First Snow Fall of 2017 in New York City

First Snow Fall of 2017 in New York City:

We finally got some real snow in New York City.  Maybe not major snow but definitely more than weather reports originally suggested.  We ended up with a few inches but it wasn’t the snow that was really the problem.  I usually like when it snows but what really made the weather hard to bear was the cold.  Temps wise, it was in the 20s but it felt like it was in the teens.  It was cold enough that when I was walking around downtown Manhattan, I didn’t really see many people out at all.  I thought I’d post some pics of this since I rarely see downtown looking like this even on a Sunday morning :).  The only time I’ve seen it even more quiet than this was when it was 0° out.  You know that movie starring Will Smith, I am Legend?  That’s what it looked like to me when it was 0°.  As to why I was out, I wanted to get a few more shots with the Canon EOS M5 loaner before I return it.  These were all taken with the 11-22mm f4-5.6 IS STM lens by the way.

Speaking of, the EOS M5 handled the weather like a champ.  Here I was in my ski pants with multiple layers on yet the camera had no issues.  It was out around my neck braving the cold for the whole time that I was out, which was about six to seven hours.  The battery was working fine as well.  So, I did end up getting some more shots, especially when noon arrived, and more people came out to brave to cold.  I’ll post those in my EOS M5 review, which should be coming next.  My apologies for it taking longer than usual.  I wanted to get more use out of it to write up a more thorough review.




Anyway, I appreciate all of of you stopping by, and stay tuned for my review!

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  • Crispin

    I just discovered your site and have bookmarked it. It’s nice to see the snow, and I love the photographs. Here in Singapore its about 32 degrees centigrade. I was in New York in October and hope to come again. I was lucky enough to use my M Monochrome and XT2. Both are great cameras, in their own different ways.

    • Patrick

      Thanks Crispin!

      Much appreciate the bookmarking and your very kind words! You should definitely come for another visit! If you want to see more snow, come around February or even early March. But to tell you the truth, 32 degrees centigrade sounds pretty nice right about now haha :). As for Leica, I traded my M in for an SL recently with the 24-90mm and new 50mm Summilux (review coming very soon) but one of these days, I will have to get a Monochrom. I love that camera, and of course, the X-T2 :). The black and white photos from the Monochrom are incredible though. Take care!



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