First Shots With The XF 60mm F2.4 R Macro Lens And The Fuji X-Pro1

First Shots With The XF 60mm F2.4 R Macro Lens And The Fuji X-Pro1:

Hey, everyone, I had the pleasure of using my new XF 60mm F2.4 R macro lens for the Fuji X-Pro1, and I must say, this could be my favorite lens for the X-Pro1 system.  Well, maybe that’s a little premature.  I still have to shoot with it more, and the XF 35mm F1.4 R lens is a masterpiece.  But so far, the 60mm is a real joy to use.  I will be reviewing it in the near future but just so you all know, this lens is very sharp.  It’s also built a bit better than the 35mm and 18mm.

I really wished that I had more of a chance to use it today but the weather here in New York City wasn’t so great.  There was rain throughout the day so I just didn’t get to use my new 60mm Macro as much as I thought that I would.  Plus, I was actually shooting with the XF 18mm F2.0 R lens a lot because I plan on doing a comparison test with the X-Pro1 with the 18mm mounted along with two other cameras.  I think it will be a fun comparison for you all.

So here are a few pics that I shot with the new XF 60mm F2.4 R macro lens.  Again, all the photos are jpegs straight out of the X-Pro1.  The X-Pro1 RAW files are still not compatible with Adobe Camera Raw.  Come on guys, work it out so we can finally process some of these RAW files!  This is just a quick taste!  Better photos will come!  I hope that you enjoy the photos, and thanks for stopping by!

↑ A quick snapshot of my orchid.

↑ Here’s a store tag.  The Depth of field is very shallow.  It was shot at 1/60 of a second with ISO set to 800.

↑ 100% crop of the photo above.

↑ Here is another tag.  This was also shot at 1/60 of a second with ISO set to 800.

↑ 100% crop of the photo above.  You can see the dust on the tag.

↑ This was shot at 1/90 of a second.  Even though you can see the dust on the eyelashes, I’m convinced that it could’ve been a lot sharper but there was slight movement from the subject.

↑ 100% crop of the photo above.

↑ Close up portrait of a dog.  This was shot at 1000 ISO.

↑ A self portrait of my X-Pro1 and I :).  This was shot at 1/27 of a second with ISO set to 2000.

↑ 100% crop of the photo above.


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  • daniel

    Do you find 60mm f2.4 focuses slower than 35mm f1.4? Do you use EVF or OVF?

    • Patrick

      Hi Daniel,

      Yeah, I do find the 60 F2.4 a bit slower than the 35mm. I use both the EVF and OVF. I will be reviewing the 60mm soon, so I will definitely update you more on the speed when I get a chance to play with it more. Thank you for your comment, and thanks for visiting!

  • Phillip George

    There is a solution to that annoying lens cap on the 60mm. Use the metal (fabric lined) lens HOOD cap from the Contax G 90mm lens, in BLACK of course. Fits absolutely perfectly with the right amount of tension.

    • Patrick

      Hi Philip,

      Thanks for the great advice! It’s an excellent idea, and thanks for sharing it! Come back soon, take care!

  • wow, i just got the 18 f2 and i thought that was sharp, but these are ridiculous! I LOVE THIS CAMERA – so much potential even with the drawbacks.

    • Patrick

      You have a nice lens! Yeah, the X-Pro1 is awesome! It does have it’s drawbacks but what camera doesn’t? I can live with its drawbacks because the files that this camera produces are fantastic. The 60mm is such a great lens. I hope you stay tuned for my review of the 60mm coming very soon. Thanks for leaving a comment, and take care!

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