Leica Summarit Lenses in Stock at Amazon

Leica Summarit Lenses in Stock:

More Leica lenses in stock, and it’s about time!  If anyone is interested, I just found a Leica 35 and 75 Summarit in stock at Amazon.  Here are the links:

35 Summarit

75 Summarit

Just in case you missed my post earlier, the 50 Summarit is in stock as well at Amazon and Adorama.  Here are the links:

50 Summarit at Amazon

50 Summarit at Adorama

Nice to see new Leica lenses back in stock.  It’s great they finally have Leica M9 and M9-P bodies but we need more lenses!  I was talking to my dealer, and he was telling me how it’s been extremely difficult to get new Leica customers any lens.  Even his used lenses are dwindling fast!  Good luck to those who want these lenses.  Speaking of Leica lenses, my 50 Summicron review will be coming up tonight so stay tuned.



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