Fuji X-Pro1 Firmware 1.01 Update to Fix Lens Chatter

Fuji X-Pro1 Firmware Update Version 1.01:

Wow, just the other day, I was mentioning that Fuji was going to address the lens chatter in the Fuji X-Pro1, and guess what?  They just did with this new firmware release.  Many have been complaining about the lens chatter, and I really must congratulate Fuji on addressing this issue so fast.  I knew that they would fix issues that they may have with the X-Pro1, which is why I was confident to buy the camera right away.  Fuji has always shown a willingness to listen to consumers and fix their problems.  Now hopefully, they will be able to work with Adobe, and make the X-Pro1 RAW files compatible with Adobe Camera Raw.  Anyway, the link is here if you want the Fuji X-Pro1 Firmware update ver. 1.01:

Fuji X-Pro1 Firmware Update Ver 1.01

I’ll tell you if this firmware update was any good as soon as I start shooting with it tomorrow.  If you’ve already tried it, please feel free to let me know how it’s working for you.

The Details of the Fuji X-Pro1 Update Ver. 1.01:

Here are some of the details that this firmware for the X-Pro1 adresses:

The firmware update Ver.1.01 incorporates the following issues:

  • 1.Reduction of chattering noise from iris of lenses in shooting mode.
  • 2.Improvement of phenomenon that parallax compensation does not work under condition of manual focus with OVF bright frame mode.
  • 3.Improvement of phenomenon that OVF quality as low visibility due to too bright OVF under the condition of power save mode during pressing the shutter button halfway.
  • 4.Improvement of phenomenon that delete function does not work after viewing continues shooting mode images.

More From the Fuji X-Pro1 Coming Soon:

I know, I know, I still haven’t posted my XF 18mm F2.0 R lens review yet but it’s coming any day now.  I’ve been shooting a lot lately, and I’ve just been busy.  It’s no excuse, and I will defintely be posting a lot more in the next couple of days, so please stay tuned!  Thanks for stopping by!

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