Brisk Walk to Union Square With My Leica 50 Summilux ASPH


Leica M 240 Photos With The 50 Summilux ASPH:

I went out for a quick walk with my brother in-law, and here are some photos I wanted to share.  We walked from 30th st. down to Union Square, and I brought my Leica M 240, and my 50 Summilux ASPH along with me.  I haven’t used this combo in a while because I’ve been using my 18mm Super Elmar a lot but I sure miss this setup.

I forgot how great the 50 Summilux ASPH works with the M 240.  I never had any calibration issues, and it’s easier to nail the focus with this lens on the M 240 than it ever was with my M9.  I like the images from the M240 better as well; there’s a really nice depth to the photos and they’re also sharp as a tack.  Sorry if I’m going on and on about the this lens.  Everyone has a favorite lens, and for me, the 50 Lux ASPH is it.

So, on to the pictures…everything was shot at F1.4 because I was in the mood to see some bokeh :).  It was windy but I actually enjoy New York more when it’s colder.  The air is fresher, there’s more space to walk, and the trains don’t smell as bad ;).  The only thing that annoys me is the hot and cold business that we are getting right now.  For instance, my iPhone says it’s currently 34° but it also says that it will be 59° on Wednesday, and 28º on Wednesday night.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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 ↑ For those who have not seen him here yet, meet my brother in-law.


↑ He shoots with an OM-D.


↑ Here’s Kopi.  It’s very hard to take her picture because she’s camera shy, and she moves constantly ;).  I love the bokeh effect from the 50 Summilux ASPH.


↑ It’s definitely getting cold in New York City.


↑ I have a fascination with taking pictures of cabs for some reason :).


↑ Union Square.


↑ More from Union Square.


↑ I probably could’ve got closer but I’ve seen these squirrels jump on people at the park :).


↑ I love the bokeh from the 50 Summilux ASPH.


↑ More 50 Summilux ASPH bokeh.


↑ One more photo of Kopi :).


↑ One of the things that I love about this city is how everyone seems to have their own unique method of transportation. 

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  • Kerwin

    Hi Patrick,

    It’s also my favorite combo with the M240. If I can only have 1 lens with the M, this will probably be it. There is just some magic with this piece of Leica Glass. And it’s almost always on my camera.


    • Patrick

      Hey Kerwin,

      It’s always great to hear from you! Yup, if I could only have one lens, this one would be it because there really is something magical about this lens. It’s such a versatile lens, and so sharp too! Thanks for stopping by, Kerwin!

      Take care,


  • Elderin

    I read your post some time ago and i liked your photos alot. While it is true that the photographer makes the image and not the lens, yours made me want this glass for my M9.


    • Patrick

      Hi Elderin,

      I’m so sorry for the late reply! I went away and the internet service wasn’t that great.

      The 50mm Summilux ASPH is the best lens for the M9…my opinion of course. I originally bought it when I owned my M9, and at the time, I actually didn’t see a need for it since I owned the 50mm Summicron and I was quite happy with it. What made me go for it was the fact that I sometimes wish I had the extra stop but more importantly, the Lux isn’t much bigger than the Cron. I still own my Cron but I rarely use it now because images coming from the Lux just blow me away. To this day, the Lux is still my favorite lens on any system.

      Again, sorry for replying so late!

      Take care!


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