First Impressions of the Leica M Type 240 With Some Sample Photos


First Impressions of the Leica M Type 240:

Hey everyone!  What an awesome end of the week it turned out to be lol.  Yesterday, I received my new Leica M, and I have been using it quite a bit.  First impressions?  Man, I actually have a lot to say!  I don’t even know where to begin, and I definitely want to save some for the review lol.  But overall, first impressions are GREAT!

But on a quick side note, I want to thank Bob at Bergen County Camera for getting me my new Leica M so quickly.  I don’t get a single cent for saying this but my family, and I have been buying Leica stuff from him for 30 years now.  Why do I continue buying from him, especially if I can get it so easily on the internet?  He runs his business old school, so the customer is golden, which is important if you’re shelling out $7,000 for a camera.  You want the support with that when something goes wrong, right?  The thing is, I’ve seen him giving this same service to people who didn’t even buy equipment from him!  These are the kind of camera stores we should be supporting!  If you ever need Leica stuff (he is currently fully stocked), call him up…he recently opened a Leica Boutique as well.

So anyway, let’s talk about the Leica M for a bit.  I’m just going to blab about the new M in no particular order, and see where it goes.  I’m still so excited about it too be honest.  Hopefully my sentences will be coherent :).

The Leica M:

I can sum up what I think about the Leica M in one sentence: It’s my absolute favorite M.  First off, I loved the M9, and I really thought that it was the closest thing to a film M that you could get.  I really think Leica did a good job with the M9 in terms of trying to it that same purity that we all love about the film M’s.  But this new M really steps it up because of several reasons, and one big reason being that it’s just so refined.  The build quality really is second to none.  The rigidity, solidness or whatever you want to call it is incredible.  It feels like a block of metal.  The shutter is sublime.  It’s smooth, quiet, and there’s not actually a click anymore when you depress the shutter button like the M9, which does help at lower shutter speeds.


↑ I shot this at 400 ISO wide open.

How’s image quality?  Well, I know there are people still debating the CCD vs. CMOS thing but I personall love the image quality from this new M.  Yes, the image quality is different than the M9 but also better.  I am not going talk about the CCD vs. CMOS issue right now but in general, the files have more flexibility, they look more natural, and if you accept that they’re different (which does not mean bad), and just learn to work with these new files, you produce much better files than the M9.  I really think so.  These are the first images that I processed, so just like the M9, processing will get better over time.  The images are bitingly sharp, very three dimensional (even if you’re not using wide open apertures), and most importantly, there’s this really nice smoothness about them that reminds me of medium format.  Before the digital age, I use to shoot with film Leica’s.  When the Mamiya 6 came out, I bought one, and for a long time, I stuck with medium format because there’s this fluidity in the images that I couldn’t get from 35mm.  I feel the same with the new M.


↑ I shot this wide open.  I love the three dimensionalism, and the “pop”.  I really like the colors of this new M.

So here are a few examples processed very lightly in Photoshop Camera Raw to give you all a general taste of the Leica M.  I really wish I could upload full resolution ones because quite frankly, they’re really good.  I’m really impressed with the Leica M, and I’m really loving what I’m getting so far.  I have some more photos but I wanted to save the better ones for my review, which will come soon :).  My review will be big…it will consist of multiple posts.  I plan on really getting up close and personal with the Leica M.  I thought that would be fun :).


Even at a smaller aperture (F5.6), there’s a three dimensionalism to the images.  Check out the person on the right.


↑ Chinatown fruit and fish markets.


↑ Traffic jam in Chelsea.


↑ I have a thing for taking graffiti pics :). 

I hope you all enjoyed the little preview.  I’m going to the auto show tomorrow, so I’ll be taking a few photos with my Leica M there as well.  I’ll be sure to post them up.  During the week, I’ll just be shooting with this camera non stop, so stay tuned.  Thanks for visiting everyone!  Have a good Easter weekend!

P.S. Almost forgot.  Images shot with the Leica M and 50 Summilux ASPH.

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  • Michael Sin

    Hello Patrick,
    Look forward to your review.
    One question: Will you keep your M9 together with the new M?
    Or eventually, you will let go your M9?
    This is a question in my mind about this. Do I need two cameras or do I go with a MM & the new M?

    • Patrick

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your comment! I sold my M9 a while back but have no regrets whatsoever. The new M is built better, produces better image quality, has more features yet those new features do not in any way take away anything from the M. It really is better in person as well.

      I was playing around with the Monochrom, and while it’s an amazing piece of machinery, I love the refinements on the M so much, if it was me, I would just buy an M, and maybe the 50mm APO Summicron instead lol :). Yeah, I know, the MM produces better black and white but the new M really feels like something completely different in a good way.

      Keep in touch


      • Michael Sin

        Thank you Patrick!
        Enjoy your images & I have read your story about pursuing your passion. It is really great, congratulations!
        Do you think Bergen will have more M in stock & perhaps I will take your reference & contact them. Will they ship to Hong Kong?

      • Patrick

        You’re very welcome, Michael!

        Thanks for all the well wishes!

        Yes, Bergen County Camera ships to Asia quite frequently. Ask for Bob. He and his brother own the store. I know he definitely gets A LOT of Leica stuff because he’s been selling Leica for over 30 years, and he has a great relationship with them. I got my M9 very fast as well. The number to BCC is 201-664-4113. You can also email him any questions (

        I hope this helps,


      • Michael Sin

        Thank you Patrick.

        I have just written to Bod & see how it goes.
        BTW, thanks for the 75mm Summilux review. I bought mine based on your comments. Haven’t really use it much yet but it is quite nice from my first impression.

        Best regards,

      • Patrick

        No problem, Michael.

        Good to hear! He should get back to you soon.

        No problem about the 75 Summilux review. I’m flattered that you bought it based on my comments. I was thinking about writing something new since I got the new M. I might have a portrait session scheduled soon, so I can’t wait to try it :)! The 75 Lux is still one of my favorite Leica lenses of all time, and it’s a steal considering how much a used Noctilux F1 sells for nowadays. It really is a classic, and there’s not a Leica lens (or any lens) quite like it. It’s the only lens that I will never ever sell.

        Keep in touch!


  • hi patrick,look like a new toy is in time,in fact a very expensive one,haha.this is beyond my budget but still waiting forward for the review…just for fun 🙂

    • Patrick

      Hi Meng, I guess it’s ramen noodles for a year :). I traded my M9 in so it kind of helped. But don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned the Fuji yet 🙂

  • Dane

    Hey Patrick, Is the video mode all manual? The chinatown shot looks like theres plenty of dynamic range in there.

    • Patrick

      Hi Dane!

      Do you mean the focusing? If so, yes. To be honest though, I haven’t even used the movie mode yet lol. Yeah, the dynamic range is much better than the M9’s.

      • Dane

        I meant the exposure. The X-Pro1 and X100 did all that automatic. I’m just curious since the new sensor and processor might produce videos that are post friendly. And please post some photos using the 75! Thanks.

      • Patrick

        Hi Dane,

        I just tried video for the first time, and I saw the shutter speed adjusting itself so yes, it is automatic. I will definitely post a lot with the 75mm lol. I’m working on the review now :).

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