Free $50 Amazon Gift Card With Purchase of New Camera

A $50 Amazon Gift Card With Purchase of a New Camera:

Wow, this is a really good deal…you can get a $50 Amazon gift card if you buy select cameras from Amazon.  The link to the page on Amazon is here if you want to find all the cameras included in this deal.  There are many cameras to choose from to get your Amazon gift card…all types of Olympus Pen cameras and kits like the E-PM1EPL-2, and EPL-3.  In addition, there are even Sony Nex-3, and Nex-5 cameras and kits, several Panasonic GF3 kits, several Canon Rebel kits…even several Pentax K-r andK-5 kits.  Lastly, this deal is also valid for the Ricoh GXR unit.  DON’T FORGET, THE SALE IS ONLY FOR TODAY!!!

Just follow the instructions when you select one of these cameras, and you should be able to easily get your $50 Amazon gift card.  The price is good as usual with Amazon.  Plus, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get free 2-day air shipping so this would be a sweet deal if you were interested in any of these cameras but was still a little hesitant to buy.  Once again, the link to the Amazon page is here if any of you are interested.

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