50 Summicron Silver or Chrome MINT in Stock!

50 Summicron in Silver (Chrome) MINT!:

Wow, this is a rare site…If any of you are looking for a 50 Summicron in Silver (chrome) for your Leica M9 or M9-P there is a mint one here at Adorama.  I know this is a very popular lens from first hand.  I put mine up for sale one time, and got numerous hits and offers.  I didn’t end up selling my 50 Summicron because I couldn’t bare to part with it.  But I did help my friend sell his Chrome 50 Summicron, and trust me on this, it was an easy sale.  It actually sold in less than a day at the price that I wanted.  The chrome one is worth even more than the black one, and it feels a lot more hefty and better built because of the brass.  This example here is a mint copy with caps and case.  Very rare…especially since you can’t even find a single 50 Summicron new, especially the chrome version.  Once again, you can get this MINT 50 Summicron here at Adorama.

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