Leica Lenses and Cameras in Stock at Bergen County Camera


Leica Lenses and Cameras in Stock at Bergen County Camera:

Hey everyone.  Bob at Bergen County Camera was nice enough to lend me his 75 Summarit demo, so I’ll be reviewing it on my M 240, and writing up my experience with it on the Fuji system very soon.  So far, it’s been a surprisingly great piece of glass on both systems.  I will definitely miss it when I return it.

Speaking of Leica, if anyone is looking for Leica glass, Bob has one of everything in stock.  He even has a couple of silver M 240’s.  I don’t get anything from Bergen County Camera but I’ve definitely had a lot of great experiences shopping there over the years.

I know, I live in New York City, and can go to any other store here instead of going to NJ but it’s definitely a different experience going to BCC.  There’s no sales pressure, and there’s old school customer service that is hard to find these days.  Bob even takes my Leica stuff to Leica NJ if any of it needs repair.  How many stores will do that nowadays?  My whole family has been shopping there for 30 years!  You’ll never find better service, and if you’re paying Leica prices, you might as well go to the best, and get that personal service.  These guys are experts in anything Leica.

Another thing that is also worth mentioning is that he has some nice used Leica stuff as well.  If any of you are interested, give Bob a call at (201)-664-4113 or find him at bergencountycamera.com.  You can also check out BCC’s Leica Boutique page.  He ships anywhere.

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