.


↑ The AVEA pouches come with drawstring tops to further protect your gear from the elements.


↑ On the back of the pouches there are two leather tabs with press studs that attach easily to whatever bag or belt you own.  They stay very secure, and are also very quick to remove.

Billingham AVEA 3 And AVEA 5; Which Pouch is Best For You?:

Now, some of you may be asking, which AVEA pouch is best for you?  Well, it really comes down to what you plan on carrying with these pouches.  Personally, I prefer the AVEA 3 pouch because of its size.  However, I was only able to fit smaller accessories in it, and if I were to buy one of these pouches, I would want it to carry maybe my Leica D-Lux Typ 109 or even one of my M cameras.  Truthfully, I had trouble fitting even a Sony RX100 III.  So, while I prefer the 3, I would go for the AVEA 5.


↑ Here’s the AVEA 3: It’s designed for smaller accessories.  It’s great for spare batteries, a phone or in this case, my Leica M 240 charger.

The AVEA 5 is perfect for a point and shoot, a mirrorless camera, a rangefinder or even a flash.  As you can see in the photos, I was able to fit my Leica M 240 in it with a 35mm Summicron.  The only downside is the size; it just looks really big, especially on smaller bags.  But I look at it this way: I would much rather carry a Hadley with an AVEA 5 attached then to lug around a bag that is significantly larger like a Billingham Packington or even a Billingham 207, when I don’t need all the room that those two larger bags offer.  Plus, unlike the larger bags, I can remove this pouch when I don’t need the extra space making my bag smaller.


↑ Here’s the larger AVEA 5 pouch: it can fit a mirrorless camera or even a rangefinder.  In this photo, I have my M 240 along with my 35mm Summicron in it.


↑ Here are the AVEA pouches attached to my fstop 1.4 bag.  The 5 is on the left and the 3 is on the right.


↑ Here’s a side profile of my fstop 1.4 bag.  This is a photo of the AVEA 3 attached to it.


↑ Here’s a side profile of my fstop with the AVEA 5 attached to it.

Billingham AVEA 3 And AVEA 5 Specs:

Billingham AVEA 3 Specs:

External Dimensions
W80mm (3″) x D40mm (1.5″) x H150mm (6″)
0.32 litres (0.01 feet³)

Billingham AVEA 5 Specs:

External Dimensions
W125mm (5″) x D65mm (2.5″) x H180mm (7″)
1.00 litres (0.03 feet³)

Billingham AVEA 3 And AVEA 5 Verdict:

Overall, if you’re looking for a little bit more room but you don’t necessarily want to buy another bag or you just don’t need a lot more room that a larger bag may offer you, the AVEA pouches are a great alternative.  At around $75, they could be considered expensive for pouches but these are high quality products.  The materials that Billingham use are all top notch, and not only will these pouches offer extreme protection for whatever you use them for, they will also most likely last forever just like Billingham bags.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review!  If you’re considering purchasing the AVEA pouches, and my review helped you decide, please help support this site by purchasing from the links below or any mentioned in this review.  It will not cost you anything extra.  Thank you for your support!

Billingham AVEA 3 at B&H Photo

Billingham AVEA 5 at B&H Photo

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  • Andre

    Thanks for this review! Very comprehensive.

    • Patrick

      Hi Andre,

      I appreciate the kind words, and thanks for taking the time to read it!!!

      Best regards,


  • AV

    Very nice review!

    I was looking for a small, just able to fit my D-Lux into, pouch.
    Would the D-Lux fit into the 3, or would I need to get the larger 5?

    Thank you.

    • Patrick

      Hi AV!

      Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to read my review! If the D-Lux is the typ 109, you would need the AVEA 5. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions,



  • AV

    Much obliged.
    It is the 109, and as such, I just purchased the Khaki/Chocolate Avea 5.
    Thank you.

    • Patrick

      Hi AV,

      Not a problem, glad I could help! Enjoy it!



    • Ronald

      Hi AV!

      Do you know if the 109 fits in the Avea 5 with the Leica handgrip and auto lens cover?



  • Frank

    Another great Billingham review. I read your review on the Billingham F/stop 1.4 and purchased the Khaki with chocolate straps. After your Avea 5 review I am now the proud owner of that accessory as well. I plan on carrying my mirrorless Pentax WG-III in that pouch.

    • Patrick

      Thanks Frank!

      I appreciate you reading both my reviews, and I’m glad they were helpful. I’m happy to hear you recently purchased the AVEA 5. It’s a great little accessory, and should be a nice fit for the Pentax. The quality is up there with the rest of the Billingham’s bags, so it’ll last a very long time as well! Take care, and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!



  • Kathy Davis

    It is so nice to get a real photographers review on this! Like you I have a Billingham for my M & Leica lenses, but with a new baby D-Lux TYp 109 I’ll need an addition to the family. The 3 and 5 will match my other bag, but it was really helpful to know I’ll need the 5

    Thanks again,


    • Patrick

      Hi Kathy,

      I really appreciate that, it is very nice of you to say! Thanks for taking the time to read my review! I hope you enjoy the AVEA 5 and of course, the D-Lux :). It’s a great little camera. Let me know how the pouch works out for you when you’ve had time to try it! Thanks for stopping by!



  • AV

    Do hope all are well and safe during these unprecedented times.
    Please may I humbly request you for a couple picture of the RX being put in and inside the AVEA 3?
    I find it quite hard to believe it won’t fit. As the pouch seems to be fairly large and deep?
    I do not have the opportunity to see and try one in person, and returns will not be an option either. But I would love to get the 3 for my RX100VA.
    Thank you for the wonderful review

    • Patrick


      Thanks for the kind words, and for taking the time to read my review! I would love to include some of the pics that you requested but unfortunately, I do not have an RX100V in my hands anymore. I was reviewing the camera at the time I was reviewing these pouches; the camera was a loaner. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. However, if I can get an RX body in my hands one of these days, I’ll reply back to this comment with pics. Have a great weekend,



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