Video of Pedro Ferreira on the Leica 50 APO-Summicron ASPH

Video About The New Leica 50 APO-Summicron ASPH:

I saw this cool video on the Leica Blog about photographer Pedro Ferreira and the Leica 50 APO-Summicron ASPH.  He uses his M9 in the studio, and I think that’s kind of cool.  I’ve been wanting to try out the studio setting with my M9 for quite some time.

I also have a confession to make: I kind of want the new 50 APO-Summicron ASPH :).  I want to see how Leica can possibly improve on the already perfect 50 Summicron.  Seriously, even when I bought my 50 Summilux ASPH, I refused to sell my 50 Summicron (you can check out my review of the 50 Summicron).  The 50 cron is really one of the greatest lenses out there.  I have an extremely high respect for it, especially since the 50 cron was the only lens I had when I was younger.  If Leica did improve on the older version (and I’m sure that they did), the APO-Summicron must be mind blowing.  But, if I was going to spend $7200 on a 50mm, I’d probably buy a used 50 Noctilux F1.0 or save a little to purchase the 50 Noctilux F0.95 instead of buying the new 50 APO-Summicron ASPH.  The Noctilux F0.95 can produce photos that are simply out of this world.


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