Sailor Strap Skinny Jimmy Camera Strap Review

Sailor Strap Skinny Jimmy Camera Strap Review:

There are a lot of great shoulder straps on the market these days made from many different types of materials.  One popular material that is often used is rope.  I’m not sure if Artisan & Artist was the first to start using rope but with their ACAM 301, they definitely were one of the first to help make the material very popular.  Another company, Sailor Strap, uses rope as well, and you guessed it, the material is actually real sailing rope.  Today, I’ll be talking about their Skinny Jimmy camera strap.

Sailor Strap Skinny Jimmy Camera Strap Build Quality:

Overall, the Skinny Jimmy is a very well-made strap, and you know what?  You gotta love the name ;).  I’ve actually been using this since the summer began, which means it’s been a couple of months now, and I haven’t run into any issues whatsoever regarding quality.  I’ve tried it with my Fuji X-T2 but I’ve been mainly using it with an Olympus Pen-F.  Either way, it’s a great match for both cameras.  As I mentioned earlier, the Skinny Jimmy is made of sailing rope, which means it is very durable, and waterproof.  The stitching is also very neat, and well done.  It comes in several different colors as well, such as, SJ Black, and SJ Combat.  The one that you see in my photos is the SJ Khaki.

↑ This is what is included when you purchase the Skinny Jimmy.

As for the ends of the strap, they are made out of very soft vegetable tanned Italian leather with 16mm stainless steel split rings accompanying them.  I really like the leather, and it is high quality but the only thing is, I feel that it’s maybe a little too soft, and flexible when I wrap the rope around my wrist.  I often carry my camera that way.  But structurally, it is completely sound.  I haven’t had any issues in terms of quality.  By the way, for those wondering if the split rings scratch my camera in any way, so far, I haven’t had any problems.  However, if you’re still worried, Sailor Strap does make the Skinny Jimmy Deluxe, which has the leather flap protectors you see on a lot of other straps.  I just prefer the strap without them, and I think Sailor Strap should definitely get credit for making both options.

↑ The leather is nice and soft.  The stitching is very neat.

Now, let’s talk about the thickness or should I say the thinness, which is one of the highlights of the Skinny Jimmy.  At 8mm thick, the Skinny Jimmy is actually a thin strap, hence the name, Skinny Jimmy.  This one comes closer to the thickness of my Artisan & Artist ACAM 301-N, so I actually find the diameter of this rope just about perfect.  I reviewed the Lieutenant strap a while back, and while both straps are nice, I definitely like this one better.

↑ Here’s a comparison between the Skinny Jimmy (bottom), and the Lieutenant (top).

↑ Here’s another photo of how the Skinny Jimmy looks compared to the Lieutenant.

In terms of length, the Skinny Jimmy is 43 inches long, which I find a little too long for my taste.  But this is of course, personal preference.  There are many out there who welcome a longer strap.  My dad, for example, is several inches shorter than I am but he finds the Skinny Jimmy’s length perfect.  I just like my camera a little higher when it is around my neck.  If you wanted to shorten the length, Sailor Strap says you can loop or knot it.

↑ The Olympus Pen-F with the Skinny Jimmy.

Speaking of knotting it, as you can see in the photos, this strap is definitely flexible enough to do it, which is something I want to talk about more.  I like how leather straps look, and feel but I don’t use them as often as I used to because many of them are just not as flexible as a nylon strap or in this case, a rope strap.  Like I mentioned before, I like to wrap my strap around my wrist a lot.  The Skinny Jimmy is extremely flexible, and it really adds to the comfort level.  It’s also so easy to stuff it in my bag or wrap around my wrist.  I love it.

↑ The Skinny Jimmy is extremely flexible.

Sailor Strap Skinny Jimmy Camera Strap Verdict:

Overall, the Skinny Jimmy is a great strap for your camera, and it’s one of the nicest ones I’ve had the pleasure of using for a while now.  It’s well-made, it’s very comfortable, and the materials used are excellent.  I don’t see this strap falling apart any time soon either, which to me, is the most important aspect.  The last thing I want is my camera to drop on the ground.  At the price that Sailor Strap is selling the Skinny Jimmy, it’s also a bargain considering the overall quality of this strap.  I highly recommend it, if you’re looking for a rope type strap for your camera.

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