B+W Filter Clear With Multi-Resistant Coating MRC (007M) For X-Pro1

The B+W Filter Clear With Multi-Resistant Coating (007M):

There are two sides to using filters that only serve as protection for your front element.  One side says that after spending so much money on good glass, you obviously want to protect it.  The other side says that after spending so much money on good glass, why would you want to degrade it by putting something in front of it?  I am a strong believer of the former while someone like my dad is a strong believer of the latter.  While I do understand, and believe in my dad’s point of view, I just don’t want anything to happen to my lenses.  I’m a perfectionist, and even if it doesn’t effect image quality, I don’t want a little nick or scratch on the front element of my $4000+ 50 Summilux ASPH.  So is there a compromise?  Well, sort of…you can still purchase a filter but get something that’s high quality so degradation is at its minimum.  I did just that, and I ended up purchasing the B+W filter clear with Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC) (007M) for my Fuji X-Pro1 lenses.

What is the B+W filter clear with MRC (007M)?  Well, this filter here acts purely as a protective barrier for your lens (in this case, my X-Pro1 lenses), and does not in any way cause any filter effect to the image.  In other words, this filter is not a UV or haze filter, and its only function is to protect your lens from dirt, moisture, and the occasional fingerprint.  The filter is essentially clear.

All of you might be asking me why I decided to buy filters for my X-Pro1 system.  Well, I stated in my Fuji X-Pro1 review that I strongly  disliked the lens caps that go over the lens hoods of both the XF 18mm and the XF 35mm.  Well, I’ve been shooting with the X-Pro1 since its release here in the United States, and the lens caps are probably the most annoying part of the X-Pro1 system.  The X-Pro1 is great but those caps constantly pop off when I put the lenses back in my bag.  My idea was to take the hoods off my lenses, and try shooting without them.  But if I was going to do that, I wanted to make sure that I had my front elements adequately protected.  This was where the B+W filter clear with MRC (007M) comes in.

B+W filter clear with MRC (007M) Build Quality:

When you open the package, you’re greeted with a white plastic case that holds your filter.  B+W makes some of the best filters out there, and this one is no exception.  Yes, B+W filters can be expensive but I’m willing to pay a little more because I know that in the end, they will last a very long time.  Build quality is always top notch with B+W filters, and you can feel it because the B+W filter clear with MRC (007M) that I’m showing you all here is pretty hefty.  It has a nice weight to it, and it should considering the filter is built out of precision brass and schott glass.  You pay a bit more but you definitely get a much higher quality product.

↑ The white case that contains your filter.

What Exactly is Multi-Resistant Coating or MRC?:

This filter here is the Multi-Resistant Coating version, which basically means that it will help reduce reflections better.  It will also help reduce flare and ghosting in images.  Lastly, another benefit from the B+W filter clear with MRC (007M) is that it will remain free from dirt longer, so you won’t have to clean it as often.  Also, when the filter does get dirty, it’s a lot easier to clean it off with something like a blower brush because the MRC ability to repel dirt and moister is greater than their normal single coating.

B+W Filter Clear With Multi-Resistant Coating MRC (007M)

↑ The B+W filter clear with MRC (007M) on my XF 28mm for my Fuji X-Pro1.

Perfect Combo With The Fuji X-Pro1:

I wanted a filter to protect my X-Pro1 lenses, and I believe that the B+W filter clear with MRC (007M) is a great choice.  Again, B+W filters can be expensive but in my opinion, they’re totally worth it.  In fact, any high quality filter is worth it whether it be B+W, Heliopan or whatever brand.  Of course, you want a high quality filter because while all filters do degrade image quality a bit, a high quality one degrades a lot less.  Twice, I used cheaper filters from two different manufacturers that were loaned to me on my Leica lenses (I was waiting for my Leica filters to come), and they produced terrible reflections.  I ended up just using the lenses without the filters until the ones I had ordered arrived.  Check out a video I found about a person who has had a bad experience with a cheap filter.

The B+W filter clear with MRC (007M) is completely clear, and won’t cause any filter affects.  It’s a great choice if you want a filter purely for its protective abilities, and nothing else.  I bought two for my X-Pro1 system.  In the long run, it’s a cheap, and effective way to protect your lens, and if anything, the filter gives you peace of mind that you have a little extra protection for that expensive piece of glass that you just bought.  Isn’t that worth the $38? 🙂

↑ B+W filters are high quality products made in Germany.



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