Gepe Card Safe Mini Review: Perfect For Storing Your Memory Cards


Gepe Card Safe Mini Review:

Hey everyone!  I received something cool from Amazon the other day, and I thought I’d share it with you all.  It’s the Gepe Card Safe Mini.  Right now, I currently store my memory cards in Gepe Card Safe Extreme Cases, which I reviewed before.  I love the cases, and I use them all the time, especially since memory cards can get lost fairly easily because of their small sizes.  But, sometimes, I walk around the city, and I don’t bring a bag because I don’t want to carry the weight.  Plus, extra stuff usually equals me being more cumbersome.  Sometimes the extreme cases are a little too big for my jeans so I decided to try out these new card safe mini’s.  Plus, like many photographers out there, I like new toys :).


↑ Top view of the Card Safe Mini.

So how is this case?  Well, the Card Safe Mini is designed to store XD, SD, MMC, RS-MMC, SD-Mini, and Memory Stick Duo memory cards.  It can store up to three cards.  The case comes in four different colors: onyx, blazing neon, ice blue, and rosso.  The Mini also protects against humidity, dust, and electrostatic charge.  Plus, it has a connector bar that can be attachd to your wrist with a lanyard or connected to your bag.  Lastly, it also floats!


↑ Here’s a close view of the connector bar.

But how is this case in real world use?  It works great.  It’s small enough to slip into my pants pockets yet large enough that you’ll know if you dropped it.  The Gepe Card Safe Mini keeps my SD cards organized, so I don’t lose them.  It’s also relatively cheap; it cost around $15 at Amazon, so it’s not like I’m risking a lot by trying them out.


↑ Bottom view of the Card Safe Mini.

Your memory cards will also stay very secure inside the case because inside, it’s surrounded by rubber, so when you place your cards inside, they stay put.  The lid also closes very securely.  How do they compare to the Card Safe Extreme Cases?  Well, the Extreme Cases feel completely uncrushable.  They snap shut with authority.  Seriously, running them over probably won’t crush them.  They also hold four cards as opposed to three.  But again, they are bulkier than the Gepe Card Safe Mini’s.  When I’m walking around with just my camera, and nothing else, I don’t want the extra bulk in my pockets, and holding three cards is more than enough for a day of street shooting.  It’s definitely more memory than I have battery power for :).


↑ Inside view of the Card Case Mini. 

So overall, these are highly recommended, especially since they cost around $15.  As photographers sometimes we end up buying memory cards that cost even more than that.  These Gepe Card Safe Mini’s are great because they hold my cards securely, and fit perfectly in my pocket :).

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