Fuji X100F: New York International Auto Show 2017

Fuji X100F: New York International Auto Show 2017:

Hey everyone.  So, I go to the New York International Auto Show almost every year because I do love cars but also because it’s kind of fun to just take pictures there.  This year, I brought along the Fuji X100F.  I know a lot of people use X100s for street, and documentary work but hey, I look at it this way: when I spend a lot of money on a camera, I want to use it for all types of photography, not just one particular subject like street, for instance.

Overall, the X100F performed really well here.  I was shooting at f2, so my ISO settings were mostly either 200 or 640.  One of the photos here was taken at 1600 ISO.  I actually used the WCL-X100 II tele-conversion lens quite a bit.  In fact, I think out of all the pictures I took, only a couple were taken without the tele-conversion lens.  The tele-converter basically converts your X100’s lens into a 28mm focal length.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of the 28mm focal length.  I would much rather have Fuji make something that could convert the X100F’s lens into a 24mm or even a 21mm.  I think it would make more sense given how close a 28mm can sometimes feel to a 35mm.  Of course, this is only personal preference.  But in this case, the WCL-X100 II was quite useful, especially when there are a lot of people around, and you need to get closer to capture the image without someone walking into your frame.


↑ I guess this would be great for a ski trip :).


↑ A Star Wars themed Nissan. 


↑ Corvettes are looking better and better with each new model.


↑ I love matte color cars.


↑ A metallic gray isn’t bad either.


↑ I really liked the exhaust pipes on the new Civic Type R.


↑ Wow, this is a wild color.  I definitely like it :).

I hope you enjoy the photos.  I really do love to take pictures at the New York Auto Show.  I think it’s because I love capturing how the lighting hits the cars in their own particular way, and I love capturing all the different colors.  Have you seen that matte green Mercedes GTS photo above :)?  I love capturing crazy colors like that, and hey, Fuji cameras do render colors beautifully, so in a way, it’s a great test.


↑ This isn’t bad either :).


↑ Wow lol.


↑ Here’s a cool little red one.


↑ A classic Subaru.


↑ A new Range Rover.


↑ One of my favorites: a Porsche GT3.


↑ Probably the ultimate vehicle for fishing :).

I am pretty much done with reviewing the Fuji X100F.  I will be returning it this week, so expect the review to come shortly.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ll probably make it a two part review where I’ll also talk about the two tele-conversion lenses.  I really liked using the tele-conversion lenses overall, especially the TCL-X100 II, which converts the X100F’s lens into a 50mm equivalent.  I found it really useful.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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  • Hank R

    Hi Patrick:
    I really like these photos and your website/reviews.

    Does the WCL-X100 II only differ from the original WCL in that the X100F automatically recognizes it when it’s attached? Could you ascertain any difference in image quality between the two TCLs?

    Thanks much!


    • Patrick

      Hi Hank!

      Thanks for checking out my site and reviews! It’s greatly appreciated! I believe the only difference between the older versions, and these current ones is that the X100F can automatically recognize them just like you said. I hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by!



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