Fuji X-H1 Deals: Save up to $1,000 on Kits

Fuji X-H1 Deals: Save up to $1,000 on Kits:

B&H Photo has some killer deals on the Fuji X-H1 for those interested:

Body, grip, and accessory kit $300 off

Body, XF 16-55mm, and memory kit $800 off

Body, XF 8-16mm, battery grip, and accessories kit $1,000 off

If you want to check out the kits yourself, the link to the page is below:

Fuji X-H1 kits page

At this price, even I’m considering adding an extra body ;).  I don’t have either of those lenses in those kits.  I know they’re excellent too.  both of them are pro grade, especially that XF 8-16mm, which is just a large but killer lens.  If you want to see the reviews for them, check on my Fuji reviews page.

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