One Pic From Dumbo…Cold Weather Finally Here


One Pic From Dumbo…Cold Weather Finally Here:

It’s going to be a short post for today.  I was out the other night in an attempt to take some photos but I wasn’t as productive as I thought I would be.  It could’ve been because I was just doing a little exploring or the cold weather but it was most likely a combination of both.  I generally love the cold but I have to admit that I was taken by surprise with the recent drop in temps and the rain.  Actually, it was really the wind that was brutal.  Still, I figured I would post something even if it’s just one picture from that night.  I was exploring Brooklyn and ended up in Dumbo.

I had my Leica M 240 and 18mm Super Elmar with me.  As some of you know, I’ve been shooting a lot with this combination for the past couple of months and I can’t seem to shake it.  I quite enjoy how these two work together.

Speaking of Leica, I’ll be writing up an X Typ 113 review soon.  I’m actually very excited about this because I enjoyed the X1 a lot.  I owned the X100 at the time the X1 was the current X camera, and while I did enjoy it, I have to admit that I was always a little jealous of my brother in-law who bought the X1 :).  The X100 was okay minus the bugs (the X1 had it’s own issues as well) but I always liked what came out of the X1.

I’ll post some pics of the new Leica X Typ 113 soon.  Thanks for stopping by!


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  • Marco

    Fantastic shot and really love the different light sources and their variety of color temperature! The sky, the city, the dock or ship transport (?) to the left and then the strangely glowing rocks in the foreground. I assume the rocks are lit with mercury vapor?

    Regardless, it’s an ultra cool picture!

    • Patrick

      Hi Marco!

      Thanks! I think it was the big spotlights behind me that were causing those strangely glowing rocks :).



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