One Quick Rainy Visit to Roosevelt Island With My Fuji X100

One Quick Rainy Visit to Roosevelt Island With My Fuji X100:

Hey everyone, the weather sure has changed quickly, hasn’t it?  It got surprisingly cold over the last few days here in New York, which is what I was hoping for I guess.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I have been running around the city a lot, which has been cutting into my photography time.  I have been carrying around my Fuji X100 though.

The X100 is a great camera.  It’s so capable yet it’s so easy to carry around, and live with.  It’s durable, small, and if I enjoyed the 35mm focal length as much as many of you do, I think it’s all the camera that I would need.  But I’m a 50mm guy, and man, sometimes I wish Fuji would come out with a version of the X100 with a 50mm equivalent or at least offered another version of the X100 in the 50mm focal length.  Maybe the next Fuji X200?  Wishful thinking ;).

Anyway, besides the fact that the Fuji X100 is so easy to carry along, another reason for why I’m using it a bit more is because I’m almost definite about selling it in order to help fund the purchase of a new Fuji X-E1.  I’m going to miss this little guy but I think the X-E1 would serve me a bit better, especially with the XF 35mm F1.4 R lens attached to it :).  I’m also thinking about purchasing the X-E1 kit so I can get the zoom.  I have faith that the zoom would make a great all purpose lens, especially for weddings.  Plus, it’s actually a great deal because it would only be an extra $400 as oppose to buying the XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 zoom separately at a cost of $700.

But that’s another matter.  For now, here are a few photos that I took from Roosevelt Island.  For those who don’t live here in New York, it’s actually part of the city, and you can gain access to it by either driving, riding the train or taking the tram.  I was there because my girlfriend’s new job is on the island.  I hope you all enjoy the photos.  Take care!

↑ When you take the F train to Roosevelt Island, you go up multiple escalators to get to the surface.

↑ You can also take the tram, which I definitely want to try soon.  I think you can probably take some cool pictures of the city.

↑ Here is an closer shot of the tram.

↑ When you get to Roosevelt Island, you can take the bus for a quarter, and it takes you around the whole island.

↑ You can also walk.

↑ If you walk, there are some nice views of the city.


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  • Hey Patrick,

    Funny you mention RI, I was there end of July and also enjoyed taking some pictures there. You should check behind the hospital on the south side of the island, it has a very “decayed and dramatic” aspect to it which is kind of interesting for photos.

    I got lucky with that shot from the tram:

    Take care my friend!


    • Patrick

      Hey Adrien,

      Nice hearing from you again! I will definitely take your advice, and check it out. I heard that there was a memorial there as well. I was there to pick up my girlfriend but next time I go, I will probably leave a lot earlier to explore the island a bit more.

      Really nice photo btw! Thanks for sharing it! Hope to hear from you soon, take care buddy!


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