There Are Great Deals on Used Fuji X-Pro1 Cameras

Great Deals on Used Fuji X-Pro1 Cameras:

Hey, everyone, I was surfing the web (I should be packing but I’m a master procrastinator ūüôā¬†), and I found some great used deals from Amazon if any of you are interested in purchasing the Fuji X-Pro1. ¬†Some are only a little over $1200! ¬†For those who can’t decide between this camera, and the X100, this definitely should make it a bit easier. ¬†It would cost less than the Fuji X100 Black Limited Edition! ¬†In fact, one of these cameras are not much higher in price than the Olympus OM-D. ¬†Check it out if you’re interested, some are even sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals:

Fuji X-Pro1 used at Amazon

Not sure if this camera is right for you? ¬†You can check out my reviews of this system if you want more info, and to see if it will suit your needs in photography. ¬†I bought the whole system since its release, and I love this camera system. ¬†Yes, there are minor annoyances but no camera is perfect. ¬†Image quality, and rangefinder like usability are phenomenal though, and it only gets better in my opinion. ¬†If you do decide to buy one, I suggest you get the XF 35mm F1.4 R lens. ¬†The other lenses are great but the XF 35mm is a killer! ¬†It’s one of the best 50mm equivalents out there! ¬†Anyway, I need to finish up my packing for my vacation. ¬†Take care, and I hope you all enjoy the reviews!

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