Leica M10 Available for Pre-Order

Leica M10 Available for Pre-Order:

So, I’m sure most of you already heard about the new Leica M10 :).  It’s definitely exciting, and I actually love the fact that it is staying so pure and true to rangefinder photography.  It’s an M that is reduced to its essentials.  It’s even thinner than its digital predecessors.  In my opinion, this is how an M should be like.  24 MP is perfectly fine.  All they really needed to do was work on the electronics, which they did.  They also streamlined the functions, and controls of the M.  If I was in the market for a new M, I would jump on the M10 in a heartbeat!  Here are some key points:

  • Slim like an analog M.
  • New 24MP CMOS sensor with extended ISO range: 100-50,000 ISO.
  • Maestro II processor.
  • Improved viewfinder: field of view enlarged by 30%, magnification factor of 0.73, eye relief distance increased.
  • 2 gb buffer and 5 fps.
  • Simplified design: ISO dial on top, only three buttons on back.
  • Weather resistant against light showers and dust.
  • First M-Camera with an integrated WLAN module.
  • Focus peaking
  • Lower price of $6,595

Pre-ordering is already available here:

Leica M10 at B&H Photo silver or black

Leica M10 at Adorama silver or black

What do all of you long time Leica users think?  Do you like the new M10?  Feel free to let me know in the comments section.

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