Leica 50 Summarit in Stock at Adorama And Amazon

50 Summarit in Stock:

About time Leica started to produce some lenses.  If anyone is looking for a new Leica 50 Summarit for their M9 or whatever, Adorama has one on sale right now.  I just ran into the it by accident looking for something else :).  Adorama is also selling the 50 Summarit on Amazon if you’d prefer to buy it there.  Here are the links:

50 Summarit at Amazon

50 Summarit at Adorama

I’m actually a little tempted to buy it myself :).  If you’re a visiter to my blog, you would know that I love the Summarit line.  I had a great experience with the 35 Summarit.  Anyway, stay tuned for my review of the 50 Summicron coming very soon, and good luck for those who want this lens.

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