Expanded Area of the High Line

Expanded Area of the High Line:

The weather’s been brutal lately in New York City as you can see from the photo above of a fountain in Bryant Park.  The snow storm we had last week wasn’t as big as we all thought it would be but it’s been very cold and windy.  For example, according to my weather app, this coming Thursday’s low will be 9 degrees.  In fact, another winter storm is occurring right now as I’m typing.  Maybe I should be thinking about moving to an area like Southern California :).  But the weather has not stopped me from going out with the Leica Noctilux F1 that Bob from Bergen County Camera was kind enough to loan me.  I’ve been getting images for my review, and just having a blast with it.  This is such a cool lens to use.  The way this lens renders is truly unique.  Since I’m going to return the Noctilux this coming week, I went out today to shoot with it thinking that I may not get a chance in the next couple of days if the weather is truly going to be bad.

I did get a few photos, and after spending most of the day uptown, I went to meet my friends for dinner, so I walked down the West Side.  I’ve been wanting to check out the expanded area of the High Line, and I had a little time, so I went and here are some photos.  These are just snapshots of the expanded area of the High Line since I was actually getting pretty cold from being outside for so many hours and I wanted to get to the restaurant as quickly as possible but I promise there are a lot of photos for my upcoming Noctilux review.  My primary reason for writing up this post was really just to give you all an update as to what’s been going on and what you should expect here soon.  I will also have my Leica X Typ 113 review coming soon as well…sorry it’s been so late!  I didn’t know I would enjoy using the Noctilux so much :)!  Take care!





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  • Markus

    Hi Patrick,
    i am proud of you that you resisted the cold and went out to shoot 😉 the first images look very promising. Picture 1 has so much pop and it seems the lens is also capable of producing edge to edge sharpness when stopped down. Love the colors and the rendering also. But as you know i am already sold on this great lens. Still i am eagerly awaiting your Reviews (both Leica X and Nocti). Thanks for the update.

    • Patrick

      Thanks Markus!

      That’s very nice of you to say! Today’s weather was no good because it was icing, sleeting, and snowing the whole day but hopefully I can shoot a little bit tomorrow, since I have to return it Wednesday. I definitely will miss this lens!

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