The My New Leica M 240 Finally Arrived! Very VERY First Impressions


The My New Leica M 240 Finally Arrived! Very VERY First Impressions:

Hey everyone!  Great news!  I just came back from Bergen County Camera, and check out what I brought home with me?  It’s the new Leica M or Type 240 as some refer to it.  I am so excited to finally get my copy!  I’ve been driving in traffic all day (Bergen County Camera is in NJ, and I live in NY), and I haven’t even eaten anything yet lol.  First impressions?  It’s a bit bigger than the M9 but also a little heavier, which is nice.  The leather wrapping around the camera is much gripper, and it feels much nicer than the M9-P.  The new screen looks good, and the silver color is awesome…what else is there to say other than…it’s great to have a digital M back in my hands!  It really is…


↑ Here’s a quick snap of the back view of the new Leica M.  Leica finally updated the screen.

I’m currently charging the battery (btw the battery is bigger, which is another plus), and I’m hoping to get out there tonight to do a little shooting.  I haven’t manual focused a lens since I sold my M9 back in October…wonder if I still can do it lol. I really can’t wait to take some photos with my new Leica M.  If I get anything tonight, I’ll post some stuff up, and give you all a better first impression.

So anyway, more maybe later tonight, and definitely tomorrow!  Right now, I’m going to get some food in me…although I must admit that I’m a bit too excited to eat :).  I will definitely be doing a review of the Leica M soon…a mutli-page/multi-post review over my time with the camera.  I think a camera like this deserves a bit more attention :).  Thanks for stopping by!  More later!


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  • Dane

    Sweet! Congrats man! It’s looks very solid and heavy indeed. Cant wait for some sample photos.

    • Patrick

      Hi Dane,

      Thanks man! I used it a bit just now, and man, I am in-love! The camera feels like a tank. How’s everything? Did you get any new camera stuff?

      • Dane

        New but old! Got my Canon A-1 to work and shot a few 35mm film. But the biggest one is a MF Bronica GS-1. My first MF, 100mm, 50mm, 200mm and 110mm macro lenses to boot! I’m slowly getting back into film and got a bunch of 120 rolls, love those fuji colors. We’re on the opposite end with your state of the art Cam and my museum pieces hehe. Post some photos, the new M looks so solid!

      • Patrick

        Film is awesome. I was stuck on film until the M9 came out. Medium format? That’s going to be fun, man. I use to own a Mamiya 6MF back in the day. I loved that camera even though the meter was a bit off lol. I regret so much selling that camera. 12 shots per roll, nice, big negatives…you can’t beat it. When I was applying to colleges, I sent them my portfolio (for sculpting) all using that Mamiya, and they didn’t even need to use a loupe to look at it lol.

        Yeah, I will post some photos tomorrow. The new M is like a brick. It feels more solid than the M9, which is surprising because I thought it would be similar. If you put any of those MF photos up, send me a link.

      • Dane

        I’m using a 6X7 back, so hopefully I got the exposure right hehe. Just doing some Sunny 16 rule and experimenting. I need to get a light meter. I’ll post some on Flickr as soon I get them scanned. I’ll also get some 35mm scanned if I can get a decent scanner.

      • Patrick

        Yeah that will be definitely cool. I also have to purchase a light meter…thinking about the Sekonic L358. I like it because they’re compatible with the Pocket Wizards.

      • Hey Patrick,

        I uploaded a few MF photos on Flickr. I’m using an Epson V500 to scan them. Turned out ok and the Bronica metering is still functional hehe.

      • Patrick

        Hey Dane,

        Wow, you got some nice portraits with the Bronica. That’s great that you don’t have to buy a meter. How do you like the V500 scanner?

  • Patrick I love your site. Though I’m always reading, I never leave any comments but this time I wanted to say congratulations on acquiring the new M!

    I had one on pre-order last year but decided to hold off for now as I’m lusting after an 35mm Summilux FLE and wanted to go back to film with an M4 on the way.

    Look forward to your review and thoughts!

    • Patrick

      Hi Christian,

      Thanks for your comment! It really means a lot! Btw, I love that shot of the Fiat on your blog.

      I’m actually checking out some of the photos from my new M as I’m typing you. After only having this camera for about a day lol, I really have to say that this is my favorite M. I loved the M9, and I thought it was pretty close to how the film M’s were but the new M is just so refined.

      35 lux? I got to play with that lens a bit…it’s a lovely lens. If you get it, drop me a note because I’d love to see what you get out of it, especially with film.

      I’ll try my best to make my M review as interesting as possible with lots of examples. Thanks for visiting! Stop by soon!

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