4V Design Ergo Leather Wrist Strap Review

4V Design Ergo Leather Wrist Strap Review:

For those who like to always have their camera in their hands while they are out shooting, a wrist strap is a great accessory to consider.  There are a lot to choose from too.  However, other than varying degrees of quality, types of materials used, and overall appearance, a lot of them have similar features.  What happens if you want something a little different?  Well, 4V Design, a manufacturer from Italy, has an answer for you.  They sent me a couple of straps to review.  One of them is the Ergo leather wrist strap, and thanks to some thinking outside the box, they’ve come up with innovative features that help differentiate the Ergo from the rest.

4V Design Ergo Leather Wrist Strap Build Quality:

Overall, this is one of the most well-manufactured leather wrist straps that I’ve had the pleasure of using.  The vegetable tanned original Tuscany Cuoio leather is ultra high quality.  It is actually certified by the Tuscany Association, and it is anti-allergenic.  The production process is centuries old, and employs no chemicals.  The leather is soft yet still retains it’s shape very well.  I’ve been using the Ergo wrist strap for a while now, and it has been very durable too.  Like all leather goods, I imagine that this strap will wear in quite nicely, and I’m sure the durability will help it last for a very long time.  This is really some of the nicest leather I’ve seen used on a wrist strap.  The edges are even hand painted for a better visual appeal.

↑ The 4V Design Ergo leather wrist strap comes in this box.

↑ Here’s the whole kit.

The rest of the Ergo wrist strap is equally as appealing.  The example in this review has contrast stitching, which actually makes it easier to see any imperfections in workmanship if there are any to be seen.  However, as you can see in these photos, the stitching, and craftsmanship are absolutely perfect.  There is no loose threading found anywhere or leather that was cut unevenly.  There’s also soft foam padding in the inner part of the wrist strap, which is lined with suede making the Ergo not only very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, it also offers just the right amount of grip around your wrist.  It won’t slip but at the same time, it won’t feel like it is holding on for dear life either.  It’s just right.

↑ The Ergo leather wrist strap.

The Ergo leather wrist strap also comes in several color combinations.  The one that you see here is the black/cyan combo.  I personally love this color combination.  The black looks understated, and classy.  The cyan adds just enough flare to make it interesting.  However, if this is not your cup of tea, there’s black/black, brown/brown, brown/cyan, and washed green/cyan.

↑ The pattern on the inside of the strap adds just the right amount of flare in my opinion.

↑ The 4V Design Ergo with the Fuji X-T2.

4V Design Ergo Leather Wrist Strap Innovative Features:

Now so far, the 4V Design Ergo sounds pretty much like any other typical high end leather wrist strap out there but here’s where things are different.  First off, they call this the Ergo strap for a reason.  If you look at it, there’s actually a curve to the strap.  This is not a mistake in manufacturing or any signs of inferior workmanship.  The unique ergonomics are actually designed to follow the natural curve of one’s wrist for an even distribution of the camera weight.  In practice, it actually works because I find this to be a really comfortable wrist strap.  In fact, this is a fantastic idea that should be used by more manufacturers.  In addition to the added comfort, it also helps with offering an even more secure grip.  It never gets in the way; it’s added comfort almost makes it feel custom made specifically for me.

↑ The Ergo wrist strap has a slight curve for added comfort, and security.

The other feature that I really love is the Ergo leather wrist strap comes with an aramid reinforced 10mm wide adjustable band (22-27cm / 8.7-10.6”).  This band is quite strong, and durable.  It is 100% polyamide, and derived from military applications.   Now, here’s what’s really cool.  You can also change the connector to suit your camera’s needs.  When you purchase the Ergo, a Fit Kit is included, which contains a quick release 10mm band, quick release attachment with chord, and a split ring with protector.  Yes folks, you counted that right.  That’s three different ways of attaching the strap to your camera.  According to 4V Design, there is no other brand that offer so many different options of camera attachment in its strap range.  To add even more security, the end of the band on the Ergo is actually folded, and stitched, which helps prevent the band from slipping out of the buckle accidentally.

↑ The Ergo wrist strap comes with three different ways of attaching it to your camera.

↑ Quick release 10mm band.

↑ Quick release attachment with chord ideal for compact cameras.

↑ Split ring with protector (the leather protector will match the color of your strap).

Now, the folded, and stitched part may sound a bit overkill but I actually almost dropped a camera like this before :).  I was reviewing a new camera, and the neck strap had a similar design.  There’s basically a band that goes through a buckle.  Well, that strap slipped, and the camera fell.  I always double check to make sure I attach the straps to cameras I use correctly too.  Luckily, there was a table in front of me, and I quickly pushed my body forward, which resulted in the camera getting caught between my body, and the table instead of falling on the floor.  So, this added security measure on the band of the Ergo strap is definitely welcomed.

↑ The end of the band on the Ergo wrist strap is actually folded, and stitched preventing the band from slipping out of the buckle accidentally

↑ One more photo of the Ergo wrist strap with the Fuji X-T2.

4V Design Ergo Leather Wrist Strap Verdict:

There are a lot of different wrist straps on the market these days, which can often times, make it more difficult to choose the right one.  Because of it’s unique features, the 4V Design Ergo leather wrist strap makes the decision a lot easier.  It’s beautifully made, and in every way, it is in line with what you would expect from a high end wrist strap.  At the same time, it has many innovative features that really help separate it from the rest of the pack.  These aren’t just useless features that we will never use either.  These features make the strap even more enjoyable to use, adds even more comfort, and best of all, more security.  Currently, the Ergo leather wrist strap sells for 54.90 Euros, which to me, is at the higher end of the price bracket but it isn’t outrageous.  There are definitely straps out there that cost more but don’t offer nearly as much in terms of design, and overall quality.  So, if you’re in the market for a leather wrist strap, and you want something that offers more than what the typical wrist strap will, the 4V Design Ergo leather wrist strap is an absolutely great choice to consider.

If you want to purchase the Ergo, you can find it on 4V Design’s website.  Enter discount code, 4V-FINDINGRANGE-10 for 10% off.  They ship fast too.

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