A First Look Video of The Fuji X-E1 From The Fuji Guys

First Look Video of the Fuji X-E1 From The Fuji Guys:

Check out this first look video on the new Fuji X-E1 made by the Fuji Guys.  If I wasn’t waiting to see what Leica is offering at Photokina, I probably would have pre-ordered an X-E1 already to use as a second body lol.  I think the X-E1 is priced very reasonably, and will definitely give more people the opportunity to experience what something like the X-Pro1 can offer.  Don’t forget, the Fuji X-E1 uses the same sensor as the X-Pro1, which is awesome.  If you don’t need the OVF, then you can save $700, and actually get a smaller body as well.  Awesome :).  I love the Fuji X Mount system, and it has honestly brought me nothing but joy since I bought my X-Pro1 in March/April.  Now, it’s just a lot more available to many others who have at this point been wanting to try out Fuji’s X Mount but don’t want to be in the dog house for shelling out $1,700 for a body.

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