More Updates And Improvements to Finding Range!

Finding Range

More Updates And Improvements to Finding Range!

Hey everyone!  Traffic is steadily increasing now, so with the help of my brother in-law (who makes some awesome websites like, I decided to make some new changes to Finding Range to try, and improve it.  Recently, I put a new “My Gear” page, and a “Contact Me” under the “About Me” menu.  I will sort things out better, and make things easier to find as time goes on but go check out my new “My Gear” page.  Some of you have asked me what I use on a daily basis, and those items on that page are it.  There’s stuff ranging from Leica, Fuji, Billingham, Gepe, Gitzo, and whatever else I use.  I also linked most of the equipment that I use to my reviews, so you can read those posts if you want as well.  Also, If any of you want to contact me to ask me a specific question or even just to say hi, please feel free!

As for new content, more posts will be on the way, including a little mini review coming out in the next couple of days, some awesome photos at Disney with the Fuji X-Pro1, and some comparison tests between all of the fix focal length XF lenses, and the zoom.  Of course, there will be other stuff as well so please stay tuned!  Thanks for coming to Finding Range, and thanks for the support everyone! Take care!

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