Leica X Typ 113 First Look


Leica X Typ 113 First Look:

I thought I’d post a quick look at the Leica X Typ 113 before I post my review at a later date.  First off, it’s always great to try out a new Leica even if it’s not mine, especially since I’ve been a big fan of the X Series for a while now.  I know the X Series isn’t perfect; for instance, an internal viewfinder would be nice.  But there are a lot of great things about this particular series I think are worth mentioning like the image quality, the solid build, and the sheer simplicity of its design.


I have to say that in person, the new X Typ 113 is one beautifully made camera.  It comes in black (pictured here) and a very attractive silver version with brown leatherette.  The new Leica X is still relatively light, which can be a little deceptive because there’s a very solid feel to this camera.  There are no rattles or even the slightest creaks.  Even the metal lens cap, which is line with felt inside, attaches to the lens with a very snug, precise fit.  The Leica X uses what essentially seems like the X Vario body, which is great because I’ve always liked the chassis of that camera.  It’s a clean design made out of a combination of anodized aluminum and magnesium that places emphasis on its manual controls.


Speaking of the manual adjustments, shutter speed, aperture, and focus are easily accessible on the X Typ 113.  All the controls have a very nice feel to them.  The shutter speed and aperture dials click solidly in place, and even though the Leica X is primarily an autofocus camera, I was quite pleasantly surprised by how great the manual focusing feels.  The manual focus operates smoothly but still has a little resistance, giving this lens a very mechanical feel to it.  To me, the manual focus on the X comes pretty close in feel to a true manual focusing ring.  It’s something really worth trying in person to see what I mean.  In fact, I can see myself using the manual focus a lot on this camera.

From the controls to the body, the Leica X 113 just has a very refined feel to it.  I used to use the Leica X1 a lot because my brother in-law bought one, and while I know it’s three generations old, I just wanted to say that this new X is definitely an improvement.  I’m very excited about shooting with it in the next couple of weeks and I’ll write up a review soon detailing both the good and the bad, so stay tuned.  Have a great weekend!

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  • Elderin

    Hello Patrick,

    it seems we like the same cameras. I owned the Leica x1 and really loved to shoot it. the lens was slower but it had a great quality. I am shure the new X will produce amazing images in the right hands, so i am curious how you like it. Have fun shooting.

    • Patrick

      Hi Elderin,

      Thanks and I totally agree with you about the X1. So far, it’s been great to shoot with the X Typ 113. Like the X1, the IQ is excellent but there are also a lot of nice improvements. I will definitely post a few examples here before I finish my review,

      All the best,


  • JM

    Hi Patrick,

    I’ve been reading a lot of reviews about the X because I’m contemplating whether to get one or not. It seems your review has put me over the edge in the sense that I am now decided to get one. Thanks for your reviews.


    • Patrick

      Hi JM,

      Sorry for the late reply! I just got back from my trip to Japan. That is very nice of you to say! I will be finishing up an extensive review of the X Typ 113 soon, so if you need additional info, I will be posting it up in the near future after I settle back to life in New York and get a few posts published. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and I hope to hear from you soon!

      Best regards,


  • boaby

    can I get your advice…

    should I go for the Leica X113 or the D Lux 109?

    two points, an every day camera and to shoot event stills…

    • Patrick

      Hi boaby,

      Both cameras are great for shooting event stills and everyday photography. However, you might have more flexibility with the zoom, and faster autofocus of the D-Lux. The smaller size might also makes it a better camera for everyday situations. I bought a D-Lux for that exact reason; I just wanted something I could throw in my bag for when I didn’t want to carry my larger rigs. The image quality is also excellent although the Typ 113 is better in this department. The X Typ 113’s build quality is also better. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions,



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