What’s Coming Up…Fuji X-Pro1, Fuji X100, 50 Summicron…

The Much Anticipated Fuji X-Pro1 Coming Soon:

Just giving you all a heads up on what’s to come…I guess the big news is that I pre-ordered the Fuji X-Pro1 from my local dealer so I will definitely right something up as soon as I get my hands on it.  I also ordered ALL three lenses for the Fuji X-Pro1 (no point in just ordering one lens since then it would just be like owning my Fuji X100 🙂 ).  In case anyone needs a refresh on what those lenses are here’s a list of them:

XF 18mm F2 R = 27mm equivalent

XF 35mm F1.4 R = 53mm equivalent

XF 60mm F2.4 R Macro = 91mm equivalent

I told my dealer to send the lenses in no particular order so basically I will be posting stuff shot with these lenses as soon as I can get my hands on them.  The Fuji X-Pro1 looks really promising, and I hope that they corrected some of the bugs that were apparent with the X100.  It’s funny how some people are already looking at the Fuji X-Pro1 as THE camera to beat.  A few months ago, it was the Sony Nex-7.  A fews months before that it was the X100.  And it’s funny how many Leica haters are out there…it seems as if there’s always one person out there that wants the “latest camera X” to beat the Leica M9.  What’s up with all the Leica M9 haters out there? 😉  I don’t get what their problem is…I love my M9, and it’s an incredible camera :).

Besides the Fuji X-Pro1:

Since I’m getting the Fuji X-Pro1, I’m going to to sell my X100 (anyone interested?).  But before that, I plan on posting my take on the camera for the time that I’ve been using it.  Will the Fuji X-Pro1 completely annihilate the X100 in everything making the X100 obsolete?  I don’t think so…the Fuji X100 is a great camera that offers great image quality and usability in a very small package.  I hope people don’t dismiss the Fuji X100 because it’s big brother is coming to town.

Also, since I am primarily a Leica user, I will be posting more Leica stuff….lenses, accessories, etc….first up will be the 50 Summicron.  If I had to choose one lens (ONLY one lens) in the Leica catalogue it would probably be the 50 Summicron.  It’s the U.S. marine of Leica lenses.  it’s versatile, fast, small, dependable, and packs quite a punch especially for the money.  Awesome lens…

Lastly, I will be posting more photos from daily life, trips, jobs, stock etc.  After this weekend I will hopefully be posting some photos from the Chinese New Year Parade down in Chinatown.  A lot of new and exciting content is coming so stay tuned.

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